Web design development course in Malaysia

Brainstorming is required at each stage of planning the website. This is because all pages of the website must be useful and unique. The main factor distinguishing the site from all other sites is a positive experience of the user. And it is all about PLANNING,PLANNING and PLANNING! There is few elements that need to take note before you create and design a website.

Web design development course Malaysia

Stunning visual design

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The first thing you need to keep in mind is your design. Your design concept gives you an advantage on your website. Having your site stand out from other sites, let’s make it charming and unique. Simple and attractive websites do that. You do not need to create another graphic and place it in another location. There is not too much design and too much graphic detail needed. Make sure that each item is in the correct location. You do not need to create multiple graphics and place them elsewhere on your website. This content may be too lousy. Keep it easy.

Size of images matter!

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Images are an important part of your website. They will help minimize the drying of your website. Images are important, and there are many advantages to using them. If you use an image, you should optimize it according to the various sizes your site needs. We do not recommend using images too. Make sure that each image you use is appropriate. Keep content and image balanced

Meaningful content

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A good website will never lose this element. You need big, meaningful content to increase the popularity of your site and to provide information about the services and products available to visitors. The content needs to be understood and interested in learning more about you and your services. Another reason to focus on this content. Visitor is a view. You do not need to do more. Rich content should be short and straightforward as it can be a disability for the reader. Visitors will be able to communicate and get ideas easily.

Analysis and Statistics

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Once your website is uploaded to the Internet, it’s a good idea to check the statistics and analysis. There is a “Google Analytics” tool available for Google. This tool is used to control traffic for various people or places. Use these tools to find a purpose and set up a marketing strategy.

Amazing user interface

Please bring a nice web design that includes smart user interface. This is the foundation of a good website. This is a way to interact with you and your visitors with interest in your website. Raising the interest of tourists is a big advantage. Providing a carefully user-friendly interface to your visitors reduces the chances of losing traffic. This is one of the best things you can make. Everyone who visits your site should know how to do something about that interface.


Contact Information

Most websites have this page. Contact information is important. Because, on this page, you can see how visitors are communicating with you. Most contact information includes email addresses and phone numbers. Most Web sites also include email addresses in the default information. Do not ignore the contact page. How do visitors and customers interact without contact information? Remember visitors are important! So you must be first!

About the page aka company profile

The contents of this page are very common and appear on almost every website on the Internet. This is how you and your organization are presented to ordinary citizens or visitors to your website. While we describe the details of your company in detail, restricting your confidential information is a good thing. It includes important data about your company but limits your personal data.

Register or subscribe

This is an add-on that keeps visitors updated with the latest information. Registration and subscription buttons are very important. In particular, if your website is an e-commerce website or a website that includes financial transactions, this is how your customers get information about the latest updates mentioned on your website.


AI Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing Workshop

Learn How (AI) Artificial Intelligence can do for your Digital Marketing

The predictable AI capabilities bring a new era of commercialization. According to a recent whole world digital marketing audience report, 86% of marketers believe AI will perform more efficient and effective work in today’s complex digital environment.

AI – Artificial Intelligence Will Predictive Digital Marketing Soon

In fact, AI predictive marketing can change the whole world marketing’s game. This allows companies to anticipate the needs and concerns of consumers and, more importantly, predict marketing information. For organizations that seek to strengthen customer participation, the information is clear. This is because the people who are primary predictors of innovation are likely to succeed. Digital Marketing platform across Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, SEO, SEM, Youtube and etc.

AI Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing Workshop

AI Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing Workshop


Big Data Analytics in Business and Your Digital Marketing Big Data

The main cause of this popularity and growth of “Big Data” in today’s world is not other than the growth of the smartphones, social media, internet technology, wireless networks and other technologies.

Over the past few years the trends that have revolutionized the internet world, big data is also one of those. The term “Big data” may have been around since past few years but still, for many of us, it is somewhat confusing. Basically, big data is a broad topic, used to define large data sets that can be computationally analyzed to reveal trends, patterns and associations – principally in connection with human interactions and behavior. The main cause of this popularity and growth of “Big Data” in today’s world is not other than the growth of the smartphones, social media, internet technology, wireless networks and other technologies.


How Is Big data Important?
The practical implementation of “Big data” can be observed across a wide range of areas, including businesses. Big data is followed by the simple working principle which states that the more you will be having data about anything or situation, the more you will be able to predict it’s future. Now if talk about the importance of Big Data, it doesn’t depend on the volume of data you have but it must revolve around, what you will do with that data and what is your approach to analyze that data?. By analyzing “Big Data”, one can be able to provide his/her solution for cost reduction, making strategic decisions, developing a new product and time reductions as well. It is said that “Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore
A combination of Big data along with its analytics can help you to achieve different tasks. To sketch a clearer picture of big data and the way it can be advantageous to you, the following convoluted analysis can be used for:




Machine Learning in Business & Marketing

Since years ago, 2010, queries related to venture capital, conference, marketing, and business-related “machine learning” are increasing substantially, most technical executives often can decide the machine application learning (ML) for business application.

Behind few of the greatest advancements in technology like autonomous vehicles, there is an emerging force of science, which is known by the name Machine learning. Machine learning is the field of science that is a reason behind the development of new world concepts, in both supervised and unsupervised way of learning. On the other hand, it has also enabled the human to build such algorithms, which are useful in building close to the real robots, analytics tools, chatbots and internet of things devices etc.

If we define Machine learning in few words, it can be termed as the subset of “AI” that provides the automatic learning ability to a system with constant improvements through experiences. The best thing about machine learning is that you don’t have to program every single action because the computer applies pre-configured data sets and rules to perform even complex calculations.


The Future Of Today’s World of Machine Learning in Business
If you look around, you will find most of today’s businesses are relying on machine learning algorithms these days in order to have a better understanding of their customers and returns opportunities. It has played a great role in transforming the digital world and has made our computing process simpler, reliable, and cost-effective. For the companies that have started practicing machine learning algorithms, machine learning is playing a great role in helping them to provide better customer care experiences, optimized operations and enhancing their security etc. In short, machine learning has changed the ways world used to business in many ways. In this article, we are going to highlight a few impacts of machine learning that can be observed in today’s business world.


Personalized search experience
With the advancement in machine learning algorithm, websites and applications these days are learning customer’s preferences for stuff like food, clothing, electronics and other products. Businesses are adopting machine-learning algorithms to enhance the overall online shopping experience by suggesting customers the products that fit their preferences just by collecting and analyzing the different sets of data.


Customer Services
Machine learning has greatly transformed the customer support services, and efficient chatbots algorithms nowadays answer more than 80% of customer queries, which really cut operator expenses.


Rectified Search results
Search engine these days are getting better than those of the past times do. Nowadays search engines understand what it’s user is trying a search and provide the most relevant information acquired by the user. Long things short, Machine-learning tactics are being arrayed to solve a different kind of problems based on different kind of scenarios and with current advancements in machine learning these days, it is hard to imagine a scenario where a machine learning couldn’t be of any use. According to the business applications, machine-learning methods can be deployed to perform few more things like things like:
• Build accurate pricing models
• Identify network interferences
• Generating real-time advertisement on websites for targeted audiences
• Improvement of demand forecasts in retails businesses
• Can be used to identify any fraud in real time (Gmail spam box is a practical example of this)
• And many others


Machine learning is playing a major role in helping businesses create better experiences while enhancing the security and efficiency of the processes. Anyhow, machine learning requires the learning of high-quality data to reach its full perspective. Therefore if you want to use machine learning to understand data and make a fruitful prediction for the growth of your business join today machine learning in business course that could be of great use for the better future of your business.


Targeting And Understanding The Right Audience
This one can be claimed as the most broadcasted and biggest areas where utilizing big data is practiced today. In this area, big data is used to have the better understanding of customers, their preferences and behaviors. Now when your business starts knowing about customer’s preferences, you will have an advantage over your competitor then.
An Upbeat Customer Service
With the use of Big data now, businesses would be able to specify their customer needs, even before their customer feel the need to voice his/her concerns.
Consumer responsive production
The use of big data will not only enhance the customer services but it will also help the company to manufacture customer responsive products. Therefore, better than asking your customers about what they need to see in your product, you can simply go for big data analysis to predict what they are looking for in a product.


Risk management
Investments are always risky because of you never sure about the returns. Anyhow, by utilizing big data analysis a business can have a more comprehensive picture of success or failure rate. Though whenever there is an investment, there must a risk but by using big data, the percentage of failure risk can be minimized.




Improved Efficiency
To increases, the performance of the particular process, looking into its data is very important. Now with big data analysis, experts can easily find binding constraints in that particular process. Once those constraints are found and removed a huge increase in performance can be observed.

Last but not the least big data is something that you will have to embrace if you need your business keep on growing. With the power of big data analysis, you can predict the future of your businesses but to have a focused picture of big data, a brief knowledge of Big data and its analysis procedures is required. In order to thrive and succeed in today’s business world big data marketing courses are offered through various platforms and enrolling in those courses can be quite productive for you and your businesses.

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AI for Digital Marketing

AI artificial Intelligence for digital marketing workshop

Web Design for Business

Are you planning on getting a website for your business?

Basically, there are two choices when creating a website for your company or service:

1. Hire professionals to customize your website

2. Do it yourself (DIY)

At first, bricolage will be the most attractive choice, whether it is a bold company or a small start-up company, because it is seemingly inexpensive.

Through experience, the highlight that the DIY option shows to people tells us how difficult it is to understand all the technologies, design tools and options that we have to understand to publish a professional website. If you are using a free platform based on the template. – At the same time try to operate your own business.

Some notes on the DIY website

1. How much time can I spend?

Although the DIY road seems to be an economic option, building a website requires a lot of time, effort and commitment. Even more important is to create a unique and professional look. To this, the learning curve of Web technology is also very steep. At the same time trying to build a real business, it not only puts much pressure on you, it also greatly reduces the time spent on business. On the first day, this is very important for success.

2. Custom pre-construction theme

Most people who do not have graphic design skills or website programming purchase or use pre-built website templates. congratulations. A commercial website that looks like any other 1,000 web sites that use the same template or theme is complete. To make matters worse, if your design experience has little impact, your effort is nothing special, but it is a perfect amateur.

Unexplained problems may suddenly appear easily. For example, unless you know what you are doing, simply adding images and different sized content to pre-created templates will prevent the design from being damaged or being updated in the future. This may be vulnerable to malware and hacking attacks. Most of the changes that can occur with pre-built template options are very limited, and this restriction is causing people to get rid of them.

The other option is that you know that you can further modify the template after reaching a simple limit to implement in the DIY template. You can try intensive courses in computer languages ​​such as HTML and CSS. If it is truly courageous, it may be PHP or Javascript. Small knowledge is always great, do not fool yourself, you can compete with experts and reading one or two chapters of stupid books in this field.

If you can not do this, you can consider hiring a designer to change the template. This can be the beginning of an infinite money hole. Involving designers at this point may mean that web design companies pay an hour or more more than designing and creating custom websites.

Other important considerations to consider when building templates / website themes:

Is the template you purchased is suitable for smaller pixels divices?

Web sites compatible with mobile devices are automatically resized to fit the screen the customer is viewing. Your website is extremely important because more than 50% (and rapidly growing) customers from smartphones and tablets access your website. If you can not get the necessary information easily, please click the “back” button and try it in a different place.

As a customer, you are trying to purchase running shoes online. The website you clicked on is not suitable for the screen size. Text can not be deciphered. You have to move closer and to read the sentences. The size of the screen is small, cutting everything. You will soon surrender and try other places.

As a business owner, if your website is not suitable for mobile devices you can also offer your competitors Silver Discs to your customers (respond to your website). Consumers have so many options online. They can demand. To keep them on your website, you need an easy-to-use process to purchase or obtain the necessary information. This means paying more attention to the system you want to use than your competitors.

Is the template search engine easy to use?

With such a problem, beyond the initial goal of “own website”, the first timer head can start turning. What does this mean?

However, it does not matter whether many questions make sense. If you want others to find your site by online search, this is the question you should answer. Having a SEF website is essential for a successful online business. After all, if no one can find it, what is the point of investing in your company website? If they can not find your business, they will not be able to get sales or additional inquiries.

When you search for products or services on the Internet, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others use advanced algorithms to select the site that will appear first in the search results. For sites that work well with these algorithms, the ranking of search results will be higher. There are various aspects to achieving higher levels, and using some templates never covers this complexity. You need to hire a developer ($$) to create a SEF website or learn to do it yourself (more time is needed).

Creating your own website seems like a low budget option. However, it takes time, it takes time and effort to make business work correctly online.

Professional website design

When hiring a website design company, the process begins with a discussion about your business needs and creates a design that can be expanded and adapted to future changes and growth. Excellent design of the user interface is very attractive, it is simple enough to move to where customers want, and this is also very important.

Customize elements of a professional website

A clever and unique design that reflects your business attitude and focus is an important point with the right website. Whether online, verbal or traditional marketing, it will be the center of future marketing. Please include the following.

Mobile Response

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New websites need to adapt to all screen resolutions (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone). There is no ifs or buts about this. If you are talking to a web designer that can not provide this function, please escape!

Due to increasing regularity, we search on tablets and smartphones on Google. When Google searches for results, consider whether you have responsive or mobile websites. To make sure of that means that Google will improve the ranking and you can browse your site no matter how you decide

Content Management System (CMS)

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If your price has changed, there are new services you want to advertise or if you do not want paying for a fee, just by adding new photos or pages. With an excellent CMS, you can update content flexibly as needed.

On the CMS website, any company can easily update the website. This will help sites that need frequent updates to blogs and articles, calendar appointments, frequently modified products and promotions.

With a good CMS, you can update the website text and images with just a few clicks. We need a small amount of technical knowledge. I think that many people avoid ideas entirely and are technically unsatisfactory, but if you can use a good CMS with Microsoft Office, you can easily update your website without any special support I can do it.

Search results on search engines

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Familiar with search engines are very competitive (depending on industry and location). The professional web design team needs to ensure compatibility with search engines so that your site can be recognized by the results of engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.


web design training courses,web design training course, wordpress training course, wordpress course, wordpress web design training courses

If your visitor sends personal information from your website, you are responsible for that security. The professional team takes it into account and installs the SSL certificate so that your website is safe anyway.

Security is an integral part of the design of corporate websites if visitors are sending personal information or if confidential information (such as login credentials) is present.

After discussing with the website design team, ask them to purchase SSL certificates on your website. The customer confirms the green address bar and the lock and informs that the site is safe whatever happens.

WORDPRESS VS. Custom Build

When thinking about websites for small and medium enterprises, many things can be said about it on the WordPress platform. It is estimated that more than a quarter of all websites on the Internet are based on WordPress. The above points are pretty good, WordPress mobile answer is the most common CMS available, good factory SEO (and can be very personalized), security is also pretty good.

Fully customized websites will include some form of CMS, but this can be adjusted from scratch. But you need to pay it. We speak six numbers instead of four numbers. Unless you are a large company or government, existing products are already available for free, so you do not need to rebuild the CMS wheel.

WordPress is an open source web design platform that develops nearly a quarter of Internet sites globally. Even if you do not know you can use it a lot. It has all the features of a custom website, but it’s easy to use and can be updated without a dedicated webmaster team.


If you are selling goods or services, you can consider using e-commerce sites.

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In our view, WordPress and Woocommerce are the best combination. The same company as WordPress owns Woocommerce. This is an all-in-one e-commerce tool that meets the needs of every company. Regardless of whether you are selling services or selling hundreds of products, you can find all the functions and analyzes you need in one place.

Adobe After Effects for Beginner

Adobe After Effects for Beginner

Video Editing Course, Video Editing Training Course, Video Editing Course Beginner, Beginner Video Editing Course

Adobe After Effects is one of the famous applications for editing videos. If you are not familiar with the video editing scene, you may be afraid to use After Effects. Some people actually think that this is a complicated procedure. But, in fact, you can use After Effects within two hours after familiarising yourself with the program.

Adobe After Effects is a digital application of visual effects, motion graphics, and composition for movie production, post production of TV production. It is mainly used in video editor and creates dynamic graphics and visual effects. This allows you to animate, edit, and combine 2D or 3D media using various integration tools and third-party add-ons.

Video Editing Course, Video Editing Training Course, Video Editing Course Beginner, Beginner Video Editing Course

The 5 basic aspects of After Effects are shown below that you need to know as beginner:

1st: Interface

Actually, After Effects has many features that will give you great results. This feature is complicated for beginners. But you do not need to use all the features to create a decent project. Familiarity with the basic aspects of the interface is an important step to complete the edited video. After Effects design and workspace are similar to other video editing programs. If you have experience with this type of application, you will find that the After Effects interface is easy to use.

2nd: Tool panel

In the After Effects tool palette, you can find most of the functions required for video editing projects. Here you can rotate the object, add a mask to the layer, change the anchor point, resize it, create the shape, move the camera. You can discover these features by exercising or error. Once you are familiar with them, you can do these tasks with keyboard shortcuts. Learning these tools can take over two hours, but it may take several minutes before you become familiar with it. Once you master these tools you will be amazed at how much you can do with that tool.

3rd: Effect

Compared to other video editing software, the main difference in After Effects is the effect of the program. It integrates the effect your video gives the effect of the movie you were looking for. The most important thing is to add a visual effect to the image with one click. The magnificent MotionMile tutorial shows how to use effects in projects.

4th: Animation Foundation

After Effects is a tool to add animation. Keyframes are the main function of After Effects animation. Keyframes are used as an indicator for setting specific animations. If you want to create two animations at a particular time, you can use two keyframes. Most video editors and editors like After Effects. It can be customised with keyframes. With motion pictures, you can make various movements and smooth switching. You can also use animation curves in After Effects. There is a tutorial video to learn the basics of animation technology. There are more technologies and shortcuts when using this program. Finally, you love to make videos using animation and effects.

5th: Export

The final step in each video is to export content created in After Effects. There are two options for exporting videos in After Effects: Media Encoder and Render Queue. The Processing Queue panel contains settings such as output frame rate, resolution, duration, image quality, output format, trimming, compression options and how to export the video. To export the video at high speed, you can create a rendering template to use in the future. On the other hand, Media Encoder is a platform for transcoding and processing video files to be exported according to your favorite format. Because media encoders require coding, it is considered a complex way of exporting videos. Beginners recommend rendering queue for exporting video projects.

If you want to know how to use After Effects, you need to focus on these topics. Yes, it may take more time to become the main animator or video editor. However, if you want to start using After Effects, you will be surprised to learn skills within two hours. There is a tutorial video on the Internet that teaches you how to use After Effects basics. I explain step by step how to realise specific effects and animation. Each video is usually within ten minutes. If you assign basic learning for two hours, you can create simple animation animation two hours ago. The best way to learn video editing and animation is to practice. He must be patient and diligent. But in the end all the time spent is definitely worth it.


Video done by student after our After Effects Training Course

Free Facebook Marketing Tutorial Videos

Free Facebook Marketing Tutorial Videos

  • Connect with new audiences through Facebook advertisement, reduce advertising costs!
  • You can quickly publish numerous publications on various social networks.
  • MASTER Facebook Advertising Manager!
  • Implement Facebook Pixel and advanced tracking strategy
  • Please identify, rearrange and convert your sales funnels!
  • Average RM 0.01 / share / I like my Facebook advertising strategy/click!
  • Use advanced features available in Facebook Business Manager.


Create Facebook Page


Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner


Optimize Facebook Page Images


How to Make your Facebook drive Traffic


Facebook Page Setting


SEO – Search Engine Optimization for your Facebook


Facebook Engagement


Facebook Insight – Reporting


Facebook Content – What Content Should I Share?


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SEO Common Issues: Website not listed in Google Search Engine?

I believe many websites are not listed in Google Search Engine for a reason(s), so I will list down the MOST common issues in SEO. Here we go!

What are the reasons if you’re not listed in Google Search Engine?

  1. No links pointing to the site
  2. The web server unreliable
  3. txt blocking search engine access to the site
  4. Domain name problem
  5. Site is using some kind of navigation structure that search engine can read/understand
  6. Site is creating dynamic pages that search engines choose not to read

Let’s talk about point one: No links pointing to the site

Search engine ‘crawls’ the web following links from site to site to site. If there are no links from other website pointing to your site, the search engines will never find your site. Although you can ‘submit’ your site to search engine (tell them the existence of your site), but this may not enough. Even if search engine knows your site exist because you told them it does, if NO LINKS from other sites, they may not bother it! Why? Simply because if no others site cares about the link to your site, why should the search engine care? [It’s similar to the social media post: If nobody reposts a post, no one will care. But 1000 reposted, people will start following the person/page that posted this particular “1000 reposted post”. Same theory goes to this]

You may wonder how to solve this ‘problem’, simple, share your website’s link! Ask your friends, colleagues, family member, “yi ma gu jie” to link to it, regardless in their personal blog, website or social network account.

Moving on to point two : Unreliable Web Server

For instance, if you website keeps crashing, or it is unavailable when search engine comes to crawl it- it is impossible for search engine to crawl due to the web server error! Or even if they can get in now then, search engine doesn’t want an unreliable site listed in the organic search result because it causes “bad user experience!”.

So, what to do? Check your site to see is it incredibly slow to load, or it down a lot of time/ most of the time… You can even go to Google to search for “free website performance checking” or http://nibbler.silktide.com/ for site-checking service!

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