China Digital Marketing Workshop Malaysia

The one-day intensive course is actually designed for professionals who understand digital but are not yet fully aware of China’s digital marketing environment system. Our coaches only fly from Mr Nang for this training as he spend years study China SEO, WeChat and Social Media Platform, providing you with the latest knowledge about the Chinese digital marketing for international market. You’ll learn about search engines and social media analytics, visualization and marketing analysis, and you’ll hear about what’s useful in this China Digital Marketing Workshop held in Malaysia. You will also have the opportunity to ask all the questions you want and make the most of the 20 years of comprehensive experience of Chinese digital marketing teachers.

About 400 million users use the Internet to search for information, products, Chinese news, but you know the information on the internet.

The Internet is a fairly open place in other parts of the world, but the Chinese Internet field is not realistic. Several obstacles like languages ​​(BIG ONE!) And culture is seen and can be seen everywhere.

Do you have good products for China market?
Do you have a recognized brand in the Chinese market and consumers?
Looking for Chinese users?
Then you can’t afford without China market, your website should be able to search and find in China.

China digital marketing training course Malaysia

China digital marketing training course Malaysia


China SEO – Search Engine Optimization giant, Baidu

Baidu is an undeniable leader in the Chinese search field. To succeed in China’s search engine optimization, you need to understand how to optimize your search giant.

However, even if you optimize Baidu in the same way that Google uses it, the site’s ranking is rarely close to the first page. Baidu SEO has complex language issues, cultural differences, user behavior, legal issues, reviews and technical considerations. .

There are a lot of guidelines on how to google search engine optimization on the Internet, but Baidu SEO has very few English (or Chinese) resources. The guides available are usually superficial and cover only the basics. Therefore, we have created a final guide to Baidu’s search engine optimization to share the SEO tools developed around the world for the global and Asian markets and the world’s expertise.

Think about it, The China SEO binary has not changed. Yes, there is a difference between the coding language and the web platform, but why does Baidu reinvent the wheels? Google can’t reinvent the wheels, they just added some glossy alloy edges. So all your SEO 101 stuff – metadata, information architecture, plain URL – are still relevant. In some respects, Baidu may have slightly different rules and different weights (meta descriptions considered), but the basic is similar. Because it’s a difference, I’m looking for some projects for Baidu search engine optimization as a professional package.


WeChat Marketing best practices

Define the role of WeChat in your brand’s digital ecosystem.

Weibo or WeChat? This is no longer a “two” issue. These are two completely different social media platforms period.  The best way to use WeChat for marketing is more than just publishing content. When you build a content strategy, you need a different mindset.

Business users can perform basic content management using the CMS platform. However, the data you can receive to track interactions and traffic is very limited. To make matters worse, WeChat’s analysis tools are also very primitive. The biggest historical data you can get is just a week of useful life.

Weibo is the best platform for delivering timely content and frequent updates, while WeChat is the opposite. However, WeChat is a great way to connect customers online and offline. Or you can call it O2O, which is a popular marketing term. Whether it is a long-term strategy or a short-term strategy, it is best to plan and implement the role between Weibo and WeChat in advance to avoid duplication of marketing work.

As a user of a company account, you can only post content once a day. And you have to choose the right time carefully because you don’t want to bother your customers when they are asleep or busy. Lazy sellers/agents will only copy and paste the same content they post on Weibo or other social networks. They see WeChat as one of the many channels that use their general promotional content. However, marketers must view WeChat as a tool or portal for campaign activation.


Who should attend this China Digital Marketing Workshop

Trademark Dealers, Marketing Managers, Regional Marketing Managers, and Brand & Business Owners wanting to Enter the Chinese Market, to reach end user by their own channel.

How will you will benefit from China Digital Marketing Training Course Workshop

After attending the intensive 1-day course, you will be able to:

  • 1) Understand China’s digital marketing landscape.
  • 2) Get a good picture of how SEO in China is different from Google and recognize the Baidu,, for capabilities we can use for CSEO (China Search Engine Optimization).
  • 3) Understand the tools used for Baidu’s keyword research for PPC.
  • 4) Know what viewing options you have at your disposal.
  • 5) Understand WeChat and Weibo’s strengths and weaknesses and the various advertising opportunities.
  • 6) Have a clear picture of digital measurement tools in China as a whole digital marketing system.


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