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PDC E-Commerce Workshop

 Penang PDC E-Commerce Training Course Workshop Resources

This the link to download a Premium WordPress Themes. Is free, a gift from me to all the participants from WIEF Social Media Workshop on 25, 26 April 2018

Xtra Theme – Premium Version

Free Resources you need to complete a digital marketing

PC / Window Resources

PC Version – Software for Professional Video Editing – Adobe Premiere Pro

PC Version – Software for Professional Photo Editing – Adobe Photoshop

PC Version – Software for Professional Video Montage Effect –  Adobe After Effects

PC Version – Software for Professional Vector Graphic Design – Adobe Illustrator

A special gift for you all XXX CS6 – drop me an email for instruction – my_nang@yahoo.com

How to Crack in PC Version for Adobe CS 6

This is the plug-in/templates for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, a professional plug-in to try.

Mac / Apple Resource

Mac Version – Adobe Photoshop

Mac Version – Adobe Premiere Pro

Mac Version – Adobe After Effects

Mac Version – Adobe Illustrator

Mac Adobe CC Crack file


Free royalty relaxing music 


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