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Graphic Design Part Time Short Training Course Workshop

12/09/2018 @ 10:00 AM - 14/09/2018 @ 4:30 PM


Graphic Design Part-time Short Training Course Workshop Malaysia

Graphic designs are always a popular profession, the more technology is introduced to our lives, it is also becoming increasingly important and demanding for graphics fields. Various people use various technologies every day, to making this technology as user-friendly is important, and graphic design is one of the most important factors. Join our Graphic Design Part-time Short Training Course Workshop Malaysia.

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Graphic Design Short Training Course Workshop in Malaysia

Graphic Design Part-time Short Training Course Workshop Malaysia

Graphic Design Part-time Short Training Course Workshop Malaysia

  • Master the most widely used software in graphic design
  • Understand the principles of graphic design and visual communication
  • Master the skill more about the latest graphic design industry
  • Learn how to create a graphic designer career path

Support Resources after the training, students able to access our Video Channel for all the Tutorials Video for rehearsal. 

We will use Photoshop and InDesign; graphic design industry standard application. We will also review relevant terms and design practices to help you create pixel-perfect projects for printing and networking. The goal is to get up and running as quickly as possible so you can start a new business as a graphic designer. All the steps and guide will show in this Graphic Design Part Time Short Training Course Workshop.

Graphic Design using Adobe Photoshop for image editing

Adobe Photoshop: Used for editing and manipulating photos and images. Improve lighting and color, add special effects, remove defects, create your own image from scratch, and more.

Photoshop has been a useful tool for graphic designers to create artwork conveniently and aesthetically. For example, design studios can use Photoshop in order to visualize their take on an initial concept and then move onto different media to complete the concept. Because of Photoshop’s popularity, PSD files are widely used and supported to some extent by most competing software.

The .PSD file format can be exported to and from Adobe’s other apps like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, and After Effects, to make professional standard DVDs and provide non-linear editing and special effects services, such as backgrounds, textures, and so on, for television, film, and the web. Photoshop’s primary strength is as a pixel-based image editor, unlike vector-based image editors. Photoshop also enables vector graphics editing through its Paths, Pen tools, Shape tools, Shape Layers, Type tools, Import command, and Smart Object functions. These tools and commands are convenient to combine pixel-based and vector-based images in one Photoshop document, because it may not be necessary to use more than one program. To create very complex vector graphics with numerous shapes and colors, it may be easier to use software that was created primarily for that purpose, such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. Photoshop’s non-destructive Smart Objects can also import complex vector shapes.

Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Design in Vector 

Create vector art and illustrations using advanced, precise drawing and typography tools. Work quickly and intuitively on everything from brand identities and marketing materials to graphics for the web, video, and film. Illustrator CC is part of Creative Cloud, so you can sync color themes, workspaces, and projects — all with just a few clicks. Learn and learn cc illustrator interface, colors, how to deal with vector hints, alien graphics, form builder tips, clipping masks, fillets, survival, export file hints, how to make brushes, tips, and hints, because this process can Update. This means that you will update all new tips and tricks for cc illustrator cob.


Theory Section:

Principles of Design: Overall of Graphic & Visual Art Design

The principles of design suggest effective and pleasing ways to arrange text and graphics on the page as well as the arrangement of individual elements within illustration, logos, and the overall graphic design of a document.


Rules of Composition:

Well, in very simple terms, it’s the part where all the separate elements come together to form a whole. When all of your type, your images, your graphics and colors, come together to form one cohesive design.


Color Theory:

If you are involved in the creation or design of visual documents, an understanding of color will help when incorporating it into your own designs.


User Interface Designs:

Techniques To Improve Your UI & UE Design

Web design consists, for the most part, of interface design. There are many techniques involved in crafting beautiful and functional interfaces.


Five simple steps to better Typography Design:

The kind of typography I’m talking about is not your typical “What font should I use” typography but rather your “knowing your hanging punctuation from your em-dash” typography.”


Graphic Design Course

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12/09/2018 @ 10:00 AM
14/09/2018 @ 4:30 PM
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