15/04/2018 dehtrain

Learn to Design a Packaging Workshop


Most question asked, which software are we going to use for designing Packaging? I will recommendAdobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign for this training course.

Most tools and skills going to use for creating packaging are Rulers and Guides. By understanding measurement is the key to design packaging, accuracy and precision are so important once come to print session. Miss counting of measurement will trouble of folding to the final box. One more tool you should practice is Pen Tool in Illustrator and InDesign. By creating straight or curved line and stroke, pen tool is always the best solution to make it perfect and accuracy.

Advice for student first project of packaging we should be used a template to start off. Let our self-understand and familiar the concept of packaging first, practice impose some artworks or label into the packaging let you get used of the concept of packaging.

Without Packaging Training Course, you going to get the whole picture of finalized a packaging artwork. From layout, design, finalized and choose a printer to print. All in one training package for you to ready for creating amazing packaging design.