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SEO Course Malaysia

SEO Course Malaysia

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SEO Course Basic to Advanced Contents

Basic SEO Technical Factors

Google factor position – HTML structure

This is one of the ranking factors that are significantly coordinated in myths because the general perception is that your website must be totally free of HTML errors. In the real world, unless you’re a super geek in code writing and fixing bugs, it’s Mostly quite the when the necessary social Is negatively affected that the search engine may consider your page to be less decent level. And after all, that’s really really important: How well your users can interact with your web pages without partners that are obstructed by code errors.

 404 not found error

There are two types of 404: 1) 404 occurs, and 2) when the requested URL does not exist, and when the URL request does not exist but the server does not reply 404, 404 occurs soft.

The latter does not particularly damage ranking, it should be noted in any way. Typically 404 errors, when the page has been moved or renamed, or when the URL’s road structure has changed cause the page URL no longer exists in the given path. Any minor changes in the URL of the page is reset any rank can be obtained, returns to zero, so every time the page will be transferred to a different URL, please be careful considering how it affects your position. Massive structures can alter the URL of the site that would otherwise be damaged. If the URL of the page has changed, but the content does not change, you need to redirect to the new URL, so that users and Google know the new web site address and can successfully re-enable your content. 301 the same content redirects will maintain about 90% of the page’s original URL, also helps to maintain any connection with the old backlink URL, and direct any traffic to the new URL. If the change is permanent, consider trying to correct the backlinks for the new URL, rather than depending on the 301s. If you have proof that the stream or crawler is passed to the old URL, the 301 redirect should be maintained indefinitely.

Image Optimization

Theoretically, the images used on the website can be any kind of cross-platform jpg, gif or png, however, choosing their type, size and usage can have dramatic effects on web pages – load times. Poor page loading speed will affect UX, and therefore will be a dropping ranking factor. Here is some suggestion for the image/photos use in your website/blog:

1. Where even a simple color needs to be limited to a limited set of colors for the image, please use the GIF format, For example, red in identifying a block can work well in JPEG format to speed up the load. The color depth of the selection can be selected in the image of a factor that gets the colors in the various images.

2. Use the image jpg format with a great tone range and subtle color transition. Use a boundary that is compressed to clearly damage the image. In other words, trying to compress it as you can not get too much to display the image. The best quality setting is better than detecting the visual spy in the image that it can produce.

3. When using the png format, the image requires both smooth color transitions and transparency. If the image does not need transparent pixels do not use this format. The format PNG and JPG can not be compressed, resulting in the image file size will be larger and takes longer than the same image size to load. The logo is usually uploaded to the JPEG format, but unless you appear at the top of the different types and different background colors, you should use a smooth color or GIF image JPG in a limited palette.

How Important is Google PageSpeed Insights

We recommend that you run all site resources website at least once a month by running Google PageSpeed – even if you do not change the content because Google constantly algorithms are changed, and how the page speed measurements. Not saying that, on the Google site to get a good grade, the king is the king. You always want to score on the green page screen – all costs As long as you take steps to speed up your site, Google will be kept in front of it.  For the PageSpeed desktop and recommend the green score to move the score. It won more than 90. Google and Bing search engine, search engine friendly, easy to get our network administrator on it!

Get Faster Indexed by Google Search Engines

When you create a new website or blog for your business, the first thing you might want to do is get people to find it and contact you, Of course, I want to find a way to find it. However, under normal circumstances, you should wait Googlebot – google spyder to crawl your site and add the Google index (or your latest content).

So the question is: how do you guarantee that this is happening as soon as possible? How these web content crawls and indexes the basics, and there are some good ways to create a website or blog for Googlebot to access your content faster index.

Before we start using some good tips to pull into your website for Googlebot, let’s learn the difference between us from the Googlebot, and as well as indexing and crawling.

Googlebot is sent by Google to collect information about the files on the web to add Google search index search robot software. Or I call it Google AI big brain!

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User Experience (UX) – In Very Soon Future SEO Needs

SEO Keyword Research Factors

Secure Yourself with Negative SEO By Your Competitors

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