Sudut Swasta Digital Marketing Workshop

Sudut Swasta Digital Marketing Workshop

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Double Effect House Training Course

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The Edge of Facebook Marketing: Audience Psychology & Data Breach Marketing

Transformation of Political Facebook Marketing into Business Facebook Marketing

Facebook Audience Psychology & Data Breach Social Media Marketing

You about to Feel, Experience & Learn what’s the Edge of Facebook Social Media Marketing.
First Ever Social Media Facebook Marketing Content Taught in Digital Marketing History.


Title: The End of Socia Media Facebook Marketing Workshop 2019

Date: 28-29 August 2019

10 am till 4.30 pm

Reserved your seat here for this ” The End of Facebook Marketing Workshop”


This the time we merge both the most urgent and important strategy in Facebook Marketing, the Impact of Transformation once Technology meets Psychology.

Personality has been subject of research for psychologists for a long time. They discussed different aspects of personality and found 5 traits of a person that show his personality. Personality is an anything on which we may have a grasp. It gives you a sense of self-recognition and for others to distinguish you. It covers the traits, the qualities, and characteristics that make difference from others. Different psychologists have given their own definition of psychology. In the words of the American Association of psychologists, personality is “individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving “How so ever the psychologists define the personality it is obvious that it correlates with life satisfaction. The importance is that we find a way to measure and conceptualize personality. The most prevalent and widely accepted framework is a big five. It means that there are five big factors which may be stated as a model of personality. It is applied in most of the countries of the world as a reliable way to assess and scale the personality.

History of Personality Research

History of personality research goes back to ancient Greek. Hippocrates hypothesized that hot vs. cold and moist vs. cold determined the temperament, and that was stated as humor that was key factors in health and personality traits. Plato gave five personality types such as artistic, sensible, intuitive, and reasoning. Aristotle also proposed similar factors that show peculiarities of personality. Artistic, common sense, intuition, and logic were factors illustrated by him. Sigmund Freud also did extensive research on personality. He categorized the human mind into three parts, the identity, the ego, and the superego. The identity is a primary part of the human mind that aims for survival. The ego is a bridge between id and our experience which we have in our life. The superego represents higher qualities in our personality and creates a moral framework to regulate our behavior. Though this theory had no compelling logic, yet it gave awareness that some of our thoughts, behavior, and motivation are unconscious. According to Carl Jung, an individual has two aspects. They are introverts or extroverts. Introverts mean gaining energy from the internal world and extrovert means they are energized by external word.

How to Write and Create your Facebook Post / Ads  based on The Big Five Personality Traits for your social media audience

Mr. Nang - Appointed Social Media Consultant for Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Putrajaya.

Mr. Nang – Appointed Social Media Consultant for Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Putrajaya.





Mr. Nang - Appointed Social Media Consultant for Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Putrajaya.

Mr. Nang – Appointed Social Media Consultant for Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Putrajaya.


5 Dimensions

Most contemporary psychologists have told that there exist five basic traits of personality and they are often referred to as big 5 personality traits. An acronym for these five dimensions is OCEAN which describes the traits as;


This trait is related to the characteristics of imagination and insight. It is the elaboration of what a man thinks in his mind. Such people are curious, and they have a wide area of interests. The people with high imagination is open to learn new things and eager to explore the world. Such people are adventurous and creative. The people with low is average humans and they tend to abstract thoughts. It is related to the deep and complex nature of an individual mind and experience. It is termed as intellect or insight. It is related to the willingness to try new things and such people’s ability to think outside the box.

People with such trait are;

  • Imaginative in nature
  • They have an insight about what is happing.
  • A wide range of interests
  • They prefer variety.
  • They have a creative mind.
  • They are intellectual
  • They are much clever than others
  • Their thoughts are original
  • They have a curious mind and try to learn about what they see.
  • They are complex and deep as the ocean.
  • They have a perceptive mind
  • They are courageous and daring

People who have high opens are lovers of art, learning, and creative fun. They are fond of meeting new people. People with low openness are traditional and routine.


It is the personality that has the tendency and ability to control impulses and such people behave in acceptable manners in society. Their behavior is goal-directed. They work within rules and they are good planners and organizers.

Conscientious people have the following characteristics;

  • They have ambitions and are persistent in their dealing.
  • They are self-discipline and follow the rules.
  • They are energetic and hardworking.
  • They can plan about the future very well.

Those who are conscientious are successful in their education and business. They are fit for leadership positions. People with low conscientiousness are impetuous and impulsive.


This factor is related to two distinct poles of personality. Extroversion and introversion. Such people are interactive and are got inspired by external sources. On the other hand, introverts do not interact much with others and they get energy from their inner self. They love solitude.

Personality significant factors associated with extroversion are;

  • Such people are sociable and assertive.
  • They are energetic and talkative
  • They are kind and affectionate
  • They are friendly and fun loving

Introverts are less talkative, quite, reserved and live in their thoughts.

They are inspired by their inner self.


This factor is related to your social behavior. It tells us how you get along with others. It is concerned with your orientation to other people of society. It sets your general interaction with others. Some characteristics of such people are as under;

  • Such people are modest and humble.
  • They are cheerful and amiable.
  • They have the qualities of kindness and patience
  • They are loyal to their job.
  • They have a sensitive nature.
  • They are altruistic and tactful.

People with low agreeability are less trustful and they are seldom liked by others.


This trait is related to negative traits. It means that people with a high score in neuroticism have higher negative factors of meanness and incompetence. Following traits are generally of neuroticism;

  • They are awkward and pessimistic.
  • They are self critical.
  • They are timid, fearful and nervous.
  • They have jealousy for others
  • They are unstable and unsecure.

People with low neuroticism are confident and adventurous. They are brave and kind.


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SWCorp Digital Marketing Training

SWCorp Digital Marketing Training

  • Berhubung dengan khalayak baru dan menurunkan kos iklan anda melalui Iklan Facebook!
  • Massa jawatan dengan cepat ke pelbagai rangkaian media sosial!
  • MASTER Facebook Ads Manager!
  • Melaksanakan Facebook Pixel dan strategi penjejakan lanjutan.
  • MASTER corong jualan anda … kesedaran, penargetan semula, dan penukaran!
  • Purata RM 0.01 setiap pertunangan / suka / klik dengan strategi iklan Facebook saya!
  • Gunakan ciri lanjutan yang tersedia di Facebook Business Manager.
  • MASTER Pemasaran Facebook dalam satu kursus!

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Social Media Awareness

Apa yang anda akan belajar dalam kursus ini adalah asal, diuji, dan sangat terperinci! Pelajari strategi Pemasaran Media Sosial yang saya laksanakan untuk pelanggan saya setiap hari, termasuk apa halaman media sosial yang sesuai untuk anda dan pilihan pengurusan kandungan yang akan menyelaraskan proses pengeposan anda. Kursus ini juga akan merangka bagaimana untuk mengoptimumkan halaman Facebook anda dan iklan Facebook dengan itu membolehkan anda mencapai apa-apa jenis pasaran sasaran! Buat sebahagian besar pemasaran media sosial dan buat mudah … jadi anda boleh kembali kepada apa yang anda lakukan dengan lebih baik, menjalankan perniagaan anda!

  • Bagaimana untuk terus mencipta kandungan unik untuk media sosial
  • Bagaimana untuk tidak pernah kehabisan idea
  • Bagaimana untuk memulakan mengutip kemahiran dan bakat dalam talian anda
  • Cara terbaik untuk menggunakan media sosial untuk mengembangkan jenama anda
  • Strategi untuk menjana kandungan harian untuk medium yang berbeza
  • Menggunakan jenama peribadi anda untuk peluang tanah
  • Mempunyai kebebasan untuk menjadi bos anda sendiri
  • Hidupkan idea kandungan anda kepada perkhidmatan

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Double Effect House Training Course

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JPM Jabatan Perdana Menteri Political Social Media Awareness Workshop

PMO / JPM – Jabatan Perdana Menteri Political Social Media Awareness Workshop


PMO day 1 Slide Download Here Power Point Format

PMO day 1 Slide Download Here pdf Format

How we devide Malaysian Voter into 5 Group ( BIG5 ) for Social Media Awareness for Brain Washing guidance e-book download / PMO Prime Minister’s Office Training 2019 Big5 Political Group Guidance



How to Download Facebook Videos – Tricks and Tips section

PMO JPM Social Media Facebook Political Training

PMO JPM Social Media Facebook Political Training


Social Media for Political Awareness Workshop Perdana Mentari Office

Social Media for Political Awareness Workshop Perdana Mentari Office


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