Adobe Illustrator Class

Adobe Illustrator Class Recap Video Tutorial

Illustrator CC 2019 Classes and Training

Adobe Illustrator is the industry-leading vector graphics application that lets you create logos, symbols, graphics, printing, and complex graphics for print, web, interactivity, video, and portable devices.

In this course, we start with basics such as drawing circles and rectangles, creating complex illustrations, logos, business cards and much more. With Illustrator Class, you’ll learn the best way to do everything in Illustrator so you can be sure of the tool or feature you can use in any situation.

Master of Adobe Illustrator CC with this thorough training of all levels

  1. logo design
  2. Create a vector
  3. Change image to vector artwork
  4. Vectorization and color tracking handwriting
  5. Prepare and print graphics on the web
  6. Infographic design
  7. Creatively manipulated types
  8. Master advanced Illustrator tools and technologies
  9. Learn useful keyboard shortcuts and best practices
  10. Practice everything you have learned in the training files you provide
  11. Test your knowledge at the end of each chapter
  12. Learn Illustrator according to how experts use it


How to Create New Doc and Shapes in Illustrator ⎪ Adobe Illustrator for Beginners



Use of Rectangular Grid Tool and Shape Builder Tool ⎪ Adobe Illustrator for Beginners



Unite Shapes Using Shape Builder Tool or Unite Tool ⎪ Adobe Illustrator for Beginners



Gradient Colour in Illustrator ⎪ Adobe Illustrator for Beginners



How to Create Stars Around an Object ⎪ Adobe Illustrator for Beginners


How to Create 3D Text in Illustrator ⎪ Adobe Illustrator for Beginners


Simplest Image Trace in Illustrator ⎪ Adobe Illustrator for Beginners



How to Use Pen Tool in Illustrator ⎪ Adobe Illustrator for Beginners


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Adobe Photoshop Classes

Adobe Photoshop Classes Recap Videos for Participant

Be proficient with the use of a computer, although it is not necessary to have prior knowledge of Adobe applications. However, it is not an “A to Z” course for each bell provided by each application, but rather a roadmap for making incredible projects that people are willing to pay or employers are looking for, so you have creative skills.
Some creative skills (drawing, photography, etc.) are useful and will certainly give you a better chance of succeeding as a designer, but they are not necessary. Want to learn design, whether for work or for a hobby, the design is for everyone!

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to be a graphic designer, especially for beginners. I will show you how to do some of the most popular projects in the industry, such as:

  1. Custom logo
  2. Business Corporate Identity System
  3. Booklet
  4. Web graphics
  5. Facebook Post
  6. Business Card
  7. Flyer
  8. Banner
  9. Bunting
  10. Poster
  11. Signboard


What to expect in this Graphic Design Short Training

Use Photoshop. Industry standard application of graphic design. We will also review related terms and design practices, create a perfect print or web project, start as soon as possible, and aim to start a new and exciting graphic design job.

Do not worry if you do not want to learn how to design. This is a wonderful course for you! Many of my students are constantly open to the public – fun cards, invitations, students who want to add fun to resumes or social media, teachers who want to add creative elements to their homework – this list is constantly open. It is designed for everyone! There are graphic design short courses too!

How to Create New Document in Photoshop⎪ Adobe Photoshop for Beginners



Fill in Colour in Photoshop⎪Adobe Photoshop for Beginners



Cut Photo in Photoshop using Selection Tools ⎪ Adobe Photoshop for Beginners



How to Use Pen Tool in Photoshop⎪Adobe Photoshop for Beginners



Neon Effect in Photoshop⎪Adobe Photoshop for Beginners



How to Edit Photo in Photoshop⎪ Adobe Photoshop for Beginner



How to Beautify / Smoothen face in Photoshop – Part 1⎪ Adobe Photoshop for Beginners



How to Beautify / Smoothen face in Photoshop – Part 2⎪ Adobe Photoshop for Beginners



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Adobe After Effects Classes

Adobe After Effects Training Classes

The After Effects Regular course, the Public and Private After Effects training, the After After courses are scheduled for Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya, Penang, Johor Bharu and etc.

  • The After Effects course is from a live instructor in the classroom
  • Effective training of the private sector is provided throughout the country
  • Learn from the high-quality After Effects trainer, author of several After Effects books.
  • In these After Effects courses, you can quickly start keyframes, effects, 3D, exit control and more.
  • As part of the After Effects training, you can take advantage of proven methodologies through practical exercises and hands-on labs.

After Effects Training Delivery Options

We have an After Effects course for each program and budget and are taught by expert leaders to achieve quick and easy professional achievement in your work.

Schedule After Effects classes regularly
Our regular After Effects courses are officially scheduled for beginner and advanced training, with most courses offered monthly. Please see the list of courses below. We offer on-site courses guided by instructors in the same classroom as you.

After Effects class on the website
All After Effects courses are available on your local website. Please call the form on the link above and fill out the form to receive information about your local course. We offer courses on the Malaysia website, and around the world.

Suitable for all versions of the After Effects course

Even if you’re using the latest version of Creative Cloud, even if you’re using older versions like CS6, CS5, CS4, we have an After Effects course to help you learn the tools you use. We regularly use the latest version of the application on general After Effects courses, but older versions are also available. If you want to use the old version of After Effects for training, please contact us. We will try our best to meet your needs. Our After Effects trainer has over 10 years of experience and can solve all versions of After Effects and provide training.

Check the Adobe After Effects schedule here

Introduction of Workspace ⎪ After Effects Tutorial for Beginners ⎪ Ep.01


Setting Up Composition ⎪ Importing Video/ Pictures⎪After Effects Tutorial for Beginners ⎪ Ep.02


How to Edit Keyframe in After Effects⎪After Effects Tutorial for Beginners ⎪ Ep.03


Placing logo in After Effects⎪After Effects Tutorial for Beginners ⎪ Ep.04


How to Create 3D Sphere 3D Globe in After Effects⎪After Effects Tutorial for Beginners⎪Ep.05


How to remove Green Screen or Blue Screen⎪After Effects Tutorial for Beginners⎪Ep.06


Basic Camera Effects in After Effects⎪After Effects Tutorial for Beginners⎪Ep.07


Export Video in After Effects⎪After Effects Tutorial for Beginners


Course Details and Overview of the After Effects category

View the history of this course in After Effects – Introduction to contact information about this training course in After Effects – Introduction

After Effects Training Course – Introduction

In the two-day After Effects session, you will learn the basic skills needed to create exciting dynamic images and graphics. The course is guided by the After Effects team behind a comprehensive book, After Effects Digital Classroom. This chapter covers After Effects topics that start with the interface, using layers, main frames, mask, and media management. There are opportunities to explore the depth of After Effects tools, such as rendering 3D effects and output projects.

After Effects Training Course – Advanced

In the two-day Advanced After Effects course, you’ll learn the advanced skills you need to create visual effects and animations. Our course is led by After Effects, who wrote the best-selling After Effects digital classroom. In this course, you will learn advanced grammar, planning, options, color correction, color keys, motion tracking, expressions, environmental effects, and more.

After Effects training classes

After Effects training classes


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PDC Packaging and Label Design Workshop

PDC Penang Packaging and Label Design Workshop 2018

Download Packaging Box AI Sample

Download Adobe Illustrator CS6 

How to Extent Adobe Illustrator CS6

Barcode: GS 1 Barcode Registration

Barcode: GS1 FAQ

Barcode: How to Fill In Product Listing Form


Graphic Design Short Training Course

Please check our Graphic Design Short Training Course 2017 / 2018 Schedule

Support Resources after the training, students able to access our Video Channel for all the Tutorials Video for rehearsal. Sample video here.


See what this student said about the course

With Certificate of Completion once training finished

Graphic Design and Visual Communication Design Theory and Practical with Computer Adobe Design tools


Basic to Intermediate Level of: Adobe Illustrator CC &  Adobe Photoshop CC


Adobe Photoshop:

Photoshop has been a useful tool for graphic designers to create artwork conveniently and aesthetically. For example, design studios can use Photoshop in order to visualize their take on an initial concept and then move onto different media to complete the concept. Because of Photoshop’s popularity, PSD files are widely used and supported to some extent by most competing software.

The .PSD file format can be exported to and from Adobe’s other apps like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, and After Effects, to make professional standard DVDs and provide non-linear editing and special effects services, such as backgrounds, textures, and so on, for television, film, and the web. Photoshop’s primary strength is as a pixel-based image editor, unlike vector-based image editors. Photoshop also enables vector graphics editing through its Paths, Pen tools, Shape tools, Shape Layers, Type tools, Import command, and Smart Object functions. These tools and commands are convenient to combine pixel-based and vector-based images in one Photoshop document, because it may not be necessary to use more than one program. To create very complex vector graphics with numerous shapes and colors, it may be easier to use software that was created primarily for that purpose, such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. Photoshop’s non-destructive Smart Objects can also import complex vector shapes.


Adobe Illustrator:

Create vector art and illustrations using advanced, precise drawing and typography tools. Work quickly and intuitively on everything from brand identities and marketing materials to graphics for the web, video, and film. Illustrator CC is part of Creative Cloud, so you can sync color themes, workspaces, and projects — all with just a few clicks.

Theory Section:

Principles of Design: Overall of Graphic & Visual Art Design

The principles of design suggest effective and pleasing ways to arrange text and graphics on the page as well as the arrangement of individual elements within illustration, logos, and the overall graphic design of a document.


Rules of Composition:

Well, in very simple terms, it’s the part where all the separate elements come together to form a whole. When all of your type, your images, your graphics and colors, come together to form one cohesive design.


Color Theory:

If you are involved in the creation or design of visual documents, an understanding of color will help when incorporating it into your own designs.


User Interface Designs:

Techniques To Improve Your UI & UE Design

Web design consists, for the most part, of interface design. There are many techniques involved in crafting beautiful and functional interfaces.


Five simple steps to better Typography Design:

The kind of typography I’m talking about is not your typical “What font should I use” typography but rather your “knowing your hanging punctuation from your em-dash” typography.”




Location: N-10-03, Northern Tower, SS15 Court Yard Mall, Jalan SS15/4G, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor DE, Malaysia.


Project to be finalize: (Corporate Identity System Package) Logo, Name Card, Bunting, Banner, Web Graphic, Newsletter Head, Flyer, brochure, Photo Editing Skills, Signboard, Newsletter for print and web/email, packaging and ect…


Audience: Beginners without knowledge, like to become part time freelancer, and self  improvement for current market needs.


Find out more about us at:

facebook: double effect training house

010 220 6800

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AI Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing Workshop

Learn How (AI) Artificial Intelligence can do for your Digital Marketing

The predictable AI capabilities bring a new era of commercialization. According to a recent whole world digital marketing audience report, 86% of marketers believe AI will perform more efficient and effective work in today’s complex digital environment.

AI – Artificial Intelligence Will Predictive Digital Marketing Soon

In fact, AI predictive marketing can change the whole world marketing’s game. This allows companies to anticipate the needs and concerns of consumers and, more importantly, predict marketing information. For organizations that seek to strengthen customer participation, the information is clear. This is because the people who are primary predictors of innovation are likely to succeed. Digital Marketing platform across Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, SEO, SEM, Youtube and etc.

AI Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing Workshop

AI Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing Workshop


Big Data Analytics in Business and Your Digital Marketing Big Data

The main cause of this popularity and growth of “Big Data” in today’s world is not other than the growth of the smartphones, social media, internet technology, wireless networks and other technologies.

Over the past few years the trends that have revolutionized the internet world, big data is also one of those. The term “Big data” may have been around since past few years but still, for many of us, it is somewhat confusing. Basically, big data is a broad topic, used to define large data sets that can be computationally analyzed to reveal trends, patterns and associations – principally in connection with human interactions and behavior. The main cause of this popularity and growth of “Big Data” in today’s world is not other than the growth of the smartphones, social media, internet technology, wireless networks and other technologies.


How Is Big data Important?
The practical implementation of “Big data” can be observed across a wide range of areas, including businesses. Big data is followed by the simple working principle which states that the more you will be having data about anything or situation, the more you will be able to predict it’s future. Now if talk about the importance of Big Data, it doesn’t depend on the volume of data you have but it must revolve around, what you will do with that data and what is your approach to analyze that data?. By analyzing “Big Data”, one can be able to provide his/her solution for cost reduction, making strategic decisions, developing a new product and time reductions as well. It is said that “Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore
A combination of Big data along with its analytics can help you to achieve different tasks. To sketch a clearer picture of big data and the way it can be advantageous to you, the following convoluted analysis can be used for:




Machine Learning in Business & Marketing

Since years ago, 2010, queries related to venture capital, conference, marketing, and business-related “machine learning” are increasing substantially, most technical executives often can decide the machine application learning (ML) for business application.

Behind few of the greatest advancements in technology like autonomous vehicles, there is an emerging force of science, which is known by the name Machine learning. Machine learning is the field of science that is a reason behind the development of new world concepts, in both supervised and unsupervised way of learning. On the other hand, it has also enabled the human to build such algorithms, which are useful in building close to the real robots, analytics tools, chatbots and internet of things devices etc.

If we define Machine learning in few words, it can be termed as the subset of “AI” that provides the automatic learning ability to a system with constant improvements through experiences. The best thing about machine learning is that you don’t have to program every single action because the computer applies pre-configured data sets and rules to perform even complex calculations.


The Future Of Today’s World of Machine Learning in Business
If you look around, you will find most of today’s businesses are relying on machine learning algorithms these days in order to have a better understanding of their customers and returns opportunities. It has played a great role in transforming the digital world and has made our computing process simpler, reliable, and cost-effective. For the companies that have started practicing machine learning algorithms, machine learning is playing a great role in helping them to provide better customer care experiences, optimized operations and enhancing their security etc. In short, machine learning has changed the ways world used to business in many ways. In this article, we are going to highlight a few impacts of machine learning that can be observed in today’s business world.


Personalized search experience
With the advancement in machine learning algorithm, websites and applications these days are learning customer’s preferences for stuff like food, clothing, electronics and other products. Businesses are adopting machine-learning algorithms to enhance the overall online shopping experience by suggesting customers the products that fit their preferences just by collecting and analyzing the different sets of data.


Customer Services
Machine learning has greatly transformed the customer support services, and efficient chatbots algorithms nowadays answer more than 80% of customer queries, which really cut operator expenses.


Rectified Search results
Search engine these days are getting better than those of the past times do. Nowadays search engines understand what it’s user is trying a search and provide the most relevant information acquired by the user. Long things short, Machine-learning tactics are being arrayed to solve a different kind of problems based on different kind of scenarios and with current advancements in machine learning these days, it is hard to imagine a scenario where a machine learning couldn’t be of any use. According to the business applications, machine-learning methods can be deployed to perform few more things like things like:
• Build accurate pricing models
• Identify network interferences
• Generating real-time advertisement on websites for targeted audiences
• Improvement of demand forecasts in retails businesses
• Can be used to identify any fraud in real time (Gmail spam box is a practical example of this)
• And many others


Machine learning is playing a major role in helping businesses create better experiences while enhancing the security and efficiency of the processes. Anyhow, machine learning requires the learning of high-quality data to reach its full perspective. Therefore if you want to use machine learning to understand data and make a fruitful prediction for the growth of your business join today machine learning in business course that could be of great use for the better future of your business.


Targeting And Understanding The Right Audience
This one can be claimed as the most broadcasted and biggest areas where utilizing big data is practiced today. In this area, big data is used to have the better understanding of customers, their preferences and behaviors. Now when your business starts knowing about customer’s preferences, you will have an advantage over your competitor then.
An Upbeat Customer Service
With the use of Big data now, businesses would be able to specify their customer needs, even before their customer feel the need to voice his/her concerns.
Consumer responsive production
The use of big data will not only enhance the customer services but it will also help the company to manufacture customer responsive products. Therefore, better than asking your customers about what they need to see in your product, you can simply go for big data analysis to predict what they are looking for in a product.


Risk management
Investments are always risky because of you never sure about the returns. Anyhow, by utilizing big data analysis a business can have a more comprehensive picture of success or failure rate. Though whenever there is an investment, there must a risk but by using big data, the percentage of failure risk can be minimized.




Improved Efficiency
To increases, the performance of the particular process, looking into its data is very important. Now with big data analysis, experts can easily find binding constraints in that particular process. Once those constraints are found and removed a huge increase in performance can be observed.

Last but not the least big data is something that you will have to embrace if you need your business keep on growing. With the power of big data analysis, you can predict the future of your businesses but to have a focused picture of big data, a brief knowledge of Big data and its analysis procedures is required. In order to thrive and succeed in today’s business world big data marketing courses are offered through various platforms and enrolling in those courses can be quite productive for you and your businesses.

Workshop Photos Gallery

AI for Digital Marketing

AI artificial Intelligence for digital marketing workshop

Free Facebook Marketing Tutorial Videos

Free Facebook Marketing Tutorial Videos

  • Connect with new audiences through Facebook advertisement, reduce advertising costs!
  • You can quickly publish numerous publications on various social networks.
  • MASTER Facebook Advertising Manager!
  • Implement Facebook Pixel and advanced tracking strategy
  • Please identify, rearrange and convert your sales funnels!
  • Average RM 0.01 / share / I like my Facebook advertising strategy/click!
  • Use advanced features available in Facebook Business Manager.


Create Facebook Page


Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner


Optimize Facebook Page Images


How to Make your Facebook drive Traffic


Facebook Page Setting


SEO – Search Engine Optimization for your Facebook


Facebook Engagement


Facebook Insight – Reporting


Facebook Content – What Content Should I Share?


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How to fly and edit drone video professionally

Create aerial images and pictures of your audience: learn basic Drone Video Editing operations, advanced flight, and drone video editing.

Drone scene by Dji Mavic Pro Platinum

What you need to know before you started your done fly and drone final video

Most drone flies recognize that it is wise to attract as much video as possible when the weather is sensible. However, the longer the flight time, the longer the video takes. Use speed and light effects are effective. This is to increase the lens and draw the audience’s attention one they watch your drone scene.

This technique is similar to the way slow motion is applied to a DSRL camera lens. Basically, speed up the time of long-term follow-up video and drop the things you are interested in can slow down the video. In general, this makes the movement of air more interesting and can speed up some tedious parts of the video.

Dji Drone Selection

One of my favorite DJI Mavic Pro and other popular industrial cameras is the ability to capture Ultra HD video and 4K.

If these lenses are added to the high resolution 1920 x 1080 standard resolution, there is still a lot of image space. Having this extra space allows you to apply what I call glistening. Basically, I mimic cutting like using multiple cameras, so you may shoots with drones and your camera. The way to achieve this view is to provide a full resolution unattended lens and not to be adjusted to match the modified application’s sequence settings. Once you find the site to which you want to apply fraction cuts, you can cut the footage of the drone. From there, you can change the part cut according to the small sequence setting.

Title and graphics overlay
The drone’s image is of course magnificent and must be the focus of attention, but the wide-angle lens produced by many unmanned cameras is ideal for replicas, logos, titles or overlays.

Drone Video Transition
When you become many shots you can take on an unmanned aerial, the possibilities are endless. There are take-off, descent, curl, pane, tilt, 360 degrees, batch, or detector.

Direct cutting can be used to compensate for these shots in many situations, but encounters problems when showing unattended lenses smoothly. Moving between different types of drone shots sometimes seems to be inconsistent or inappropriate.

Sometimes the movement of the drone is turned off or becomes a side, and becomes a curved horizontal line. For ease of repair, adjust the applied adjustment rotation value and correct the horizontal line. This requires some measurement adjustments, but if you go back to the first tip and edit with smaller sequence settings and 4K clips, you can adjust and correct the configuration.

What you need to learn about drone flying?

  • Select portable laptop and edit video and video
  • Identify flight skills, shooting options, flight modes and flying skills to produce outstanding aerial images
  • Plan your flight successfully and maximize your chances
  • Set up GoPro with optimal settings for efficient editing in different situations
  • Create an innovative core material to enrich artwork
  • Before you fly, complete the flight before the flight, start the flight
  • To create a breathtaking work of art, complete eight editing steps that most editors commonly use

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Video Editing Course in Malaysia

Learning Complete Video Editing Skills Training Course in Malaysia 2018 / 2019

These the steps you need for the journey of creating an incredible corporate video.

1st step: Planning and storyboard your final video imagination & Video Script Writing

2nd step: Choose a right music for your video

3rd step: Where and how to get the perfect voice over for the video narration

4th step: Equip yourself with convenience and budget control in videography section, camera, lighting, and voice recording tools for shooting list

5th step: Location and scenery for your video research before you start to roll your camera, Location Scouting

6th step: Shooting and video recording footages and interview shooting

7th step: Post-production is part of the photography, video production, and videography process. Post-production includes all stages of production after taking or recording individual program video clips.

8th step: A Final video for the multi-platform, online and offline purpose


The 1st section in Video Editing Course: Planning and storyboard your final video imagination & Video Script Writing

Video Editing Training Course Story Board Design

Video Editing Training Course Story Board Design

The most important component in video production is the use of storyboarding in video layouts. “Storyboard” is a “graphical representation of how videos appear at the same time” (video production techniques, 2018/2019). The traditional storyboard structure consists of boxes with hand-drawn illustrations drawing, each of which describes the suspension of each scene and shots, including what happens in the scene. Each box is a snapshot or a scene. The storyboard is not intended to be described in detail, but it is intended to help you think about video production.

In less than few hours with us, you will able to learn everything you need to know to draw a wonderful gesture in your storyboard. The character in this work tells people about wonderful stories and stories that can be done. Your role seems important. You must draw your character to express your feelings, and tell the story as if the actor is doing well and moving well. You will learn all these without an artistic talent, just use a free web tool for all the drawing and images selected to complete what you’re like to appear in your storyboard.

Create graphic text that can express your ideas clearly and effectively. Because each worker is pointing to the workbench, it should be easy to provide and understand information. Because each video is different from the other video, plain text on the storyboard simply does not work at all. When creating text boards with Canva, you can use professionally designed templates to customize them to your needs and use the excellent media library with a million images and illustrations.

In Video Script, it is more important to leave the buzzwords, shorten sentences and convey clear information. The script should be easy to understand, so if you have any questions, be simple. Use the video summary of the project summary to guide your script creation and make sure you know how long each video will take. Once you have completed your first script, read it aloud. Time yourself. Is it too long? Is there a word or phrase that is hard to say? If so, reduce the script or reword some sentences. Are there specific words that need to be emphasized? Write a clear note to the person who read it last. We will guide all these skills in our Video Editing Course.


2nd Step in this Video Editing Course: Choose a right music for your video

Video Editing course Music Corporate Video

Video Editing course Music Corporate Video

Music is one of the most powerful stimuli in the emotional relationship with the audience who watch your video. If viewers are associated with your company or message, they will naturally discover these details and deepen your relationship with the project or brand you mentioned in your video masterpiece. This video editing course in the process will convince you to use background music in your video and assumes that you already know it is useful here. I will give you some hints, you should remember when looking for the right fund of music. Add audio in the video directory follow to your sense of music.

This is the role that determines the music played in your video. Should we admit music or send messages? If you find a lot of music, you can use it instead of improving the overall effect. Whether you are linking various kinds of information or trying to teach technical details, you need to be dedicated and not confused by the audience. You can determine the type of music you need to use. If you define emotions, you can set the mood of the video through music as soon as possible. Do you think the video is positive, positive or exciting? Do you want to make your audience happy, relaxed, nervous, excited or sad? Please choose the right music. Fortunately, many music libraries can search for bookmarks using emotion-based meta tags.

Because of music, don’t let yourself interfere with the video. If you have narration in the video, record the sound and instrument (guitar, violin, trumpet) that you can hit. Do not suddenly change your mood or instrument when choosing music. Do not use traditional pop songs (hair-chorus-bridge) as they will distract you from the video. Select a fixed music whose track is unchanged or slightly increased.


Come to 3rd step: Where and how to get the perfect voice over for your video narration

Video Editing Course Voice Over

Video Editing Course Voice Over

Make studio sounds and standard recordings at home or in your bedroom. Audio voice-over recording improvements just at your fingertips.

Your choice of Voice Over (VO) will literally become your brand’s voice. The right voice can create real, lasting emotional bonds between your brand and your customers. Misunderstandings can isolate your potential customers by negatively impacting your product. This is why choosing the right voice for the artist is crucial. Here are the tips to help you complete the process and determine the ideal audio artist for your company’s next video. One of the most common questions a client asks is whether it is better to use a male or female voice for your corporate video? There is no definitive study of the relative efficiency of male and female viewers. In a survey of 2,200 Malaysia adults conducted by us, 46 percent thought that women’s voices were more appropriate, and 48 percent thought men’s voices were more reliable. Obviously, this does not provide accurate evidence to demonstrate the benefit of the other party. Does this mean that male or female voice selection is not important? This incomplete, One problem with this study is that people are not particularly good at assessing why certain sounds are convincing. Many marketing experts say that there are good reasons to choose a female voice artist and vice versa.

It may be hard to choose a voice over actor to know where to begin. With so many dubbing Voice Over choice in Fiverr. The choice between them may be difficult. This is why it cooperates with video production training like us. We choose a reliable dubbing artist who once worked in Fiverr with us before. You can also block dubbing artists so that the artist’s voice meets your specific needs. The “style” of reading a speech is as important as the speech you choose. Changing the way a person provides information in a particular way will greatly affect the final video … and not everyone can read each style. When choosing a sound for your video, consider the reading style you want, the information it provides, and the stories you want to list. You must also consider your audience preferences and final video version. Consider using multiple voices for long texts or personal works so that everything is fun.


4th step comes: Equip yourself with convenience and budget control in videography section, camera, lighting, and voice recording tools for shooting list

Video Editing Course videography equipment

Video Editing Course Videography equipment

A good video photographer knows his camera. When Junior is in the first step in the backyard or video space, he should be able to adjust the shutter speed, turn off the autofocus or do other necessary things to capture the best video. In other words, learn cameras from home and abroad. Read the manual – twice. Learn to access menus, lists contain settings, etc. If necessary, keep the bed within reach of the arm (wrap a 3 x 5 card, drill it and tie it to the neckband). A bit of research and preparation can be a good help, so you can shoot better videos.

Camera for Videography
We recommend using at least two cameras. Especially for handwritten videos that do not contain photographs or B volumes (people talking over the phone, walking around the park, walking around the office, attending meetings and many other thematic activities and reducing film screenings). This allows you to crop other movies and screens without any problems. For example, if the beginning of the lens is better than the other, you can change the angle to keep the video flowing.

Using a videography tripod
It seems much more difficult than a great application. Most home videos seem unstable after all. You can use a fixed lens if you install the camera on a RM 120 tripod. At the same time, you can also edit your zoom lens and shoot in front of the camera. Do not trust the digital image stabilization function of the camera. All this is reduced to the center of the frame, which reduces the video resolution. Optical image stabilization is better, but you can not overcome a tripod.

Raise the lighting for Video Moments
The easiest way to overcome lighting problems is to shoot outdoors, where even cloudy days produce enough ambient light to make your video clear and colorful. If it’s sunny, try the sun in the sky when you shoot in the morning or in the afternoon. When it goes directly to the head, it lifts a shadow that does not please the subject’s face. When shooting outdoors is not an option, bring as much light to the room as you can. Turn on the light and turn on the outside light of the curtain. If the camera has a built-in indicator, use it. At least, this will help draw faces in close-ups. The external lights mounted on the shoes are also useful. Many cameras allow you to adjust the guide to light aperture, white balance, shutter speed and other settings, but this requires you to do so until now unless it is a very high end of the model.


5th step: Location and scenery for your video research before you start to roll your camera, Location Scouting

Video Editing Course Location Scouting

Video Editing Course Location Scouting

Choose a location that matches the composition of your storyline. This is the first research rule of the shooting location. When you begin to evaluate the site, you can find innumerable possibilities: natural areas, historical sites, unique buildings, urban landscapes and coastal environments. Remember, the most important thing is that you have a story to tell. Choose a location that suits the story you want to make. You should never be restricted by your site. These websites are only raw materials. Before finding a suitable location, you need to know what the script needs.

A bad lighting solution can be as easy to find curtains and curtains made to increase natural light. In some cases, it is necessary to request permission to replace the bulb with a writer device that can acquire or use lighting. Light church, disco, restaurant, hall, looking at the house, the lighting is generally restricted. You can control the light level by recording a few seconds of the test screen using your camera.

The lack of traffic, the white noise that flows and the echoes of sound and movement are available through high-quality audio. When you explore the place, use your headphones to listen to the camera’s microphone and verify these conditions. Test the wireless microphone on the site and listen carefully for this interference. Listening to clear, high-quality sounds is very important for the video to exceed normal levels. And silently sure to get the sound of your location.


Hereby, 6th step: Shooting and video recording footages and interview shooting tips and technique

Video Editing Course Videography Shooting Skills

Video Editing Course Videography Shooting Skills

This is a professional guideline to set in an appropriate way without excessive expenses. As a videographer, this is a valuable tool for your future. Since you do not need to waste valuable time, you can avoid the cost of expensive equipment. The camera is full of features and you can use them all. However, it is good to determine the type of imaging you want. Please select the right camera, read these tips, and learn how to use your camera to shoot professional-quality videos.

A camcorder is the best solution to start a deal. From home theaters to YouTube videos, it’s even good to filming a short film. If you are ready for the professionals and invest heavily in the device, you will find professional video cameras that provide attractive video 4K resolution and will provide you with many contacts and professional settings. Now professional video experts are able to take great aerial photos with a multi-purpose UAV. If you’re looking for a bold video from the first person’s perspective, you’ll need to move the camera. Many aspiring filmmakers shoot high-quality videos using SLR cameras.

Fill the frame with your theme, don’t be afraid, just put a little bit. For example, when taking a picture of a child in a swimming pool, it is often visually interesting to pick up a child who is talking, laughing, and leaning slightly to the left and right of the center. Use wide-angle lenses with caution. To locate, you need to rely on a wide range of settings, but please explain this in more detail afterward. Focus on details such as the red lanterns hanging in the streets of PJ Chinatown and the sun-exposed of the KL old street can be flown more than the traditional distance.


7th step: Post-production is part of the photography, video production, and videography process. Post-production includes all stages of production after taking or recording individual program video clips

Video Editing Course Post Production

Video Editing Course Post Production

Video Editing can be a complicated process, but this video editing course and flowchart will help you understand the whole thing better. Anyway, postproduction is part of the process that threatens people as much as possible in step of video editing. This is not difficult steps. Postproduction is not like people think is difficult, as long as you progress in stages with correct way. Your first phone can be your videographer tool but hates it, but you can take it to some excellent editors. What you need to know about postproduction and the completion of the movie are the steps below. Do only one step at a time, in the order shown. We have to continue learning and relearning to maintain a high level of video editing technology, so we must ensure that all new products are equal or higher than previous products. Specifically, you will also study semi-production, major production and postproduction processes.

In the 21st century, many companies required sophisticated video communication across the internet, spreading information on products and services all over the world and spreading it. Visual communication is a necessary and necessary skill for today marketing and social media reach. The video editing skills will help you connect your vision with the global staff or audience that connects visually through smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart TVs. As a multimedia product, it has access to many users of navigation that use one of the most effective video formats.

Post-production process: Selection of editing programs: The first step in post-production is choosing the editing program. By choosing the editing application you can run the workflow smoothly and spend less monthly and your cash. You can make a decision based on the needs of the creative editor and the original coordination of the video. You need to balance the two, we will consult you on this steps with the application needed for editing.

Post Production Process: Music: The next step in the post-production process is to include the desired music in your video. The best way is to make music in the studio and create new music for the movie. Because the producer was in violation of the law, we did not use the music used in the movie before. If you purchased the right to use the music, you can add it to your movie. You may try to subscribe to download from music provider website. Producers tend not to always use compressed music previously cleaned due to their low quality. Since the use of traditional music and general music is dangerous, it is better to use modern music types in the movies.

Music mixing: The portion of the mixed or rerecorded film contains the sound configuration of the entire video. After completing all the previous steps, a series of music was prepared, including songs, background music, etc. Just manage these sounds effectively in the entire corporate video. Music and Effects (M & E): This is part of the video finishing production. You need to sell movie use it for a foreign country. An international user requires a voice recording that is not affected by the English conversation so that conversations can be expressed in the desired manner base on their region. Therefore, it is better to get a copy of the music and film effect separately.


8th step: A Final video for the multi-platform, online and offline purpose

video editing course understanding video formats

video editing course understanding video formats

If you edit the video and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo or creating an offline video, there is definitely a problem. What video format do you need to output? There are hundreds of video formats and choosing the right video for your project can be annoying. In out video editing course, we collected some information to help understand the following issues for video format you should export. It is a powerful and easy-to-use video editor that allows you to import and export all video file formats such as MKV, MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, MPEG, GIF. In addition, it allows you to copy video files to DVD or Send them directly to your phone. It is a powerful and easy-to-use video editor progrms that can import and export all video file formats such as MKV, MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, MPEG, GIF etc. You can also copy the video file to a DVD or directly to a mobile phone, or share on Facebook, Youtube or your own website.

If you are looking for something that can be quickly rendered and played on most machines, then there is nothing wrong with H.264. The H.264 codec is designed to maximize the low bit rate and quality of small files and is actually one of the most common encoding standards for Blu-ray.

The Quicktime MOV format is one of the best options for exporting alpha channels. Apple Quicktime is the pioneer in Video Editing World. Although it is harder to play than other formats, it offers high image fidelity and reasonable file size. Quicktime has many other formats like MP4 and H.264, but MOV is ideal for Alpha channels. Please note that if you use Quicktime, you need to install the format manually.


Video Works from our previous Students

Videography process, the trainer explained how lights work.


The final project works for Corporate Video from TLP Terminal Johor Corporation


Drone scene shoot and edited by Students


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