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Graphic Design Part Time Course

The Advantages of Adobe Photoshop :

  • Adobe Photoshop is the Layer Menu – you put all the graphics, text, photos / images, clip art, design, other organizations in the folder for easy navigation I can.
  • Clipping Mask – If you want to know how to make a square image appear like an ellipse, for example at a party invitation, they are what you are doing, create an oval shape or imported photos Use the tool to do (ellipse tool exact!) Photoshop, paste it on an elliptical layer, right click to create a clipping mask.
  • Adobe Photoshop has a swatches menu. This menu will store all the colors you want and you can use eyedropper tool to quickly match any color in Photoshop.
  • You can do more in Photoshop and create images for social networks. I will use it to create a pattern that repeats my shop’s prints, holiday prints, labels, promotional images etc. without interruption.
  • Using rich textures, tools, brushes and Photoshop, you can fully control the design
  • Adobe Photoshop form tools are one of the main reasons for preferring other graphic design software (especially free software). In addition to creating the necessary shapes, you can also choose a custom tool that allows you to quickly and easily change the fill color.
  • You can also copy a layer and transfer it to another template (useful if you want to fine-tune without re-creating the template or recreating the entire design)

Disadvantages of Adobe Photoshop

  • PS is an image editing program. If you are writing a lot of text, you will automatically create a new line (continue beyond the edge of the template text) so you need to press the Enter key to start a new line Unless you are using a text tool, you can be very annoying ,, or a text box was created
  • If you increase the size of the image, the image may be blurred
  • This is downloadable software and requires free space on the hard drive. If you have a low-end laptop or computer (that is, there is not much free memory on the memory or hard disk), you can slow down the computer
  • Photoshop file (PSD format) is a large file, and if you have hundreds, it may take some space on your hard drive (or thousands!) They are computers It will be late
  • Adobe Photoshop is a paid program. Photoshop is changed to a subscription-based model and paid monthly.

Why is the best of Adobe Photoshop?

  • Adobe Photoshop tools that use (such as textures, brushes and filter overlays etc.) to create more complicated design – using this free software such as Gimp or Canva you find these tools cannot.

Graphic Design Training Course Workshop, graphic design part time course

Advantages of Adobe Illustration:

  • Multiple work tables can be placed in one file, but Adobe Photoshop can only have one work table.
  • It is based on vector (unlike Adobe Photoshop based pixel). That is, it is possible to scale up, down, etc. Images, patterns, etc. If necessary, without deteriorating the quality of the image

What is the best Adobe Illustration?

  • Some people use Illustrator to create repeating patterns, but I personally want to use Photoshop for the following reasons.
  • Illustrator is similar to a drawing program (software that converts hand-drawn sketches into clip art and graphics).
  • More than Adobe Illustrator is generally easier to use. I discovered that general design and Adobe menus are easy to navigate

Graphic Design Training Course Workshop,graphic design part time course

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Graphic Design Part Time Course
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Graphic Design Part Time Course
Adobe Photoshop tools that use (such as textures, brushes and filter overlays etc.) to create more complicated design – using this free software such as Gimp or Canva you find these tools cannot.
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