Best Digital Marketing Course Malaysia

Best Digital Marketing Course Malaysia

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Many digital marketers choose to specialize in certain areas, such as Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), social media marketing, content marketing or email marketing. Digital marketers take the time to understand the needs of their target audience, translate business objectives into creative online marketing campaigns and keep up to date with digital media trends. In digital marketing, you use all the same tactics ( customer persona, copywriting, target audience ), but instead of traditional analog channels, you use digital marketing channels such as advertisements, search engine marketing, social media marketing, etc.  Many digital marketers work as consultants for small and medium-sized enterprises, either to direct all their marketing efforts or to launch a specific campaign or marketing channel Omcp ( e. g ., the digital marketer ).

Digital marketing Training Course

Digital marketing Training Course

Best Digital Marketing Course in Malaysia

You plan the type and frequency of content for each marketing channel and provide a monthly overview of all blog entries, social media marketing, and SEO efforts.

In addition to the 8 basic modules in this Digital Marketing course, which are created by Market motif, we offer training courses based on Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. At Market motif, we provide you with the latest digital marketing tools and concepts to enable you to run digital marketing campaigns and gain meaningful insight into the vast digital marketing universe. Try to manage your digital marketing campaigns by becoming a virtual digital marketing manager for an e-commerce business. Whether you want to develop your brand or stimulate online sales, digital marketing is a key element of your marketing strategy. Carry out digital marketing experiments based on Google data and create SEM campaigns, marketing campaigns and more.


Explore the best digital marketing tools and learn tips and strategies to choose effective solutions for your business. Learn the latest online marketing techniques and learn how to build a successful online marketing campaign for all digital channels: search, videos, social, email and visualization. 7Find out how to build your online community with such small business marketing strategies based on social media, content marketing and branding. Learn more about marketing methods, tactics and strategies to help you create relevant and effective marketing for B2B brands. Learn useful tips and best practices for online marketing and promotion, which can help you take advantage of the power of social media to promote your music and grow your fan base.


DEH Digital Marketing Training Course ( Certified internet Marketing specialist ) is a Professional certification for Online marketers with proven experience and proven knowledge of Online Marketing concepts and best practices. DEH Digital Marketing Training Course is able to recognize online marketing training from an up – and – coming list of the best – known educational institutes in the internet marketing field. DEH Digital Marketing Training Course is a basic certificate for online marketers and practitioners who plan to build their digital marketing careers. You’ll have real experience in formulating, planning and implementing digital marketing strategies.In addition, you’ll be ready for a variety of digital Marketing certification tests, such as DEH Digital Marketing Training Course, Google Analytics, Facebook plans, Google Ads and YouTube Marketing. Simply learn allows you to access virtual simulations with a professional immunological environment ( supported by Google’s real data ), allowing you to put yourself in the shoes of a real digital marketer, conduct marketing experiments, create virtual campaigns, design target pages and design other key tasks with virtual memory.


AI Digital marketing training course

AI Digital marketing training course


DEH Digital Marketing Course

DEH Training Course Specialization in Digital Marketing is a beginner’s course that explores various aspects of the new Digital Marketing environment, including Digital Marketing analysis, search engine optimization, social media marketing and 3d printing. You will also submit two 5,000 words: a research paper for digital marketing and a digital marketing strategy based on the organization of your choice.

Learn how to create and execute digital marketing campaigns and use data to understand your target audience and optimize your digital marketing efforts in the digital marketing course. Topics such as branding, email marketing, blogging, social media, paid media and advertising, SEO, analytics and much more. Digital marketing is all about content – from websites and blogs, email and social media marketing, and paid and earned media. Learn best practices to share the results of your campaigns with stakeholders and brand yourself as a digital marketer.


The free online Social Media Certification of the DEH Digital Marketing Training Course Academy offers eight courses – from the development of Social Media strategies, through listening and moderation of Social Media, through content strategy, digital advertising and crisis communication. 12Wordstream is a social media and search engine marketing software company that helps marketers generate the highest return on investment from their search and social media campaigns. Hootsuite is a social media management platform that offers free training ( plus a paid certification program ) to help marketers improve their social media skills.

DEH Digital Marketing Training Course ‘Digital Marketing strategy course has taught Business School executives from all over the world who come to Asia. Today, companies are faced with the constant spread of social media, the growing power of connected customers and the explosion of new digital tools. If your business is working on developing a digital transformation strategy or if you are interested in finding out how to approach digital transformation for your business, the course is right for you. If your company is looking for digital marketing implementation or has a well – established digital marketing function, the course is right for you. Remember that the world’s largest digital businesses have now implemented a digital platform strategy.


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Sudut Swasta Digital Marketing Workshop

Sudut Swasta Digital Marketing Workshop

PC / Window Resources

PC Version – Software for Professional Video Editing – Adobe Premiere Pro

PC Version – Software for Professional Photo Editing – Adobe Photoshop

PC Version – Software for Professional Video Montage Effect –  Adobe After Effects

PC Version – Software for Professional Vector  Editing – Adobe Illustrator

Crack file for Adobe CS6 PC Version – Click Here

How to Crack Adobe CS6 PC Version – Click Here

Tutorials Video for Digital Marketing









Double Effect House Training Course

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The Edge of Facebook Marketing: Audience Psychology & Data Breach Marketing

Transformation of Political Facebook Marketing into Business Facebook Marketing

Facebook Audience Psychology & Data Breach Social Media Marketing

You about to Feel, Experience & Learn what’s the Edge of Facebook Social Media Marketing.
First Ever Social Media Facebook Marketing Content Taught in Digital Marketing History.


Title: The End of Socia Media Facebook Marketing Workshop 2019

Date: 28-29 August 2019

10 am till 4.30 pm

Reserved your seat here for this ” The End of Facebook Marketing Workshop”


This the time we merge both the most urgent and important strategy in Facebook Marketing, the Impact of Transformation once Technology meets Psychology.

Personality has been subject of research for psychologists for a long time. They discussed different aspects of personality and found 5 traits of a person that show his personality. Personality is an anything on which we may have a grasp. It gives you a sense of self-recognition and for others to distinguish you. It covers the traits, the qualities, and characteristics that make difference from others. Different psychologists have given their own definition of psychology. In the words of the American Association of psychologists, personality is “individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving “How so ever the psychologists define the personality it is obvious that it correlates with life satisfaction. The importance is that we find a way to measure and conceptualize personality. The most prevalent and widely accepted framework is a big five. It means that there are five big factors which may be stated as a model of personality. It is applied in most of the countries of the world as a reliable way to assess and scale the personality.

History of Personality Research

History of personality research goes back to ancient Greek. Hippocrates hypothesized that hot vs. cold and moist vs. cold determined the temperament, and that was stated as humor that was key factors in health and personality traits. Plato gave five personality types such as artistic, sensible, intuitive, and reasoning. Aristotle also proposed similar factors that show peculiarities of personality. Artistic, common sense, intuition, and logic were factors illustrated by him. Sigmund Freud also did extensive research on personality. He categorized the human mind into three parts, the identity, the ego, and the superego. The identity is a primary part of the human mind that aims for survival. The ego is a bridge between id and our experience which we have in our life. The superego represents higher qualities in our personality and creates a moral framework to regulate our behavior. Though this theory had no compelling logic, yet it gave awareness that some of our thoughts, behavior, and motivation are unconscious. According to Carl Jung, an individual has two aspects. They are introverts or extroverts. Introverts mean gaining energy from the internal world and extrovert means they are energized by external word.

How to Write and Create your Facebook Post / Ads  based on The Big Five Personality Traits for your social media audience

Mr. Nang - Appointed Social Media Consultant for Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Putrajaya.

Mr. Nang – Appointed Social Media Consultant for Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Putrajaya.





Mr. Nang - Appointed Social Media Consultant for Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Putrajaya.

Mr. Nang – Appointed Social Media Consultant for Jabatan Perdana Menteri. Putrajaya.


5 Dimensions

Most contemporary psychologists have told that there exist five basic traits of personality and they are often referred to as big 5 personality traits. An acronym for these five dimensions is OCEAN which describes the traits as;


This trait is related to the characteristics of imagination and insight. It is the elaboration of what a man thinks in his mind. Such people are curious, and they have a wide area of interests. The people with high imagination is open to learn new things and eager to explore the world. Such people are adventurous and creative. The people with low is average humans and they tend to abstract thoughts. It is related to the deep and complex nature of an individual mind and experience. It is termed as intellect or insight. It is related to the willingness to try new things and such people’s ability to think outside the box.

People with such trait are;

  • Imaginative in nature
  • They have an insight about what is happing.
  • A wide range of interests
  • They prefer variety.
  • They have a creative mind.
  • They are intellectual
  • They are much clever than others
  • Their thoughts are original
  • They have a curious mind and try to learn about what they see.
  • They are complex and deep as the ocean.
  • They have a perceptive mind
  • They are courageous and daring

People who have high opens are lovers of art, learning, and creative fun. They are fond of meeting new people. People with low openness are traditional and routine.


It is the personality that has the tendency and ability to control impulses and such people behave in acceptable manners in society. Their behavior is goal-directed. They work within rules and they are good planners and organizers.

Conscientious people have the following characteristics;

  • They have ambitions and are persistent in their dealing.
  • They are self-discipline and follow the rules.
  • They are energetic and hardworking.
  • They can plan about the future very well.

Those who are conscientious are successful in their education and business. They are fit for leadership positions. People with low conscientiousness are impetuous and impulsive.


This factor is related to two distinct poles of personality. Extroversion and introversion. Such people are interactive and are got inspired by external sources. On the other hand, introverts do not interact much with others and they get energy from their inner self. They love solitude.

Personality significant factors associated with extroversion are;

  • Such people are sociable and assertive.
  • They are energetic and talkative
  • They are kind and affectionate
  • They are friendly and fun loving

Introverts are less talkative, quite, reserved and live in their thoughts.

They are inspired by their inner self.


This factor is related to your social behavior. It tells us how you get along with others. It is concerned with your orientation to other people of society. It sets your general interaction with others. Some characteristics of such people are as under;

  • Such people are modest and humble.
  • They are cheerful and amiable.
  • They have the qualities of kindness and patience
  • They are loyal to their job.
  • They have a sensitive nature.
  • They are altruistic and tactful.

People with low agreeability are less trustful and they are seldom liked by others.


This trait is related to negative traits. It means that people with a high score in neuroticism have higher negative factors of meanness and incompetence. Following traits are generally of neuroticism;

  • They are awkward and pessimistic.
  • They are self critical.
  • They are timid, fearful and nervous.
  • They have jealousy for others
  • They are unstable and unsecure.

People with low neuroticism are confident and adventurous. They are brave and kind.


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JPM Jabatan Perdana Menteri Political Social Media Awareness Workshop

PMO / JPM – Jabatan Perdana Menteri Political Social Media Awareness Workshop


PMO day 1 Slide Download Here Power Point Format

PMO day 1 Slide Download Here pdf Format

How we devide Malaysian Voter into 5 Group ( BIG5 ) for Social Media Awareness for Brain Washing guidance e-book download / PMO Prime Minister’s Office Training 2019 Big5 Political Group Guidance



How to Download Facebook Videos – Tricks and Tips section

PMO JPM Social Media Facebook Political Training

PMO JPM Social Media Facebook Political Training


Social Media for Political Awareness Workshop Perdana Mentari Office

Social Media for Political Awareness Workshop Perdana Mentari Office


Adobe Premiere Pro Classes

Video Editing Course ReCap Video Tutorial

Adobe Premiere Pro Classes

Premiere Pro CC for beginners: Edit video in Premiere
Learn how to edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro through these easy-to-use Premiere Pro tutorials video by Double Effect Training House, Nang.

Video Editing Course ReCap Video Tutorial

Video Editing Course ReCap Video Tutorial

Make A Video As You Want with Adobe Premiere Pro

Practice editing while studying. The course contains practical video files so that you can continue to practice and actually learn.

At the end of the course, I edited a document with one minute containing film.

I will use the Creative Cloud version to learn the course, but if you have a previous version (CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3 Mac or PC) you can still edit it as a Professional version and I can learn.

Why am I qualified to learn this Adobe Premiere Pro Classes

My name is Phil and I have edited videos with Adobe Premiere Pro for over 10 years. In addition, I am the founder of the world’s most popular video editing course – more than 150,000 students from the Adob e Premiere Pro course and thousands of 5-star reviews.


  • Edit the entire video from beginning to end using professional and efficient technology.
  • At the end of the course, you have edited your own short documentary with movies (video clips, photos, graphics, music etc) or your own photos!
  • Start with a project that is suitable for all kinds of video from any camera.
  • Export and save video for HD playback.
  • Edit your video to make it more dynamic with crisp images and photos.
  • Create a clean, professional title for your video.
  • Add motion to titles, photos and videos to make them visually interesting.
  • Video color correction to fix white balance and exposure issues.
  • Add an atmosphere to the color-coded video.
  • Apply visual effects such as steady shaking the video, remove particles, and use overlays to make the video more cinematic.
  • Edit the green screen and restore


Create New Project and Sequence in Premiere Pro CC Version⎪Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginner


Cut Video in Premiere Pro CC Version⎪Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginner


Create Text in Premiere Pro CC Version⎪Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginner


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Rank SEO with AI Artificial Intelligence


Ranking Your Website SEO with AI Artificial Intelligence Tools

Do you know the use of AI in digital marketing? At present, digital marketing artificial intelligence is used to collect ad targeting data, determine content relevance, experience multi-segment customer segments, streamline ad campaigns, and evaluate the emotional values that disturb the target market. However, only some organizations use artificial intelligence to improve search engine rankings.

AI is not always static or it is a growing machine designed to classify, classify and present data that is most likely to meet customer needs. Artificial intelligence skills will improve the future of SEO, in addition to simple keyword keywords.

Marketing using AI - Artificial Intelligence Training Malaysia

Marketing using AI – Artificial Intelligence Training Malaysia

AI help It improves the data communication of the people

Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) are features in a broader field of artificial intelligence that can be used to improve product findability, the overall customer experience, and improve dealer goals.

Speech recognition, NLP and natural language understanding (NLU), natural language generation and text-to-speech are all functions that allow people to interact with computer systems using spoken and written phrases. Well-known examples are Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa. Consumers can use it to communicate requests directly without having to communicate through a user interface on a device (eg mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.).



If you are looking for something in the AI / SEO technology, the results shown will retain many considerations such as your region, search history, favorite sites, and other customers who click on the same issue in memory. The improvement of AI means that you can ask from the question of changing the ranking factor, because the click type algorithm is the learning outcome on learning and determines which factors must be considered most relevant in each search.

This type of search algorithm has so far led SEO practitioners to be able to abuse the system – and always think in a more innovative way to bypass Google’s authority. As customer satisfaction is at the forefront of the online industry, it is important to make search engine results more versatile and effective for customers and search engines themselves. Here, KI successfully developed an important factor.


Basically, NLP translates spoken words to capture the user’s intent, and when intelligence is used in conjunction with the user’s context, intelligence can look more than just “artificial.” For example, if you ask Siri, “How cold is it outside?”, The technology uses your GPS location to determine and retrieve the outside temperature.

This feature can be further enhanced by syncing with your calendar, such as determining that you want to fly to another city and proactively providing weather information. If your thermal jacket can be picked up, please remember the dry cleaning. Your self-driving car can give instructions on the way to the airport. The AI can then provide the opportunity to make transactions for these experiences, such as coupons or events that can be used in a dry cleaner or airport lounge.

Other cognitive methods such as Deep Learning and Predictive Modeling can go one step further. With advanced monitoring and unattended ML techniques, advanced models and algorithms can be created to adaptively learn and get better predictions.


The AI customer service revolution is here

AI can help understand the contents of each customer

Marketers already use large data and predictive analytics to personalize – aggregated buying behavior to identify patterns and deviations. The logic is as follows: The larger the dataset, the stronger the algorithm is used and the higher the probability is. For example, if some people buy it, they will be promoted. But as machines and deep learning become personal, it becomes more personal in real time.

AI It allows you to learn dynamically

Daily dynamic volatility is one of the biggest challenges facing price managers. Uber is a common example of high demand time. For e-commerce companies, the platform can manage this offer and demand at the ML to segment the customer base. It gives the company the opportunity to better determine the price a customer is willing to pay at the individual level at any time. He will also review information about the client’s intent and determine the price he is willing to pay, which will exceed the purchase limit. However, multiple data needs to be collected, including customer interactions and purchases, global navigation behavior and business information such as product information, price options, inventory and delivery. .

Therefore, when customers interact with them, the company can “adjust” the price to help determine a more appropriate price. This dynamic real-time price optimization combined with extensive customization should be the goal of any brand to keep customers while balancing revenue.

The neglected advantage of artificial intelligence may be the way e-commerce and customer service change, away from clumsy chat bots, using a more intuitive and natural system. AI/ML technology provides a hidden pattern in user behavior to “learn” intent and the next step or identify proposals that provide the best chance of success. While using NLP, customers can also get a better experience, and the business unit can get valuable information. It is a successful solution for customers and brands.


Adobe Illustrator Class

Adobe illustrator Classes

Adobe Illustrator Class Recap Video Tutorial

Illustrator CC 2019 Classes and Training

Adobe Illustrator is the industry-leading vector graphics application that lets you create logos, symbols, graphics, printing, and complex graphics for print, web, interactivity, video, and portable devices.

In this course, we start with basics such as drawing circles and rectangles, creating complex illustrations, logos, business cards and much more. With Illustrator Class, you’ll learn the best way to do everything in Illustrator so you can be sure of the tool or feature you can use in any situation.

Master of Adobe Illustrator CC with this thorough training of all levels

  1. logo design
  2. Create a vector
  3. Change image to vector artwork
  4. Vectorization and color tracking handwriting
  5. Prepare and print graphics on the web
  6. Infographic design
  7. Creatively manipulated types
  8. Master advanced Illustrator tools and technologies
  9. Learn useful keyboard shortcuts and best practices
  10. Practice everything you have learned in the training files you provide
  11. Test your knowledge at the end of each chapter
  12. Learn Illustrator according to how experts use it


How to Create New Doc and Shapes in Illustrator ⎪ Adobe Illustrator for Beginners



Use of Rectangular Grid Tool and Shape Builder Tool ⎪ Adobe Illustrator for Beginners



Unite Shapes Using Shape Builder Tool or Unite Tool ⎪ Adobe Illustrator for Beginners



Gradient Colour in Illustrator ⎪ Adobe Illustrator for Beginners



How to Create Stars Around an Object ⎪ Adobe Illustrator for Beginners


How to Create 3D Text in Illustrator ⎪ Adobe Illustrator for Beginners


Simplest Image Trace in Illustrator ⎪ Adobe Illustrator for Beginners



How to Use Pen Tool in Illustrator ⎪ Adobe Illustrator for Beginners


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Adobe After Effects Classes

Adobe After Effects Training Classes

The After Effects Regular course, the Public and Private After Effects training, the After After courses are scheduled for Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya, Penang, Johor Bharu and etc.

  • The After Effects course is from a live instructor in the classroom
  • Effective training of the private sector is provided throughout the country
  • Learn from the high-quality After Effects trainer, author of several After Effects books.
  • In these After Effects courses, you can quickly start keyframes, effects, 3D, exit control and more.
  • As part of the After Effects training, you can take advantage of proven methodologies through practical exercises and hands-on labs.

After Effects Training Delivery Options

We have an After Effects course for each program and budget and are taught by expert leaders to achieve quick and easy professional achievement in your work.

Schedule After Effects classes regularly
Our regular After Effects courses are officially scheduled for beginner and advanced training, with most courses offered monthly. Please see the list of courses below. We offer on-site courses guided by instructors in the same classroom as you.

After Effects class on the website
All After Effects courses are available on your local website. Please call the form on the link above and fill out the form to receive information about your local course. We offer courses on the Malaysia website, and around the world.

Suitable for all versions of the After Effects course

Even if you’re using the latest version of Creative Cloud, even if you’re using older versions like CS6, CS5, CS4, we have an After Effects course to help you learn the tools you use. We regularly use the latest version of the application on general After Effects courses, but older versions are also available. If you want to use the old version of After Effects for training, please contact us. We will try our best to meet your needs. Our After Effects trainer has over 10 years of experience and can solve all versions of After Effects and provide training.

Check the Adobe After Effects schedule here

Introduction of Workspace ⎪ After Effects Tutorial for Beginners ⎪ Ep.01


Setting Up Composition ⎪ Importing Video/ Pictures⎪After Effects Tutorial for Beginners ⎪ Ep.02


How to Edit Keyframe in After Effects⎪After Effects Tutorial for Beginners ⎪ Ep.03


Placing logo in After Effects⎪After Effects Tutorial for Beginners ⎪ Ep.04


How to Create 3D Sphere 3D Globe in After Effects⎪After Effects Tutorial for Beginners⎪Ep.05


How to remove Green Screen or Blue Screen⎪After Effects Tutorial for Beginners⎪Ep.06


Basic Camera Effects in After Effects⎪After Effects Tutorial for Beginners⎪Ep.07


Export Video in After Effects⎪After Effects Tutorial for Beginners


Course Details and Overview of the After Effects category

View the history of this course in After Effects – Introduction to contact information about this training course in After Effects – Introduction

After Effects Training Course – Introduction

In the two-day After Effects session, you will learn the basic skills needed to create exciting dynamic images and graphics. The course is guided by the After Effects team behind a comprehensive book, After Effects Digital Classroom. This chapter covers After Effects topics that start with the interface, using layers, main frames, mask, and media management. There are opportunities to explore the depth of After Effects tools, such as rendering 3D effects and output projects.

After Effects Training Course – Advanced

In the two-day Advanced After Effects course, you’ll learn the advanced skills you need to create visual effects and animations. Our course is led by After Effects, who wrote the best-selling After Effects digital classroom. In this course, you will learn advanced grammar, planning, options, color correction, color keys, motion tracking, expressions, environmental effects, and more.

After Effects training classes

After Effects training classes


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Web design development course in Malaysia

Brainstorming is required at each stage of planning the website. This is because all pages of the website must be useful and unique. The main factor distinguishing the site from all other sites is a positive experience of the user. And it is all about PLANNING,PLANNING and PLANNING! There is few elements that need to take note before you create and design a website.

Web design development course Malaysia

Stunning visual design

Web design development course in Malaysia, Web design and development course in Malaysia, Web design course in Malaysia, Web development course in Malaysia, Web design development course , Web design and development course , Web design course , Web development course

The first thing you need to keep in mind is your design. Your design concept gives you an advantage on your website. Having your site stand out from other sites, let’s make it charming and unique. Simple and attractive websites do that. You do not need to create another graphic and place it in another location. There is not too much design and too much graphic detail needed. Make sure that each item is in the correct location. You do not need to create multiple graphics and place them elsewhere on your website. This content may be too lousy. Keep it easy.

Size of images matter!

Web design development course in Malaysia, Web design and development course in Malaysia, Web design course in Malaysia, Web development course in Malaysia, Web design development course , Web design and development course , Web design course , Web development course

Images are an important part of your website. They will help minimize the drying of your website. Images are important, and there are many advantages to using them. If you use an image, you should optimize it according to the various sizes your site needs. We do not recommend using images too. Make sure that each image you use is appropriate. Keep content and image balanced

Meaningful content

Web design development course in Malaysia, Web design and development course in Malaysia, Web design course in Malaysia, Web development course in Malaysia, Web design development course , Web design and development course , Web design course , Web development course

A good website will never lose this element. You need big, meaningful content to increase the popularity of your site and to provide information about the services and products available to visitors. The content needs to be understood and interested in learning more about you and your services. Another reason to focus on this content. Visitor is a view. You do not need to do more. Rich content should be short and straightforward as it can be a disability for the reader. Visitors will be able to communicate and get ideas easily.

Analysis and Statistics

Web design development course in Malaysia, Web design and development course in Malaysia, Web design course in Malaysia, Web development course in Malaysia, Web design development course , Web design and development course , Web design course , Web development course

Once your website is uploaded to the Internet, it’s a good idea to check the statistics and analysis. There is a “Google Analytics” tool available for Google. This tool is used to control traffic for various people or places. Use these tools to find a purpose and set up a marketing strategy.

Amazing user interface

Please bring a nice web design that includes smart user interface. This is the foundation of a good website. This is a way to interact with you and your visitors with interest in your website. Raising the interest of tourists is a big advantage. Providing a carefully user-friendly interface to your visitors reduces the chances of losing traffic. This is one of the best things you can make. Everyone who visits your site should know how to do something about that interface.


Contact Information

Most websites have this page. Contact information is important. Because, on this page, you can see how visitors are communicating with you. Most contact information includes email addresses and phone numbers. Most Web sites also include email addresses in the default information. Do not ignore the contact page. How do visitors and customers interact without contact information? Remember visitors are important! So you must be first!

About the page aka company profile

The contents of this page are very common and appear on almost every website on the Internet. This is how you and your organization are presented to ordinary citizens or visitors to your website. While we describe the details of your company in detail, restricting your confidential information is a good thing. It includes important data about your company but limits your personal data.

Register or subscribe

This is an add-on that keeps visitors updated with the latest information. Registration and subscription buttons are very important. In particular, if your website is an e-commerce website or a website that includes financial transactions, this is how your customers get information about the latest updates mentioned on your website.


AI Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing Workshop

Learn How (AI) Artificial Intelligence can do for your Digital Marketing

The predictable AI capabilities bring a new era of commercialization. According to a recent whole world digital marketing audience report, 86% of marketers believe AI will perform more efficient and effective work in today’s complex digital environment.

AI – Artificial Intelligence Will Predictive Digital Marketing Soon

In fact, AI predictive marketing can change the whole world marketing’s game. This allows companies to anticipate the needs and concerns of consumers and, more importantly, predict marketing information. For organizations that seek to strengthen customer participation, the information is clear. This is because the people who are primary predictors of innovation are likely to succeed. Digital Marketing platform across Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, SEO, SEM, Youtube and etc.

AI Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing Workshop

AI Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing Workshop


Big Data Analytics in Business and Your Digital Marketing Big Data

The main cause of this popularity and growth of “Big Data” in today’s world is not other than the growth of the smartphones, social media, internet technology, wireless networks and other technologies.

Over the past few years the trends that have revolutionized the internet world, big data is also one of those. The term “Big data” may have been around since past few years but still, for many of us, it is somewhat confusing. Basically, big data is a broad topic, used to define large data sets that can be computationally analyzed to reveal trends, patterns and associations – principally in connection with human interactions and behavior. The main cause of this popularity and growth of “Big Data” in today’s world is not other than the growth of the smartphones, social media, internet technology, wireless networks and other technologies.


How Is Big data Important?
The practical implementation of “Big data” can be observed across a wide range of areas, including businesses. Big data is followed by the simple working principle which states that the more you will be having data about anything or situation, the more you will be able to predict it’s future. Now if talk about the importance of Big Data, it doesn’t depend on the volume of data you have but it must revolve around, what you will do with that data and what is your approach to analyze that data?. By analyzing “Big Data”, one can be able to provide his/her solution for cost reduction, making strategic decisions, developing a new product and time reductions as well. It is said that “Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore
A combination of Big data along with its analytics can help you to achieve different tasks. To sketch a clearer picture of big data and the way it can be advantageous to you, the following convoluted analysis can be used for:




Machine Learning in Business & Marketing

Since years ago, 2010, queries related to venture capital, conference, marketing, and business-related “machine learning” are increasing substantially, most technical executives often can decide the machine application learning (ML) for business application.

Behind few of the greatest advancements in technology like autonomous vehicles, there is an emerging force of science, which is known by the name Machine learning. Machine learning is the field of science that is a reason behind the development of new world concepts, in both supervised and unsupervised way of learning. On the other hand, it has also enabled the human to build such algorithms, which are useful in building close to the real robots, analytics tools, chatbots and internet of things devices etc.

If we define Machine learning in few words, it can be termed as the subset of “AI” that provides the automatic learning ability to a system with constant improvements through experiences. The best thing about machine learning is that you don’t have to program every single action because the computer applies pre-configured data sets and rules to perform even complex calculations.


The Future Of Today’s World of Machine Learning in Business
If you look around, you will find most of today’s businesses are relying on machine learning algorithms these days in order to have a better understanding of their customers and returns opportunities. It has played a great role in transforming the digital world and has made our computing process simpler, reliable, and cost-effective. For the companies that have started practicing machine learning algorithms, machine learning is playing a great role in helping them to provide better customer care experiences, optimized operations and enhancing their security etc. In short, machine learning has changed the ways world used to business in many ways. In this article, we are going to highlight a few impacts of machine learning that can be observed in today’s business world.


Personalized search experience
With the advancement in machine learning algorithm, websites and applications these days are learning customer’s preferences for stuff like food, clothing, electronics and other products. Businesses are adopting machine-learning algorithms to enhance the overall online shopping experience by suggesting customers the products that fit their preferences just by collecting and analyzing the different sets of data.


Customer Services
Machine learning has greatly transformed the customer support services, and efficient chatbots algorithms nowadays answer more than 80% of customer queries, which really cut operator expenses.


Rectified Search results
Search engine these days are getting better than those of the past times do. Nowadays search engines understand what it’s user is trying a search and provide the most relevant information acquired by the user. Long things short, Machine-learning tactics are being arrayed to solve a different kind of problems based on different kind of scenarios and with current advancements in machine learning these days, it is hard to imagine a scenario where a machine learning couldn’t be of any use. According to the business applications, machine-learning methods can be deployed to perform few more things like things like:
• Build accurate pricing models
• Identify network interferences
• Generating real-time advertisement on websites for targeted audiences
• Improvement of demand forecasts in retails businesses
• Can be used to identify any fraud in real time (Gmail spam box is a practical example of this)
• And many others


Machine learning is playing a major role in helping businesses create better experiences while enhancing the security and efficiency of the processes. Anyhow, machine learning requires the learning of high-quality data to reach its full perspective. Therefore if you want to use machine learning to understand data and make a fruitful prediction for the growth of your business join today machine learning in business course that could be of great use for the better future of your business.


Targeting And Understanding The Right Audience
This one can be claimed as the most broadcasted and biggest areas where utilizing big data is practiced today. In this area, big data is used to have the better understanding of customers, their preferences and behaviors. Now when your business starts knowing about customer’s preferences, you will have an advantage over your competitor then.
An Upbeat Customer Service
With the use of Big data now, businesses would be able to specify their customer needs, even before their customer feel the need to voice his/her concerns.
Consumer responsive production
The use of big data will not only enhance the customer services but it will also help the company to manufacture customer responsive products. Therefore, better than asking your customers about what they need to see in your product, you can simply go for big data analysis to predict what they are looking for in a product.


Risk management
Investments are always risky because of you never sure about the returns. Anyhow, by utilizing big data analysis a business can have a more comprehensive picture of success or failure rate. Though whenever there is an investment, there must a risk but by using big data, the percentage of failure risk can be minimized.




Improved Efficiency
To increases, the performance of the particular process, looking into its data is very important. Now with big data analysis, experts can easily find binding constraints in that particular process. Once those constraints are found and removed a huge increase in performance can be observed.

Last but not the least big data is something that you will have to embrace if you need your business keep on growing. With the power of big data analysis, you can predict the future of your businesses but to have a focused picture of big data, a brief knowledge of Big data and its analysis procedures is required. In order to thrive and succeed in today’s business world big data marketing courses are offered through various platforms and enrolling in those courses can be quite productive for you and your businesses.

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