Graphic Design Part Time 3 days course

Graphic design is a way to communicate specific information using elements such as newspaper, advertisement, logo, website, visual art, typography, design technology, etc. This style of design is defined by visual communication, and time and experience is necessary to master the best technology. Therefore, viewers can understand their information.

Graphic design is a process of seven steps that must be considered at design time. In this way, you can relax your work, organize it in a timely manner and keep your deadline. First, analyze the audience, define the purpose of the message step by step, and build the design and visualization to use to send the correct message.

 graphic design part time 3 days course

Design element

  • Line: A linear marker made with a pen or a brush, or an edge is created when two figures are matched.
  • Size: The size is the relationship between the area occupied by a shape and the area occupied by other shapes.
  • Form: A form is an autonomously defined area of ​​geometry (square and circle) or organic (free or natural form). A positive form automatically creates a negative form.
  • Color: The color of the light reflected by the object. The color has three main features: tone or its name (red, green, blue etc.), value (brightness or darkness) and intensity (brightness or darkness).
  • Texture: Texture is the quality of the surface of the form. It is rough, soft, smooth, hard glossy.
  • Address: All rows have a horizontal, vertical or tilt direction. The level is calm and shows stability and tranquility. Vertical type makes balance, shape, sensitive feel. Slope indicates movement and motion.

graphic design part time 3 days course

Design principle

  1. Balance: The balance of design is similar to physical balance. The large shape near the center can be balanced with the small shape near the edge. Balance brings stability and structure to the design. This is the weight assigned by the design by placing the elements.
  2. Space: An art space is a distance or area between elements, around, above, below or inside. Both positive and negative spaces are important factors to consider in each design.
  3. Alignment: You can create orders and organizations. Aligning the elements allows you to establish a visual connection to each other.
  4. Contrast: Contrast is the juxtaposition of relative elements (opposite color of color wheel, contrast value or horizontal / vertical direction). This contrast can emphasize or emphasize the main elements of the design.
  5. Repeat: Link the elements to enhance the design. It helps to create relevance and consistency. Repeat can create rhythm (sensation of organizational movement).
  6. Proximity : relationship between adjacent elements. Being close to serving focus means not having to mean that the elements must come together, but to be somewhat visually connected.

 graphic design part time 3 days course

What is Whitespace?

The margin means pay attention to this combination. In other words, you must be able to find the correct composition so that you can easily read and discover information and interesting things.

There are two types of blank areas.

  1. Active : This guarantees a better structure and design in the design, focuses on content, usually intentionally omitted
  2. Passive : this is the default blank space omitted between boundaries or between readable content

White space exists for one reason. To simplify the process of chart analysis, this should be remembered when used in graphic design. The fact that it is proved is that the human eye better recognizes the organized clean design than the turbulent irregular space.

Why are you designing in white space?

Balance the design

Passive blanks are one of the reasons why text is accepted and visually comprehensible in dark background and white text designs. It is normal blank space or negative space. The more space you use, the easier to read and read. This space creates a balance of outlets that facilitate digestion.

Object of emphasis

To focus the image on the viewer, try using a white border. In this way attention can be drawn in the object or in the image. In these cases, always using the blank space, you can see the improvement in the design.

Focus on specific content

Another good way to use margins in graphic design is to spend extra. This does not necessarily apply to all designs, but it is truly effective and powerful if it is used correctly. Please imagine text with many voids around you. There are so many pictures in Tumblr, and the text is displayed directly in the eyes.

People really appreciate it

At the end, the easier the design, the easier it will be for people to accept. Cumbersome design is like a troublesome table. You can never find what you need. Or you can find it instead of spending time looking for it. I might like your design.

Your design really appreciates it

Let’s sit down and play and check how much it will change when using all the blank areas. Instead of confusion, please use a space to separate the way images are used in text. It depends on which design you are using vertically and horizontally, but the blank part concentrates more on its contents.

Elegant design is guaranteed.

We always think that white and black are the most elegant colors. They are simple, classical, timeless, and send the appropriate message when needed. Since white is pure and black is strong, most graphic designers use these two colors. Large enterprises use a lot of blank space to advertise products.

**Please remember that whitespace is important. However, it depends on how you actually use and experience. Too much will give you a cumbersome design and a completely unique design. Use it to confuse the design and ignore the most important elements.

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How to Create New Doc and Shapes in Illustrator ⎪ Adobe Illustrator for Beginners


Graphic Design Part Time Course

The Advantages of Adobe Photoshop :

  • Adobe Photoshop is the Layer Menu – you put all the graphics, text, photos / images, clip art, design, other organizations in the folder for easy navigation I can.
  • Clipping Mask – If you want to know how to make a square image appear like an ellipse, for example at a party invitation, they are what you are doing, create an oval shape or imported photos Use the tool to do (ellipse tool exact!) Photoshop, paste it on an elliptical layer, right click to create a clipping mask.
  • Adobe Photoshop has a swatches menu. This menu will store all the colors you want and you can use eyedropper tool to quickly match any color in Photoshop.
  • You can do more in Photoshop and create images for social networks. I will use it to create a pattern that repeats my shop’s prints, holiday prints, labels, promotional images etc. without interruption.
  • Using rich textures, tools, brushes and Photoshop, you can fully control the design
  • Adobe Photoshop form tools are one of the main reasons for preferring other graphic design software (especially free software). In addition to creating the necessary shapes, you can also choose a custom tool that allows you to quickly and easily change the fill color.
  • You can also copy a layer and transfer it to another template (useful if you want to fine-tune without re-creating the template or recreating the entire design)

Disadvantages of Adobe Photoshop

  • PS is an image editing program. If you are writing a lot of text, you will automatically create a new line (continue beyond the edge of the template text) so you need to press the Enter key to start a new line Unless you are using a text tool, you can be very annoying ,, or a text box was created
  • If you increase the size of the image, the image may be blurred
  • This is downloadable software and requires free space on the hard drive. If you have a low-end laptop or computer (that is, there is not much free memory on the memory or hard disk), you can slow down the computer
  • Photoshop file (PSD format) is a large file, and if you have hundreds, it may take some space on your hard drive (or thousands!) They are computers It will be late
  • Adobe Photoshop is a paid program. Photoshop is changed to a subscription-based model and paid monthly.

Why is the best of Adobe Photoshop?

  • Adobe Photoshop tools that use (such as textures, brushes and filter overlays etc.) to create more complicated design – using this free software such as Gimp or Canva you find these tools cannot.

Graphic Design Training Course Workshop, graphic design part time course

Advantages of Adobe Illustration:

  • Multiple work tables can be placed in one file, but Adobe Photoshop can only have one work table.
  • It is based on vector (unlike Adobe Photoshop based pixel). That is, it is possible to scale up, down, etc. Images, patterns, etc. If necessary, without deteriorating the quality of the image

What is the best Adobe Illustration?

  • Some people use Illustrator to create repeating patterns, but I personally want to use Photoshop for the following reasons.
  • Illustrator is similar to a drawing program (software that converts hand-drawn sketches into clip art and graphics).
  • More than Adobe Illustrator is generally easier to use. I discovered that general design and Adobe menus are easy to navigate

Graphic Design Training Course Workshop,graphic design part time course

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Web design development course in Malaysia

Brainstorming is required at each stage of planning the website. This is because all pages of the website must be useful and unique. The main factor distinguishing the site from all other sites is a positive experience of the user. And it is all about PLANNING,PLANNING and PLANNING! There is few elements that need to take note before you create and design a website.

Web design development course Malaysia

Stunning visual design

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The first thing you need to keep in mind is your design. Your design concept gives you an advantage on your website. Having your site stand out from other sites, let’s make it charming and unique. Simple and attractive websites do that. You do not need to create another graphic and place it in another location. There is not too much design and too much graphic detail needed. Make sure that each item is in the correct location. You do not need to create multiple graphics and place them elsewhere on your website. This content may be too lousy. Keep it easy.

Size of images matter!

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Images are an important part of your website. They will help minimize the drying of your website. Images are important, and there are many advantages to using them. If you use an image, you should optimize it according to the various sizes your site needs. We do not recommend using images too. Make sure that each image you use is appropriate. Keep content and image balanced

Meaningful content

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A good website will never lose this element. You need big, meaningful content to increase the popularity of your site and to provide information about the services and products available to visitors. The content needs to be understood and interested in learning more about you and your services. Another reason to focus on this content. Visitor is a view. You do not need to do more. Rich content should be short and straightforward as it can be a disability for the reader. Visitors will be able to communicate and get ideas easily.

Analysis and Statistics

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Once your website is uploaded to the Internet, it’s a good idea to check the statistics and analysis. There is a “Google Analytics” tool available for Google. This tool is used to control traffic for various people or places. Use these tools to find a purpose and set up a marketing strategy.

Amazing user interface

Please bring a nice web design that includes smart user interface. This is the foundation of a good website. This is a way to interact with you and your visitors with interest in your website. Raising the interest of tourists is a big advantage. Providing a carefully user-friendly interface to your visitors reduces the chances of losing traffic. This is one of the best things you can make. Everyone who visits your site should know how to do something about that interface.


Contact Information

Most websites have this page. Contact information is important. Because, on this page, you can see how visitors are communicating with you. Most contact information includes email addresses and phone numbers. Most Web sites also include email addresses in the default information. Do not ignore the contact page. How do visitors and customers interact without contact information? Remember visitors are important! So you must be first!

About the page aka company profile

The contents of this page are very common and appear on almost every website on the Internet. This is how you and your organization are presented to ordinary citizens or visitors to your website. While we describe the details of your company in detail, restricting your confidential information is a good thing. It includes important data about your company but limits your personal data.

Register or subscribe

This is an add-on that keeps visitors updated with the latest information. Registration and subscription buttons are very important. In particular, if your website is an e-commerce website or a website that includes financial transactions, this is how your customers get information about the latest updates mentioned on your website.


Web Design for Business

Are you planning on getting a website for your business?

Basically, there are two choices when creating a website for your company or service:

1. Hire professionals to customize your website

2. Do it yourself (DIY)

At first, bricolage will be the most attractive choice, whether it is a bold company or a small start-up company, because it is seemingly inexpensive.

Through experience, the highlight that the DIY option shows to people tells us how difficult it is to understand all the technologies, design tools and options that we have to understand to publish a professional website. If you are using a free platform based on the template. – At the same time try to operate your own business.

Some notes on the DIY website

1. How much time can I spend?

Although the DIY road seems to be an economic option, building a website requires a lot of time, effort and commitment. Even more important is to create a unique and professional look. To this, the learning curve of Web technology is also very steep. At the same time trying to build a real business, it not only puts much pressure on you, it also greatly reduces the time spent on business. On the first day, this is very important for success.

2. Custom pre-construction theme

Most people who do not have graphic design skills or website programming purchase or use pre-built website templates. congratulations. A commercial website that looks like any other 1,000 web sites that use the same template or theme is complete. To make matters worse, if your design experience has little impact, your effort is nothing special, but it is a perfect amateur.

Unexplained problems may suddenly appear easily. For example, unless you know what you are doing, simply adding images and different sized content to pre-created templates will prevent the design from being damaged or being updated in the future. This may be vulnerable to malware and hacking attacks. Most of the changes that can occur with pre-built template options are very limited, and this restriction is causing people to get rid of them.

The other option is that you know that you can further modify the template after reaching a simple limit to implement in the DIY template. You can try intensive courses in computer languages ​​such as HTML and CSS. If it is truly courageous, it may be PHP or Javascript. Small knowledge is always great, do not fool yourself, you can compete with experts and reading one or two chapters of stupid books in this field.

If you can not do this, you can consider hiring a designer to change the template. This can be the beginning of an infinite money hole. Involving designers at this point may mean that web design companies pay an hour or more more than designing and creating custom websites.

Other important considerations to consider when building templates / website themes:

Is the template you purchased is suitable for smaller pixels divices?

Web sites compatible with mobile devices are automatically resized to fit the screen the customer is viewing. Your website is extremely important because more than 50% (and rapidly growing) customers from smartphones and tablets access your website. If you can not get the necessary information easily, please click the “back” button and try it in a different place.

As a customer, you are trying to purchase running shoes online. The website you clicked on is not suitable for the screen size. Text can not be deciphered. You have to move closer and to read the sentences. The size of the screen is small, cutting everything. You will soon surrender and try other places.

As a business owner, if your website is not suitable for mobile devices you can also offer your competitors Silver Discs to your customers (respond to your website). Consumers have so many options online. They can demand. To keep them on your website, you need an easy-to-use process to purchase or obtain the necessary information. This means paying more attention to the system you want to use than your competitors.

Is the template search engine easy to use?

With such a problem, beyond the initial goal of “own website”, the first timer head can start turning. What does this mean?

However, it does not matter whether many questions make sense. If you want others to find your site by online search, this is the question you should answer. Having a SEF website is essential for a successful online business. After all, if no one can find it, what is the point of investing in your company website? If they can not find your business, they will not be able to get sales or additional inquiries.

When you search for products or services on the Internet, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others use advanced algorithms to select the site that will appear first in the search results. For sites that work well with these algorithms, the ranking of search results will be higher. There are various aspects to achieving higher levels, and using some templates never covers this complexity. You need to hire a developer ($$) to create a SEF website or learn to do it yourself (more time is needed).

Creating your own website seems like a low budget option. However, it takes time, it takes time and effort to make business work correctly online.

Professional website design

When hiring a website design company, the process begins with a discussion about your business needs and creates a design that can be expanded and adapted to future changes and growth. Excellent design of the user interface is very attractive, it is simple enough to move to where customers want, and this is also very important.

Customize elements of a professional website

A clever and unique design that reflects your business attitude and focus is an important point with the right website. Whether online, verbal or traditional marketing, it will be the center of future marketing. Please include the following.

Mobile Response

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New websites need to adapt to all screen resolutions (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone). There is no ifs or buts about this. If you are talking to a web designer that can not provide this function, please escape!

Due to increasing regularity, we search on tablets and smartphones on Google. When Google searches for results, consider whether you have responsive or mobile websites. To make sure of that means that Google will improve the ranking and you can browse your site no matter how you decide

Content Management System (CMS)

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If your price has changed, there are new services you want to advertise or if you do not want paying for a fee, just by adding new photos or pages. With an excellent CMS, you can update content flexibly as needed.

On the CMS website, any company can easily update the website. This will help sites that need frequent updates to blogs and articles, calendar appointments, frequently modified products and promotions.

With a good CMS, you can update the website text and images with just a few clicks. We need a small amount of technical knowledge. I think that many people avoid ideas entirely and are technically unsatisfactory, but if you can use a good CMS with Microsoft Office, you can easily update your website without any special support I can do it.

Search results on search engines

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Familiar with search engines are very competitive (depending on industry and location). The professional web design team needs to ensure compatibility with search engines so that your site can be recognized by the results of engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.


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If your visitor sends personal information from your website, you are responsible for that security. The professional team takes it into account and installs the SSL certificate so that your website is safe anyway.

Security is an integral part of the design of corporate websites if visitors are sending personal information or if confidential information (such as login credentials) is present.

After discussing with the website design team, ask them to purchase SSL certificates on your website. The customer confirms the green address bar and the lock and informs that the site is safe whatever happens.

WORDPRESS VS. Custom Build

When thinking about websites for small and medium enterprises, many things can be said about it on the WordPress platform. It is estimated that more than a quarter of all websites on the Internet are based on WordPress. The above points are pretty good, WordPress mobile answer is the most common CMS available, good factory SEO (and can be very personalized), security is also pretty good.

Fully customized websites will include some form of CMS, but this can be adjusted from scratch. But you need to pay it. We speak six numbers instead of four numbers. Unless you are a large company or government, existing products are already available for free, so you do not need to rebuild the CMS wheel.

WordPress is an open source web design platform that develops nearly a quarter of Internet sites globally. Even if you do not know you can use it a lot. It has all the features of a custom website, but it’s easy to use and can be updated without a dedicated webmaster team.


If you are selling goods or services, you can consider using e-commerce sites.

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In our view, WordPress and Woocommerce are the best combination. The same company as WordPress owns Woocommerce. This is an all-in-one e-commerce tool that meets the needs of every company. Regardless of whether you are selling services or selling hundreds of products, you can find all the functions and analyzes you need in one place.

Adobe After Effects for Beginner

Adobe After Effects for Beginner

Video Editing Course, Video Editing Training Course, Video Editing Course Beginner, Beginner Video Editing Course

Adobe After Effects is one of the famous applications for editing videos. If you are not familiar with the video editing scene, you may be afraid to use After Effects. Some people actually think that this is a complicated procedure. But, in fact, you can use After Effects within two hours after familiarising yourself with the program.

Adobe After Effects is a digital application of visual effects, motion graphics, and composition for movie production, post production of TV production. It is mainly used in video editor and creates dynamic graphics and visual effects. This allows you to animate, edit, and combine 2D or 3D media using various integration tools and third-party add-ons.

Video Editing Course, Video Editing Training Course, Video Editing Course Beginner, Beginner Video Editing Course

The 5 basic aspects of After Effects are shown below that you need to know as beginner:

1st: Interface

Actually, After Effects has many features that will give you great results. This feature is complicated for beginners. But you do not need to use all the features to create a decent project. Familiarity with the basic aspects of the interface is an important step to complete the edited video. After Effects design and workspace are similar to other video editing programs. If you have experience with this type of application, you will find that the After Effects interface is easy to use.

2nd: Tool panel

In the After Effects tool palette, you can find most of the functions required for video editing projects. Here you can rotate the object, add a mask to the layer, change the anchor point, resize it, create the shape, move the camera. You can discover these features by exercising or error. Once you are familiar with them, you can do these tasks with keyboard shortcuts. Learning these tools can take over two hours, but it may take several minutes before you become familiar with it. Once you master these tools you will be amazed at how much you can do with that tool.

3rd: Effect

Compared to other video editing software, the main difference in After Effects is the effect of the program. It integrates the effect your video gives the effect of the movie you were looking for. The most important thing is to add a visual effect to the image with one click. The magnificent MotionMile tutorial shows how to use effects in projects.

4th: Animation Foundation

After Effects is a tool to add animation. Keyframes are the main function of After Effects animation. Keyframes are used as an indicator for setting specific animations. If you want to create two animations at a particular time, you can use two keyframes. Most video editors and editors like After Effects. It can be customised with keyframes. With motion pictures, you can make various movements and smooth switching. You can also use animation curves in After Effects. There is a tutorial video to learn the basics of animation technology. There are more technologies and shortcuts when using this program. Finally, you love to make videos using animation and effects.

5th: Export

The final step in each video is to export content created in After Effects. There are two options for exporting videos in After Effects: Media Encoder and Render Queue. The Processing Queue panel contains settings such as output frame rate, resolution, duration, image quality, output format, trimming, compression options and how to export the video. To export the video at high speed, you can create a rendering template to use in the future. On the other hand, Media Encoder is a platform for transcoding and processing video files to be exported according to your favorite format. Because media encoders require coding, it is considered a complex way of exporting videos. Beginners recommend rendering queue for exporting video projects.

If you want to know how to use After Effects, you need to focus on these topics. Yes, it may take more time to become the main animator or video editor. However, if you want to start using After Effects, you will be surprised to learn skills within two hours. There is a tutorial video on the Internet that teaches you how to use After Effects basics. I explain step by step how to realise specific effects and animation. Each video is usually within ten minutes. If you assign basic learning for two hours, you can create simple animation animation two hours ago. The best way to learn video editing and animation is to practice. He must be patient and diligent. But in the end all the time spent is definitely worth it.


Video done by student after our After Effects Training Course

SEO Common Issues: Website not listed in Google Search Engine?

I believe many websites are not listed in Google Search Engine for a reason(s), so I will list down the MOST common issues in SEO. Here we go!

What are the reasons if you’re not listed in Google Search Engine?

  1. No links pointing to the site
  2. The web server unreliable
  3. txt blocking search engine access to the site
  4. Domain name problem
  5. Site is using some kind of navigation structure that search engine can read/understand
  6. Site is creating dynamic pages that search engines choose not to read

Let’s talk about point one: No links pointing to the site

Search engine ‘crawls’ the web following links from site to site to site. If there are no links from other website pointing to your site, the search engines will never find your site. Although you can ‘submit’ your site to search engine (tell them the existence of your site), but this may not enough. Even if search engine knows your site exist because you told them it does, if NO LINKS from other sites, they may not bother it! Why? Simply because if no others site cares about the link to your site, why should the search engine care? [It’s similar to the social media post: If nobody reposts a post, no one will care. But 1000 reposted, people will start following the person/page that posted this particular “1000 reposted post”. Same theory goes to this]

You may wonder how to solve this ‘problem’, simple, share your website’s link! Ask your friends, colleagues, family member, “yi ma gu jie” to link to it, regardless in their personal blog, website or social network account.

Moving on to point two : Unreliable Web Server

For instance, if you website keeps crashing, or it is unavailable when search engine comes to crawl it- it is impossible for search engine to crawl due to the web server error! Or even if they can get in now then, search engine doesn’t want an unreliable site listed in the organic search result because it causes “bad user experience!”.

So, what to do? Check your site to see is it incredibly slow to load, or it down a lot of time/ most of the time… You can even go to Google to search for “free website performance checking” or for site-checking service!

SEO: Why is Google Search Engine?

Where do people search using Goole Search Engine -SEO?

According to Similar Web, ranked in the 1st place out of thousands of sites [Global and Malaysia]. Hence, should keep it on the list because lots of people search the Google index on its own search site, and it feeds many sites.


Search Engine Result

Now, go to Google and type ‘dentist in Malaysia’, then look at the small wording below the search box, you will see something like “About 68,300,000 results (0.59 seconds)”.



It means Google has found over 68million pages that it believes match with these keywords [Dentist in Malaysia] in some way and ranked it accordingly.

How does Google do it?

It begins by looking for pages containing the exact phrase when Google searches for the search term or keywords that you typed in the search box. Next, it looking for pages containing the words close together and for synonyms. For instance, when you search for CAT, Google assumes you might be interested in pages with the word PUSSY. Then, it looks for pages that have the words scattered around. In some cases, pages with words close together ( but not exact phrase ) rank higher than pages with exact phrase. This is becase search engines evaluate pages according to a variety of criteria.

  1. Factors:
  • Word in both visible page and nonvisible portions of the HTML source code
  • Words are weighted in some way
  • A word in one position is worth more than a word in another position
  • A word formatted in one way is worth more than a word formatted in another way
  1. Let’s use an example : dentist in Malaysia

    A. Search engine finds one page with the keywords in the page’s title (between the <tittle> and </tittle>

    B. Another page contains the keyword in somewhere deep in the page text

    • Question : Which one do you think it will appear higher than the other?
    • Answer: A
    • Reason: If the keywords are in the heading on the page, that must be significant; if the keywords appear frequently throughout the page, rather than just once, then it must be mean something.


Why SEO important for Business?

Why SEO important for your Business today?

In this globalised generation, everything linked with INTERNET regardless business or personal lifestyle. Why? There could be many reasons such as create awareness, improve brand image, expand target market, build engagement rate, etc. Well, based on the reasons mentioned, Search Engine Optimisation aka SEO plays an important other than Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Key Opinion Leader as latter required huge budget to implement.

The vast majority of Website don’t have a chance in the search engine. Why? Because the people creating the website don’t have a clue what they should do to make the site easier for search engine to work with. I could ensure many people had listened the term “SEO “but do they really understand how it works? It is like putting all the keywords together then it will work like how you think it should be? Well, unfortunately, it’s not that simple. SEO is not easy as ABC but if you understand the theory, follow the correct steps, you are able to manage it. Therefore, before we start to create a website, let’s understand how SEO works by surveying the search engine landscape.

What is purpose of SEO? For instance, you have got a problem. You want people to visit your website, in the end bring people to your site to purchase your product, find out what type of service could solve their needs. However, there are so many search engines available how could you target all of them? Alright don’t panic, let’s recognise the terms first!

Search engine is different form search site. Why do I say so?

  • Search Site : A website where you search for information on the web.
  • Search Engine : A system that collects pages from web, saves them in huge database, indexes information and provides mechanism for people to search through the data.

We take as an example to explain further the difference between these two terms. One might think that is a search engine as it has a big search box right at the top. You can enter the keyword or phrase then press Enter/Search to get the result (As shown in the Picture 1)

Picture 1:

Search Site Example

However, the fact might disappoint you that is a search site not a search engine. The result shown in actually gets from Google search engine. In concluding this section, search site is the place where you can search and search engine is the system that actually do all the work.

The article will be which of the search engine should keep it on the list. Stay tuned…

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