Hotel and Resort SEO Online Marketing & Social Media Marketing Strategy Course Malaysia

Hotel and Resort SEO Online Marketing & Social Media Marketing Strategy Course Malaysia

Social Media Strategy Online Marketing Strategy training course Hotel Malaysia

How to Build 5 Star Online Hotel Reputation Workshop with SEO Marketing & Social Media Marketing

Social Media is an important part of any hotel’s digital marketing strategy. Not only is it a great way to connect with guests, but social signals also provide great SEO/SSO benets, which will help your hotel rank higher on search engine results. While more hoteliers are getting on board and taking advantage of all that social channels have to offer, it’s important to have a solid Social Media strategy in place in order to receive the benefits. Here are some steps you can learn to create a Social Media strategy for your hotel from this Training Course.

When it comes to the hospitality industry, social media can make or break your business. 76% of vacationers upload photos from their
travels to social media; their good times can be an excellent source of free promotion for your business but if they have a bad time, they’ll be more likely to make a negative post.

This should be in line with the target market for the hotel.You want your Social Media posts to target a specic audience with a single voice. If you are having trouble determining your target audience, think about the unique selling points your hotel has to offer and determine which
type of audience would benet most from these features.

How to take advantage of the TripAdvisor marketing strategy

From the customer perspective

It will not let you think about what’s going on to the difference – your customers and potential customers like it, now have the chance to get more than 30 million. If you have a problem, log in – come over and try to deal with this problem without getting a personal. The sooner you will improve your. Read reviews, if you are a traveler, not a hotel owner, always try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

Listen to your customers and take action

Comments only online comment card. You need to carefully read them, and listen to your visitors comment on the type of your hotel, delivering the value they get money and services.

If you do not like TripAdvisor as a hotel owner, you might not like to hear what visitors have to say. May also be a “problem” with TripAdvisor, allowing you to hear from some substantive comments that can help you improve your product, your position on this track with a Premier Inn.

Establish a plan A & survey

I have not seen any interest in or when faced with not developing a plan to reduce the threat or turn it into a competitive advantage.Your plan the potential risk of a clear and measurable goal of hospitality outside the advertiser The

You need a plan that can be measured objectively. Here is an example:
Five in the hotel main building to the destination
Five-star comments increase in number
In 2010 to reduce the amount of 3 stars (and below) rating under five years of age
So that more than 50% of the positive evaluation is not always your closest competitor.
In addition to the expected results, you need to set a specific period. The task has a deadline or timetable, and they are not finished.

Distinguish Implementation Strategies

If there is not a convincing implementation plan, the goal will never be achieved. The first step is to make someone from your staff finally pay attention and be responsible for achieving the goal is available. This will be important to the success of the organization’s manpower and currency-related assets.

TripAdvisor better reviews and subsequent income should produce someone who will pay more than a promise. Will be responsible for the production and supervision of the TripAdvisor survey to push the official sales representative tired or exhausted, will be disappointed.

Initiative and Creativity

Here you can get real creativity. Many hotel operators ask visitors to talk about their property when making comments. Everyone has said that they will not have so much have been done.

Have you ever considered calling them, thank you, and then come with you, ask them how to accept (really catch them), and then ask if they will submit a comment? How to make them easier and send an email to a link to your website?


How to Build 5 Star Online Hotel Reputation Workshop

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