Building a Real Estate & Property Development Companies Google SEO Online Social Media Marketing Malaysia 2017

Building a Real Estate & Property Development Companies Google SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing Strategy Malaysia 2017

Real Estate Property Developer digital branding Marketing Malaysia Training Course

Real Estate Property Developer Digital Branding Marketing Malaysia Training Course

The Real Estate & Property Companies Digital Marketing Plan Should include:

  • Naming of projects
  • Online Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • Media buying
  • Digital Branding
  • Online Brand Identity Development
  • Website Development
  • Project Videos for YouTube Marketing

Most real estate developers is a natural salesman, but their views on the buyer usually has a significant effect on the signal psychological and emotional buyers. Marketing Kit and Web sites are usually designed to encourage buyers to imagine living in a given attribute, but many buyers, especially in London, Asia and the Middle East, but also to buy a property, or especially, investment.

If you can distinguish between the primary motivation for a buyer, the technology that can help the users to the data they need to make purchasing decisions. Companies such as can provide real insight into real estate sales, the number of price changes over time in the city, and also the rental of different industries in different types of property. Packaging and interpret this data as potential buyers can help a sales meeting.

New real estate or property development sites naturally have a limited lifespan, but that does not mean they are outdated. Your site is another important touch point, which is very important to the quality also reflected in the development of your site presence. Developers should ensure that their web pages exist for a full range of desktop devices, laptops, mobile phones and tablet buyers that may be used for optimization. The formation of potential buyers may be forced to delay the long-term partnership. On the contrary, why not use tools such as Olark so that customers can start chatting with your team members immediately through the website? Chatting websites can also help reduce bounce as if users can not find what they are looking for and can go directly to their relevant information.

Real Estate Property Developer SEO Online Marketing Malaysia Training Course

Real Estate Property Developer SEO Online Marketing Malaysia Training Course

Targeting Nearby Clients, Developments And Keywords On Google Search Engine

As a developer, you can almost hear when new construction breaks ground on real estate. It’s like you have a sixth sense about it. With Google Serach Engine, you can target your customers that you might find and then attract them to you. This option works in two ways: it is recommended that you specify the development of a name or keyword. If you know the name of the community or commercial building being developed, it is better to start from there. The name of the neighborhood and the name of the school district will be targeted by buyers who want to be able to find a home in that area. When you want to find a new general description of the specified keywords will be very useful. Choose keywords such as “Home Melbourne” or “Gold Coast Beach House” to anyone who is looking to buy or rent a home in the area of ​​the intended destination. While this is a little more common, you do not have the opportunity to get buyers to see your name.


Real Estate Property Developer SEO Online Marketing Malaysia Training Course

Real Estate Property Developer SEO Online Marketing Malaysia Training Course

Custom and Spectators alike / Similar on Facebook Audience Marketing

A few years ago, Facebook had created custom advertising for the audience on the platform and followed up with the same (sometimes called man-made) viewer tool. Both allow businesses to work with the contact list (with any e-mail address of any customer who likes your page’s e-mail address). With custom viewers you can, you know that there will be targeted ads on their Facebook pages to attract customers. When you enter your e-mail address, further divide them into viewers. After all, you do not want to target business investors and homeowners at the same time. They have different needs, and you only have so much room. Facebook will match any associated account address email address and send the ad. Access to new directives, with the audience allows you to advertise the person has two equal or greater range. Feature equation to closely match the person you choose to customize the list of people in the list of Facebook users. For example, if you have a list of business investors, Facebook will find people with the same characteristics and profile of their goals. Outreach is small but more precise.
You can also choose a wider range of features, which will send ads to more people, but as you wish, they may not be such a close race to your demographics. These two properties have their advantages and disadvantages, it is best to both experiment and see your work.

Facebook custom audiences are sophisticated features that allow you to connect with your Facebook contacts available. Increase your brand to our existing customers and consumer favorite social networking applications, while allowing you the opportunity to increase customer lifetime value, frequency of order and loyalty. The other way is also true: You can exclude a list of existing customers to increase the effectiveness of your campaign, and to avoid wastage click. For example, if you offer a free trial for new users, there is no reason to show your loyal customers. Custom audiences through a phone list of your customers or CSV or TXT format buyer / customer email list uploaded to Facebook and created. You can also create custom audience by website visitors (and specific pages you visit on the website) or specific operations performed in the game or application.

Split test landing page

Your customers have different needs. Therefore, they are treated the same taste it? Of course not. Why, then, your landing page is the same?
A landing page is a good way to create a personal ad appear for each customer. Although almost impossible to create one extra for every customer, but you can create landing pages to meet with a group of buyers. But how do you know whether your marketing efforts effective? This is the place to test your landing page tab. By testing different ideas to sell in the same way, you will be able to see your customers the best answer. For example, say you want to promote the development of new family housing. This is a better salesperson: Located in a good school district or close to shops and local restaurants? Create two different landing page, landing page and see which leads to more hits. You will determine what is effective and what is not possible and potential new markets.

Retargeting Marketing with Social Media and Web Site Visitor

You may have a lot of big house and commercial property photos, but how can you know which view them? This is where the repositioning takes place. If you do not have a re-target tag on each page of your own site to do it, get it. With the Social Media and SEO Marketing redirect tool, you will be able to see who will come to your site, which will allow you to target them with ads. There are many types of devices, but they generally work the same. The Relocation Tool adds a cookie to the browser they are visiting on your site. Now, when you click from a place on the target site and click on Bounce, the ads for real estate development will be displayed regularly. This allows you to stay fresh in the audience and bring them back to your site. Smart real estate developers, in the network world has endless marketing opportunities.


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