Drones Aerial Videography Services Malaysia

Drones Aerial Videography Services and Learning Malaysia

“We coverage covers all the themes in this process, certainly very interesting nature, the quality of production is great.If you want to get a four-axis aircraft, and use it to shoot wonderful video and images, you should take this road. “Nang from Double Effect Training House.

TLP Terminal Langsat Port Drone Scene Malaysia

TLP Terminal Langsat Port Drone Scene Malaysia

TLP Terminal Langsat Port Drone Footage

TLP Terminal Langsat Port Drone Scene


Drones Aerial Videography Services and Learning Malaysia


Drones Aerial Videography Services and Learning Malaysia

Drones Aerial Videography Services and Learning Malaysia

Drone and Aerials shapes and sizes are here to stay. Those who know how to fly is about to have a whole new world of opportunities. photography and photographic separate industry has and will continue to see a major change, because the wheel is used as a camera various airlines. Businesses are aware of these options, and pay attention to the Drone and Aerials can provide additional employment.

This is an exciting time to be part of a new “unmanned” this economy. Speed, improve UAV aerial imaging skills-based precious and valuable.

Photographers and cameramen! You want your images to a new level again? Video course is about helping you to use multiple runners (Drone and Aerials) as soon as possible to start shooting aerial photographs and a good video. At the same time, I will teach you to avoid many difficulties or problems Choose air platform, encountered a safe flight to learn to fly.

What can you get from Drone and Aerials?

The camera’s unmanned aircraft is very interesting to fly and will add a new dimension to your work. If you are a photographer, this course will help cameraman and photographer have the skills and knowledge you need to be sure to add an epic aerial video project. GoPro learns the best setup and post-processing techniques to achieve the best video quality.

But the photographer can have as much fun as the static photo of the unmanned aircraft with multiple rotors. We will include the collection and static photos with GoPro’s processing, turning into amazing stunning masterpieces.

Real estate brokers, farmers, miners, law enforcement officials, hobbies pure … … the possibility of imaging a lot of air. The latest technology makes aerial photography and video easier than ever before. At the same time, it is important to know the laws, regulations and best practices to ensure your success.

What will I learn?

  • UAV to understand and identify all components, and controllers
  • Society and charge the battery and power controller
  • Learn how to sign FAA
  • Learn how to use a computer to update the firmware UAV
  • Understanding the FAA implemented the Safety Guide
  • Learn to use and become familiar with all the settings DJI GO App
  • Learn three different flight patterns
  • Learn how to use your fail-safe function
  • Understanding your camera settings and options
  • Control of the learning remote control
  • Pre-flight calibration study UAV
  • Learn how to take off and landing
  • Learning how to manipulate the drone in the air
  • Learn how to take photos and videos
  • Learn how to edit aerial photos
  • Learn useful accessories UAV
  • Learn how to legally sell aerial imagery

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