Best SEO Training Course 2020

Malaysia Best SEO Training Course in 2020

From 2012 we have focused on creating unique and amazing news on our website for SEO ranking. In the past seven years, our Best SEO Training Course has experimented with content, website structure, interactive features, team structure, and profitability. Google Search Traffic (organic traffic) is mainly the engine of our growth. As our natural traffic increases, this has clearly become one of our main areas of interest. Our main goal at dehtraining is to create thought-provoking and relevant news that people love to read, including provocative reviews and thought-provoking articles. Give the world a new independent source of information without a political agenda. We see ourselves as protectors of freedom of expression. We allow all aspects of history, but only if there are good reasons for our code of ethics. To achieve our goals, we rely on significant traffic, whether it’s to publish a press release, sponsor a story, or submit an ad.

However, it is difficult to rely on Google search traffic. Google regularly releases new basic algorithms that can affect our website in a way that we cannot understand. On June 5, 2019, the new main Google update hit us hard. We have lost over 70% of our “normal” search traffic. Our earnings have dropped by more than 50% and we are all shocked.

Why you need our Best SEO Training Course?

According to our experience, your graphic design or logo can play an important role in the way SEO ranking perceive your product or service. Attractive graphic design strengthens the brand, improves consumer confidence and makes your business look bigger than it is. Well-developed graphics can also encourage the user to post links on their own web pages on online networks. Take potential customers to the company’s homepage or start a viral campaign with unlimited potential.

We cannot understand everything we do to disqualify Google. We do not perform manual operations on the website, and our domain name ranks very high. We have better content, in-depth research articles, and larger teams. Our workforce is always high, and our website and monthly operating cost is MRY 200- MYR 250.

On June 10, 2019, our SEO training course is about to close due to a major update from Google. At that time, we earn a lot of money due to the decline in traffic for the keyword we target for how to trade-in SEO. Nevertheless, after a short break for the entire team, we decided to do it again. Website, device and content improvements. We, especially me, cannot make this project extinct.

From June 2019 to December 2019, we made thousands of changes to our website, team, and how we work. We will use all resources to determine what went wrong and try to recover some natural search traffic, so all these gave us huge experience in our SEO Training Course content in 2020 latest SEO courses list.

Is time to master SEO from this Best SEO course in Malaysia ( What’s your SEO goal? )

The first and most important thing about SEO Ranking tips when creating content on your website is that you have to have a goal. Setting goals will be the basis for creating designs for SEO website content. So let’s figure out what you want to do before telling a story.

Setting goals not only helps you design content on SEO but also visually conveys your message. First, ask yourself some questions before you wanna start learning SEO subjects:

  • What is the purpose of my article?
  • Do I want to increase sales?
  • Do I want to increase site traffic?
  • Do I want to increase participation on the site?

Remember your target audience when asking these questions. Make sure you know who your audience is. Investigate your competitors and your ideal target audience. Here are some research points to consider when addressing your audience:

  • Who are they?
  • What platforms do they use?
  • Are they users of computers or mobile devices?
  • What message do I want to convey?
  • How do I want my audience to feel, and what do I want them to do about it?
  • What do they like / who follows?
  • Where are they from?


Our best SEO training course Malaysia knows everything about Google wants

As far as our SEO expert trainer know, site owners and operators have been troubled by Google’s disqualification and they have decided to start a new project with our SEO Training Course content. We form a dedicated SEO team to analyze and help news sites for our SEO training course students. No single factor can determine whether a news site has lost 50% or more of its natural traffic. In a fair and equitable world, news sites do not have to tackle the technical aspects of the site but simply focus on creating high-quality content. Let our content determine what kind of interest your site generates.

If the changes and improvements we make are considered trade secrets, we will not publish them here. Other SEO agencies like to blog about SEO tips to attract their website visits so they can sell you premium versions. From what we and our SEO Best training course session have learned, many of the SEO guides you find on popular SEO blogs do not apply to news sites and may even damage news rankings, very closed to Google Hummingbird search algorithm, our SEO Training Course will guide you deep into their search brain.


Why SEO is getting to voice?

Voice search begins your rules
Voice search is clearly rapidly gaining popularity. In fact, in the past few years, I feel like we will hear “Ok, Google” every few minutes. Experts believe that by 2020, voice search will account for 50% of all searches.

Today in: Leadership
In fact, the number of people using voice assistants is increasing year by year at a very rapid rate. For example, 35.6 million Americans use voice-activated devices at least once a month, and now one in six Americans have smart speakers.

Although the search engine and SEO world is indeed constantly changing and evolving, increasing the use of voice search is one of the biggest changes so far. This is because it is completely different and requires completely different optimization strategies.


高级面子书 《策略 + 心理学》 课程

厌倦了一成不变/ROI低的面子书广告 ?想了解顾客的心理?

最实用的高级面子书 《策略 + 心理学》 课程






Facebook后台计算法(Facebook algorithm)是用于编排用户的新闻上(New feed)所显示的所有可用帖子排名过程。根据用户积极反应的可能性来惊醒编排。

  • 社交媒体的平面设计
  • 为社交媒体视频发布视频
  • 从Facebook创建销售重力
  • 来自Facebook的免费营销大师
  • 掌握Facebook广告平台
  • 掌握您的销售,意识,重定向和转换!
  • 高级Facebook广告策略每次参与0.10令吉!
  • 从Facebook销售产品或服务
  • 创建ECO-Automation数字营销再循环环境
  • 白帽子在Facebook上黑客攻击
  • 从朋友和他们的朋友那里收集Facebook用户数据
  • 了解Facebook网络攻击



面子书课程,高级面子书 《策略 + 心理学》 课程



  • 您的客户社交上的思考
  • 思考自己作为服务/产品供应商
  • 在Facebook中增加了社会影响力的价值
  • 令人信服的研究心理学观点在您的客户
  • 掌握人与社交媒体心理学的力量
  • 使用五大心理学趋势了解人们的心灵
  • 将您的客户分类为Facebook-群体中的5个心理学
  • 基于五大心理学目标创建不同的帖子/广告

高级面子书 《策略 + 心理学》 课程



mandarin video editing workshop


影片剪接课程  – 影片剪接 – Adobe设计的实用性




基础到中级 – Adobe Premiere ProAdobe After Effects 

Adobe Premiere Pro:

使用Adobe Premiere Pro能更快,更流畅地编辑视频。 全新功能包括与Adobe SpeedGrade CC集成的颜色分级管道,扩展的原生格式支持,改进的Multicam编辑等。 借助Creative Cloud,您可以轻松下载最新功能,并将设置和快捷方式同步到世界上任何编辑区中的设备。

Adobe After Effect:

全新的After Effects使不可能成为可能。 获得强大的节省时间的功能,例如带新的Mask Tracker,它可以让您在整个复合材料中应用逐帧移动的蒙版和效果。 在应用程序内共享工作,跨机器同步设置,并在发布后立即访问新功能。


创建属于自己的频道。 在设备上或使用移动网站登录YouTube。 转到您的频道列表。 选择创建新频道或使用现有品牌帐户:填写详细信息以命名新频道并验证您的帐户,我们将为您介绍所有这些步骤。包括如何从中赚取客观的回酬。







Video Editing Course

Complete Video Editing Training Course Workshop


DOUBLE EFFECT 刚刚获得 2019 TOP SME 最佳课程企业奖状!


只需3天 - 广告文案设计课程

广告文案设计课程, 平面设计课程, 文案设计课程



广告文案设计课程  – 平面设计与广告文案的结合 – Adobe设计的实用性



当您上完这三天广告设计课程,你将可以自己一手包办FACEBOOK POST设计,名片设计,传单设计,BANNER设计,网页图案设计等等。


基础到中级:Adobe Illustrator CC和Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop:


Adobe Illustrator:

使用先进的精确绘图和排版工具创建插图。快速从品牌识别和营销宣传材料到网络,视频和电影的图形。 Illustrator CC是Creative Cloud的一部分,因此您只需点击几下即可同步颜色主题,工作区和项目。












Graphic Design Course

Graphic Design Course Form
  • Provide us you need.
  • Tell us more for us to understand your need

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