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AI Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing Workshop

Learn How (AI) Artificial Intelligence can do for your Digital Marketing

The predictable AI capabilities bring a new era of commercialization. According to a recent whole world digital marketing audience report, 86% of marketers believe AI will perform more efficient and effective work in today’s complex digital environment.

AI – Artificial Intelligence Will Predictive Digital Marketing Soon

In fact, AI predictive marketing can change the whole world marketing’s game. This allows companies to anticipate the needs and concerns of consumers and, more importantly, predict marketing information. For organizations that seek to strengthen customer participation, the information is clear. This is because the people who are primary predictors of innovation are likely to succeed. Digital Marketing platform across Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, SEO, SEM, Youtube and etc.

AI Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing Workshop

AI Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing Workshop


Big Data Analytics in Business and Your Digital Marketing Big Data

The main cause of this popularity and growth of “Big Data” in today’s world is not other than the growth of the smartphones, social media, internet technology, wireless networks and other technologies.

Over the past few years the trends that have revolutionized the internet world, big data is also one of those. The term “Big data” may have been around since past few years but still, for many of us, it is somewhat confusing. Basically, big data is a broad topic, used to define large data sets that can be computationally analyzed to reveal trends, patterns and associations – principally in connection with human interactions and behavior. The main cause of this popularity and growth of “Big Data” in today’s world is not other than the growth of the smartphones, social media, internet technology, wireless networks and other technologies.


How Is Big data Important?
The practical implementation of “Big data” can be observed across a wide range of areas, including businesses. Big data is followed by the simple working principle which states that the more you will be having data about anything or situation, the more you will be able to predict it’s future. Now if talk about the importance of Big Data, it doesn’t depend on the volume of data you have but it must revolve around, what you will do with that data and what is your approach to analyze that data?. By analyzing “Big Data”, one can be able to provide his/her solution for cost reduction, making strategic decisions, developing a new product and time reductions as well. It is said that “Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore
A combination of Big data along with its analytics can help you to achieve different tasks. To sketch a clearer picture of big data and the way it can be advantageous to you, the following convoluted analysis can be used for:




Machine Learning in Business & Marketing

Since years ago, 2010, queries related to venture capital, conference, marketing, and business-related “machine learning” are increasing substantially, most technical executives often can decide the machine application learning (ML) for business application.

Behind few of the greatest advancements in technology like autonomous vehicles, there is an emerging force of science, which is known by the name Machine learning. Machine learning is the field of science that is a reason behind the development of new world concepts, in both supervised and unsupervised way of learning. On the other hand, it has also enabled the human to build such algorithms, which are useful in building close to the real robots, analytics tools, chatbots and internet of things devices etc.

If we define Machine learning in few words, it can be termed as the subset of “AI” that provides the automatic learning ability to a system with constant improvements through experiences. The best thing about machine learning is that you don’t have to program every single action because the computer applies pre-configured data sets and rules to perform even complex calculations.


The Future Of Today’s World of Machine Learning in Business
If you look around, you will find most of today’s businesses are relying on machine learning algorithms these days in order to have a better understanding of their customers and returns opportunities. It has played a great role in transforming the digital world and has made our computing process simpler, reliable, and cost-effective. For the companies that have started practicing machine learning algorithms, machine learning is playing a great role in helping them to provide better customer care experiences, optimized operations and enhancing their security etc. In short, machine learning has changed the ways world used to business in many ways. In this article, we are going to highlight a few impacts of machine learning that can be observed in today’s business world.


Personalized search experience
With the advancement in machine learning algorithm, websites and applications these days are learning customer’s preferences for stuff like food, clothing, electronics and other products. Businesses are adopting machine-learning algorithms to enhance the overall online shopping experience by suggesting customers the products that fit their preferences just by collecting and analyzing the different sets of data.


Customer Services
Machine learning has greatly transformed the customer support services, and efficient chatbots algorithms nowadays answer more than 80% of customer queries, which really cut operator expenses.


Rectified Search results
Search engine these days are getting better than those of the past times do. Nowadays search engines understand what it’s user is trying a search and provide the most relevant information acquired by the user. Long things short, Machine-learning tactics are being arrayed to solve a different kind of problems based on different kind of scenarios and with current advancements in machine learning these days, it is hard to imagine a scenario where a machine learning couldn’t be of any use. According to the business applications, machine-learning methods can be deployed to perform few more things like things like:
• Build accurate pricing models
• Identify network interferences
• Generating real-time advertisement on websites for targeted audiences
• Improvement of demand forecasts in retails businesses
• Can be used to identify any fraud in real time (Gmail spam box is a practical example of this)
• And many others


Machine learning is playing a major role in helping businesses create better experiences while enhancing the security and efficiency of the processes. Anyhow, machine learning requires the learning of high-quality data to reach its full perspective. Therefore if you want to use machine learning to understand data and make a fruitful prediction for the growth of your business join today machine learning in business course that could be of great use for the better future of your business.


Targeting And Understanding The Right Audience
This one can be claimed as the most broadcasted and biggest areas where utilizing big data is practiced today. In this area, big data is used to have the better understanding of customers, their preferences and behaviors. Now when your business starts knowing about customer’s preferences, you will have an advantage over your competitor then.
An Upbeat Customer Service
With the use of Big data now, businesses would be able to specify their customer needs, even before their customer feel the need to voice his/her concerns.
Consumer responsive production
The use of big data will not only enhance the customer services but it will also help the company to manufacture customer responsive products. Therefore, better than asking your customers about what they need to see in your product, you can simply go for big data analysis to predict what they are looking for in a product.


Risk management
Investments are always risky because of you never sure about the returns. Anyhow, by utilizing big data analysis a business can have a more comprehensive picture of success or failure rate. Though whenever there is an investment, there must a risk but by using big data, the percentage of failure risk can be minimized.




Improved Efficiency
To increases, the performance of the particular process, looking into its data is very important. Now with big data analysis, experts can easily find binding constraints in that particular process. Once those constraints are found and removed a huge increase in performance can be observed.

Last but not the least big data is something that you will have to embrace if you need your business keep on growing. With the power of big data analysis, you can predict the future of your businesses but to have a focused picture of big data, a brief knowledge of Big data and its analysis procedures is required. In order to thrive and succeed in today’s business world big data marketing courses are offered through various platforms and enrolling in those courses can be quite productive for you and your businesses.

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AI for Digital Marketing

AI artificial Intelligence for digital marketing workshop