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Web Design Course / SEO Online Marketing ( Google #1 Page Ranking ) Course / Social Media Marketing Training Course 

12/05/2018 @ 10:00 AM - 13/05/2018 @ 4:30 PM



Web Design Course / SEO Online Marketing ( Google #1 Page Ranking ) Course / Social Media Marketing Training Course 

Web Design seo social media training course malaysia

Web Design seo social media training course malaysia

Idea and Concept, design layout, setting up hosting and domain name, upload FTP, portal setup and finalize to start your website published. Understand how to promote your site, SEO Marketing and Google site submit and Rank in 1st Page in Google Search Engine. Plus with 2017 latest skills and tricks in Social Media Marketing via Facebook, Instagram & Youtube.


Web Design Training Course : WordPress CMS System Training Contents

What have other benefits commercial websites?

Cost effectiveness
Do you know how much it costs your web site, and the results – shop, on the other hand, susceptible to many common things that might interfere with costs, such as leaving lights, theft, damage, additional staff, etc.

strategic development of websites and online display solution offers great advantages and cost accounting.

Available at all times
website and social media accounts you can access 24/7/365. Imagine you want to buy something from the store. You put all that effort, the need to save, but when you get there, it was closed. We all know that in this case we felt how anger. you will consider it bad taste to serve twice to the left (as determined probably your fault, do not check, but hey, this is a proof point here!). You will find it easier to visit other stores.

Because your website all-weather operations, from the local coffee shop, the convenience of their couch or bed, clients and customers can easily access the web site and services.

More importantly, it’s simple: outside the driver to find stores that are located in shopping, shopping or sitting in the comfort of your own home and you are looking for your products? Obviously the answer, unless you like walking around aimlessly. Smart businesses are aware of this, which has its own website to cater for their products and services to their potential customers want to buy products online browsing.

By creating a website, you give your business the opportunity to tell the users why they should trust you and testimonies and facts to support these opportunities. Believe it or not, most people will find the product or service before buying to check the credibility of the Internet. When you provide good service and products, spreading the world about your business may be spreading. This, in turn, provide more repeat business and new business.

People tend to believe they have been doing business after business. Use your website, you can continue to serve consumers online and enhance your credibility as a business owner.

If there is no sale, or sales more than you spend, your business is doomed to failure. By any time, there is no or almost no limit to any person who has online presence, you are allowed to sell the product or service at all times, unless you run out of stock or work too hard, but this is a good question! Giving your business online is the right brand important and the accountant smiles.

In short, it can be seen everywhere in the world means that you are likely to get more customers. More customers and the audience you have more sales that you will produce. More sales you build a happy you and your shareholders will be!

Has its own website and online business strategy that enables you to business on the online market. There are many marketing strategies that can be used to advertise and market the business. All internet marketing strategies have proven to be effective. Which you choose depends on what type of business you are in. Please talk to us and see what works best for you.

This Web Design Malaysia Course will teach anyone who can build a full-featured, nice site with WordPress.

  • Create a WordPress full function site
  • Understand the main features of WordPress
  • Learn how to configure WordPress for best results
  • Learn about plugins and themes, and how to find / install them
  • Hackers and spammers protect their WordPress sites
  • Create a passive, recurring income member of a website
  • Create a website for profit or for interesting purposes.
  • Creating an adaptive site looks good in any browser


Starting a business or just curious to find about how to build a website quickly?

Learn the essential skills on this class to create and maintain your own website without having to learn code as we walk you through the complete build of a small business website. Learn how to implement different types of content, setup the search engine, handle errors and tweak the site for best performance and more.




SEO Online Marketing ( Google #1st Page Ranking ) Training Course :


Learn Search Engine Marketing the smart way with Search Engine Marketing courses in Double Effect Training House at Malaysia.


This SEO training course is for business owners, web content writers, marketers, administration staff and anyone else who needs to write bring sales and traffic from Google Search Engine for business. It gives you the skills and proven techniques in ranking for the Google First Page to attract your target audience, engage them with your website and prompt them to take the action desire.


You will also learn how to write Search Engine Optimised (SEO) copy text. The day includes lots of practical workshop exercises, real world examples and a healthy dose of discussion about your needs and objectives. All these without paying anything to Google to rank at 1st Page tricks and tips course will help will bringing massive sales traffic to your business.


What will you learn in Our SEO Google Marketing Workshop?

  • Improve conversions 100% by increasing the speed of your site
  • Massively boost click-through rate with a rarely used technique
  • Optimize every post/page on your site so that Google sees your content as high-quality, authoritative and informative
  • Get your website mentioned on high-traffic news domains
  • Create 240+ back links for your local business today
  • Lead your visitors from informational posts / pages to purchase pages
  • Make your site mobile-friendly (more people using smartphones than desktop)
  • Increase the amount of time people spend on your site
  • Build links from high SEO visibility sites
  • Learn how to optimize your site to bring in more search engine traffic

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for anyone looking to improve their position in the search results
  • The course is for anyone with their own website
  • If you want to improve the position of someone else’s site (your employer, for example)
  • If you want to learn the skills necessary to optimize a website for Google



Google Analytics + Adwords Training Course

Google Analytics may seem daunting to the novice but once you’re comfortable with the interface, know the jargon and understand key concepts, it’s an efficient way to find out how your ads are doing. How many people are clicking on your website? Who is going to the next stage and contacting you? And what percentage of your traffic is converting to sales? If you need to know all this and more, this plain-words course is for you.


For this Google Adwords training we will covered these topics:

  • Bring traffic from all search conditions consistent to your landing page or you home website.
  • Use conversion tracking to determine the value of your Google Adwords Campaign.
  • Create, develop and optimize your own profitable Google AdWords Campaigns.
  • Track Back to your website visitors, allowing them to return to your website and take action or engagement.
  • Effectively Online promote your products and services.
  • Benfits from Google gains of more than 6 billion times a day search volume.
  • Improve sales and increase traffic to your website.


Google Analytics 

  • Analyze marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize ROI.
  • Optimize your content with Google Analytics behavior reports.
  • Use Google Analytics Conversion reports to increase conversions.
  • Use location reporting to identify major markets and expose new markets.
  • Use the hot exit page report to reduce bounce rate.
  • Resolve technical errors using mobile, browser and operating system reports to prevent sales.


Social Media Marketing 2017

If you want to be successful with Social Media Marketing you will LOVE this Social Media Complete course! You will learn the principles and strategies that work for us and that we have used to build PPC ads for over 500 businesses successfully! Facebook, Instagram, Google +, YouTube, via social media, we have you covered!

Do you want to partake in a CONSTANTLY updated Social Media Marketing course that teaches you PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing on over 10 Social Media Platforms from A to Z?!

  • Understand everything about Social Media Marketing!
  • Create highly optimized and high quality PPC ads on all Social Media platforms
  • Learn Instagram A-Z and how to monetize the social platform.
  • Understand layout, content creation and video ads on YouTube.
  • Use Web 2.0 blogs to further expand you reach with SEO and content online.
  • Use Google+ to benefit your local business and SEO.

What Will You Learning Facebook Marketing?

  • Mass post quickly to various social media networks
  • Market on Facebook Advertising with ease
  • Connect with new audiences and lower ad costs via Facebook Ads
  • Track Facebook ad conversions
  • Use advanced features of Facebook advertising
  • Average RM0.05 per engagement/like/click with my Facebook ad strategies

What Will You Learning in YouTube Video Marketing Pro?

  • You’ll be ready to build a money-making local video marketing agency – from scratch!
  • Learn about the Google-YouTube relationship – and how it affects you.
  • Learn what Keywords are and their value in web video optimization.
  • Learn how to decide what kind of videos Youtube Google likes!
  • Learn how to format a successful business video.
  • Learn about creating the best titles and scripts for your videos.
  • Learn the best practice for setting up your YouTube channel.
  • Learn how to move your potential customer from your video directly to your webpage.
  • Learn exactly how to give Google what they want, so they’ll rank your video #1.


Is this course for you?

Introduction to social media

Review your organization

New: social media strategy

social media monitoring

New: content marketing




write a blog


Youtube Video Marketing

New: automated social media

New: social customer service

New: public relations

This course will use proactive and practical methods to keep you from zero to hero Social Media Platform. It can be said as one of the social media course in the most comprehensive online; to give students a great foundation and skills to enter the world community.


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12/05/2018 @ 10:00 AM
13/05/2018 @ 4:30 PM
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