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Video editing is the process of pointing to errors during video recording, observing and correcting them. In the video editing process, I will show the video as if I want to see it. In general, video editing is used to make video more professional, launch it properly, and to complete it properly. In short, we always make video recording perfect.

Who should attend this Video Editing Training Course

This Video Editing course is suitable for beginners. It is not necessary to know in advance the experience of video editing and Premiere Pro. We will do the video together from start to finish. At the end of the course, you can learn how to edit and edit original video files and improve the audio and video elements. Learn how to add additional shots to improve boring videos and hide occasional errors.

Thanks Learn how to synchronize different audio and video files, as well as animated logos and baseline subtitles.

If there is a problem with the project, the message will not be displayed due to problems with the camera or audio. I’m happy to help you. There is also a practice file that can follow the course video.

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What You Will Learn From This Video Editing Training Course

Bringing you training: many students travel to Subang Malaysia from around the world and take courses. Editorial studies in Double Effect Training House often provide training to urban clients. You can easily customize your live seminar courses and take online courses in almost all areas.

Their experience is an absolute priority: the state of the Training Center for the Certification of the Seminar of the Double Effect Training House Editor guarantees the highest quality educational experience, from beginners to the most qualified professionals. Since all the courses are assigned between classes and exercises, we will create them from our own system from the first day.

Beyond the classroom: impressive events such as Petronas Editors, Search Guru are co-produced in Double Effect Training House’s publishing studio, and the most popular editors arrive directly from the editing room to the public in this Video Editing Training Workshop.

Video Editing Short Training Course Content

Creative Graphic Design Workshop

Video Editing Training Course Concept and Ideas

Students will have complete knowledge about dimensions and hence production settings in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects

Upcoming Graphic Design Workshop​

Are you interested in not only home movies but also movie production? Would you like to add a video editing kit to the skill set? Or are you an experienced video editor who wants to change software? Bring the video to the next level by mastering the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro, one of the industry standard film and video editing software packages in use today. In the Intensive Intensive Course, you will learn the following:

  • Structure and structure of files in Premiere
  • Important terms of video
  • Import videos and photos
  • Edit schedule
  • Selection of export format
  • Use titration tool
  • Use multiple
  • Audio Track
  • Edit multi camera
  • Principle of movie editing such as lens composition, continuity, motion editing, working with B role.
  • Basic skill of color correction.
  • Integration of graphical video assets
  • Images and video to keep practicing art resources.
  • Editing trimming video

Video Editing and Videography  Training Scene

Video Editing Training Class Schedule 2019

Adobe Premiere Pro Training Course
Date: 28/01/2019 
Master Video Editing skill using Adobe Premiere Pro in 1 day course

Adobe After Effects Training Course
Date: 29/01/2019 
Master video montage skills using Adobe After Effects in 1 day course

Graphic Design Short Course
Date: 26/03/2019 – 28/03/2019
Graphic design has always been a popular profession, but as more and more technology is introduced into our lives, Graphic Design it becomes more and more important.

Graphic Design Training Course
Date: 22/04/2019 – 24/04/2019
This course is designed to attract everyone, you and her who wish to develop the necessary skills to become graphic designers.

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Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn about Premiere Pro to create great pictures. Our courseware focuses on commercial commercials and video production used in e-learning.In the aftermath of the biggest sports distances Final Cut and Avid to Adobe Prime Pro CC (wide), many experts are constantly moving. Adobe fully utilized and expanded all the tools, features and compatibility of Adobe Premier Pro CC.There is no need to quit the world-class color correction application. The number of formats supported in real time without transcoding is optimal among similar products. A new tabbed layout derived from Lightroom when needed.If you are new to the Prime Minister or if Adobe is necessary to take advantage of the new features offered to take your laptop to get the best training in the knowledge of the Prime Minister's pro-CC industry level, this is the best training.

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Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects CC is used to capture and record photoshop content for photography. It has a deep contribution to animation, special effects, title, synthesis, 3D and video production. Adobe After Effects CC will perform what you need if you are related to video, post-production of web, broadcast, or movie. You need to know how to use it and you need to bring your own laptop to display the weather you do not feel anything.Two day learning based on creating fun and useful content in After Effects provides the understanding and skills necessary to add this important application to your skills. Our training opens up the world of opportunity for your video production and gives insight on the possibilities of Adobe After Effects.Our goal is to leave the InDesign curriculum to each delegate and confidently apply the new skills in the real world. Therefore, we continue to provide free email support for 12 months.

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