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Creativity, Design, & Innovation Thinking Training Course

AI & Creativity that Create an Innovative Corporate Culture Using Design Thinking & Problem Solving for the Designer

Create a cultural environment that fosters creativity and innovation.

A survey by Adobe showed that 69% of creatives agree that the use of AI will dramatically increase over the next five years.

Attract creative and innovative talent
Truly “think outside-of-the-box”.

Master creative thinking skills and teach them to your team.

Implement Design Thinking, a powerful innovation methodology and process.

Use proven processes for generating ideas and brainstorming solutions.

The optimism in seeing AI as a tool rather than a threat is fueling innovation in the field, keeping demand high.

Create and test prototypes in order to rapidly identify the validity of ideas.

Create disruptive innovation and look to the future.

Artificial Intelligence In Design — Tools Enhanced By AI

Creativity,  Design, &  Innovation  Thinking Training Course

AI for Designer

Adobe Sensei AI
Learn more about the powerful Adobe Sensei services that help you work smarter and faster and bring a personal touch to every customer experience

AI Enhances & Compliments Design Psychology

AI-Machine Learning in Design Consistency

Exercise: Creative Thinking Part 1: Reframing and Mind Mapping

Exercise: Creative Thinking Part 2: Insights and Flow

Exercise: The Importance of Happiness, Play, and Idle Time

Exercise: Rewarding Creativity and Risk Taking

Exercise: Developing Creativity for Individuals

Exercise: Creating a Creative Physical Environment

Exercise: Empowering a Creative Team

Exercise: The Power of Diversity

Exercise: Develop an Idea-Response Process


This is a hot topic and is often discussed. Although the importance of artificial intelligence is still largely unknown, and the technology is still in its infancy, it can be interesting to use our imaginations to think in the direction of artificial intelligence.
How can the two concepts of design and artificial intelligence work together to change today’s industry?
Well, first of all, the advent of machine learning will drive design companies to change the way they think about the relationship between customers and products.
For the foreseeable future, discussions will continue on how to maintain human contact while integrating artificial intelligence into the design process.
An Adobe survey found that 69% of creatives believe that the use of artificial intelligence will increase in the next five years.
However, most of them do not believe that artificial intelligence will take away their work. 17% of these creatives indicated that AI is a change in professional development. Note that this simplifies your workflow.
Optimism about AI as a tool rather than a threat fueled innovation in this area, thus maintaining strong demand.


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