Video Editing Course in Malaysia

Learning Complete Video Editing Skills Training Course in Malaysia 2018 / 2019

These the steps you need for the journey of creating an incredible corporate video.

1st step: Planning and storyboard your final video imagination & Video Script Writing

2nd step: Choose a right music for your video

3rd step: Where and how to get the perfect voice over for the video narration

4th step: Equip yourself with convenience and budget control in videography section, camera, lighting, and voice recording tools for shooting list

5th step: Location and scenery for your video research before you start to roll your camera, Location Scouting

6th step: Shooting and video recording footages and interview shooting

7th step: Post-production is part of the photography, video production, and videography process. Post-production includes all stages of production after taking or recording individual program video clips.

8th step: A Final video for the multi-platform, online and offline purpose


The 1st section in Video Editing Course: Planning and storyboard your final video imagination & Video Script Writing

Video Editing Training Course Story Board Design

Video Editing Training Course Story Board Design

The most important component in video production is the use of storyboarding in video layouts. “Storyboard” is a “graphical representation of how videos appear at the same time” (video production techniques, 2018/2019). The traditional storyboard structure consists of boxes with hand-drawn illustrations drawing, each of which describes the suspension of each scene and shots, including what happens in the scene. Each box is a snapshot or a scene. The storyboard is not intended to be described in detail, but it is intended to help you think about video production.

In less than few hours with us, you will able to learn everything you need to know to draw a wonderful gesture in your storyboard. The character in this work tells people about wonderful stories and stories that can be done. Your role seems important. You must draw your character to express your feelings, and tell the story as if the actor is doing well and moving well. You will learn all these without an artistic talent, just use a free web tool for all the drawing and images selected to complete what you’re like to appear in your storyboard.

Create graphic text that can express your ideas clearly and effectively. Because each worker is pointing to the workbench, it should be easy to provide and understand information. Because each video is different from the other video, plain text on the storyboard simply does not work at all. When creating text boards with Canva, you can use professionally designed templates to customize them to your needs and use the excellent media library with a million images and illustrations.

In Video Script, it is more important to leave the buzzwords, shorten sentences and convey clear information. The script should be easy to understand, so if you have any questions, be simple. Use the video summary of the project summary to guide your script creation and make sure you know how long each video will take. Once you have completed your first script, read it aloud. Time yourself. Is it too long? Is there a word or phrase that is hard to say? If so, reduce the script or reword some sentences. Are there specific words that need to be emphasized? Write a clear note to the person who read it last. We will guide all these skills in our Video Editing Course.


2nd Step in this Video Editing Course: Choose a right music for your video

Video Editing course Music Corporate Video

Video Editing course Music Corporate Video

Music is one of the most powerful stimuli in the emotional relationship with the audience who watch your video. If viewers are associated with your company or message, they will naturally discover these details and deepen your relationship with the project or brand you mentioned in your video masterpiece. This video editing course in the process will convince you to use background music in your video and assumes that you already know it is useful here. I will give you some hints, you should remember when looking for the right fund of music. Add audio in the video directory follow to your sense of music.

This is the role that determines the music played in your video. Should we admit music or send messages? If you find a lot of music, you can use it instead of improving the overall effect. Whether you are linking various kinds of information or trying to teach technical details, you need to be dedicated and not confused by the audience. You can determine the type of music you need to use. If you define emotions, you can set the mood of the video through music as soon as possible. Do you think the video is positive, positive or exciting? Do you want to make your audience happy, relaxed, nervous, excited or sad? Please choose the right music. Fortunately, many music libraries can search for bookmarks using emotion-based meta tags.

Because of music, don’t let yourself interfere with the video. If you have narration in the video, record the sound and instrument (guitar, violin, trumpet) that you can hit. Do not suddenly change your mood or instrument when choosing music. Do not use traditional pop songs (hair-chorus-bridge) as they will distract you from the video. Select a fixed music whose track is unchanged or slightly increased.


Come to 3rd step: Where and how to get the perfect voice over for your video narration

Video Editing Course Voice Over

Video Editing Course Voice Over

Make studio sounds and standard recordings at home or in your bedroom. Audio voice-over recording improvements just at your fingertips.

Your choice of Voice Over (VO) will literally become your brand’s voice. The right voice can create real, lasting emotional bonds between your brand and your customers. Misunderstandings can isolate your potential customers by negatively impacting your product. This is why choosing the right voice for the artist is crucial. Here are the tips to help you complete the process and determine the ideal audio artist for your company’s next video. One of the most common questions a client asks is whether it is better to use a male or female voice for your corporate video? There is no definitive study of the relative efficiency of male and female viewers. In a survey of 2,200 Malaysia adults conducted by us, 46 percent thought that women’s voices were more appropriate, and 48 percent thought men’s voices were more reliable. Obviously, this does not provide accurate evidence to demonstrate the benefit of the other party. Does this mean that male or female voice selection is not important? This incomplete, One problem with this study is that people are not particularly good at assessing why certain sounds are convincing. Many marketing experts say that there are good reasons to choose a female voice artist and vice versa.

It may be hard to choose a voice over actor to know where to begin. With so many dubbing Voice Over choice in Fiverr. The choice between them may be difficult. This is why it cooperates with video production training like us. We choose a reliable dubbing artist who once worked in Fiverr with us before. You can also block dubbing artists so that the artist’s voice meets your specific needs. The “style” of reading a speech is as important as the speech you choose. Changing the way a person provides information in a particular way will greatly affect the final video … and not everyone can read each style. When choosing a sound for your video, consider the reading style you want, the information it provides, and the stories you want to list. You must also consider your audience preferences and final video version. Consider using multiple voices for long texts or personal works so that everything is fun.


4th step comes: Equip yourself with convenience and budget control in videography section, camera, lighting, and voice recording tools for shooting list

Video Editing Course videography equipment

Video Editing Course Videography equipment

A good video photographer knows his camera. When Junior is in the first step in the backyard or video space, he should be able to adjust the shutter speed, turn off the autofocus or do other necessary things to capture the best video. In other words, learn cameras from home and abroad. Read the manual – twice. Learn to access menus, lists contain settings, etc. If necessary, keep the bed within reach of the arm (wrap a 3 x 5 card, drill it and tie it to the neckband). A bit of research and preparation can be a good help, so you can shoot better videos.

Camera for Videography
We recommend using at least two cameras. Especially for handwritten videos that do not contain photographs or B volumes (people talking over the phone, walking around the park, walking around the office, attending meetings and many other thematic activities and reducing film screenings). This allows you to crop other movies and screens without any problems. For example, if the beginning of the lens is better than the other, you can change the angle to keep the video flowing.

Using a videography tripod
It seems much more difficult than a great application. Most home videos seem unstable after all. You can use a fixed lens if you install the camera on a RM 120 tripod. At the same time, you can also edit your zoom lens and shoot in front of the camera. Do not trust the digital image stabilization function of the camera. All this is reduced to the center of the frame, which reduces the video resolution. Optical image stabilization is better, but you can not overcome a tripod.

Raise the lighting for Video Moments
The easiest way to overcome lighting problems is to shoot outdoors, where even cloudy days produce enough ambient light to make your video clear and colorful. If it’s sunny, try the sun in the sky when you shoot in the morning or in the afternoon. When it goes directly to the head, it lifts a shadow that does not please the subject’s face. When shooting outdoors is not an option, bring as much light to the room as you can. Turn on the light and turn on the outside light of the curtain. If the camera has a built-in indicator, use it. At least, this will help draw faces in close-ups. The external lights mounted on the shoes are also useful. Many cameras allow you to adjust the guide to light aperture, white balance, shutter speed and other settings, but this requires you to do so until now unless it is a very high end of the model.


5th step: Location and scenery for your video research before you start to roll your camera, Location Scouting

Video Editing Course Location Scouting

Video Editing Course Location Scouting

Choose a location that matches the composition of your storyline. This is the first research rule of the shooting location. When you begin to evaluate the site, you can find innumerable possibilities: natural areas, historical sites, unique buildings, urban landscapes and coastal environments. Remember, the most important thing is that you have a story to tell. Choose a location that suits the story you want to make. You should never be restricted by your site. These websites are only raw materials. Before finding a suitable location, you need to know what the script needs.

A bad lighting solution can be as easy to find curtains and curtains made to increase natural light. In some cases, it is necessary to request permission to replace the bulb with a writer device that can acquire or use lighting. Light church, disco, restaurant, hall, looking at the house, the lighting is generally restricted. You can control the light level by recording a few seconds of the test screen using your camera.

The lack of traffic, the white noise that flows and the echoes of sound and movement are available through high-quality audio. When you explore the place, use your headphones to listen to the camera’s microphone and verify these conditions. Test the wireless microphone on the site and listen carefully for this interference. Listening to clear, high-quality sounds is very important for the video to exceed normal levels. And silently sure to get the sound of your location.


Hereby, 6th step: Shooting and video recording footages and interview shooting tips and technique

Video Editing Course Videography Shooting Skills

Video Editing Course Videography Shooting Skills

This is a professional guideline to set in an appropriate way without excessive expenses. As a videographer, this is a valuable tool for your future. Since you do not need to waste valuable time, you can avoid the cost of expensive equipment. The camera is full of features and you can use them all. However, it is good to determine the type of imaging you want. Please select the right camera, read these tips, and learn how to use your camera to shoot professional-quality videos.

A camcorder is the best solution to start a deal. From home theaters to YouTube videos, it’s even good to filming a short film. If you are ready for the professionals and invest heavily in the device, you will find professional video cameras that provide attractive video 4K resolution and will provide you with many contacts and professional settings. Now professional video experts are able to take great aerial photos with a multi-purpose UAV. If you’re looking for a bold video from the first person’s perspective, you’ll need to move the camera. Many aspiring filmmakers shoot high-quality videos using SLR cameras.

Fill the frame with your theme, don’t be afraid, just put a little bit. For example, when taking a picture of a child in a swimming pool, it is often visually interesting to pick up a child who is talking, laughing, and leaning slightly to the left and right of the center. Use wide-angle lenses with caution. To locate, you need to rely on a wide range of settings, but please explain this in more detail afterward. Focus on details such as the red lanterns hanging in the streets of PJ Chinatown and the sun-exposed of the KL old street can be flown more than the traditional distance.


7th step: Post-production is part of the photography, video production, and videography process. Post-production includes all stages of production after taking or recording individual program video clips

Video Editing Course Post Production

Video Editing Course Post Production

Video Editing can be a complicated process, but this video editing course and flowchart will help you understand the whole thing better. Anyway, postproduction is part of the process that threatens people as much as possible in step of video editing. This is not difficult steps. Postproduction is not like people think is difficult, as long as you progress in stages with correct way. Your first phone can be your videographer tool but hates it, but you can take it to some excellent editors. What you need to know about postproduction and the completion of the movie are the steps below. Do only one step at a time, in the order shown. We have to continue learning and relearning to maintain a high level of video editing technology, so we must ensure that all new products are equal or higher than previous products. Specifically, you will also study semi-production, major production and postproduction processes.

In the 21st century, many companies required sophisticated video communication across the internet, spreading information on products and services all over the world and spreading it. Visual communication is a necessary and necessary skill for today marketing and social media reach. The video editing skills will help you connect your vision with the global staff or audience that connects visually through smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart TVs. As a multimedia product, it has access to many users of navigation that use one of the most effective video formats.

Post-production process: Selection of editing programs: The first step in post-production is choosing the editing program. By choosing the editing application you can run the workflow smoothly and spend less monthly and your cash. You can make a decision based on the needs of the creative editor and the original coordination of the video. You need to balance the two, we will consult you on this steps with the application needed for editing.

Post Production Process: Music: The next step in the post-production process is to include the desired music in your video. The best way is to make music in the studio and create new music for the movie. Because the producer was in violation of the law, we did not use the music used in the movie before. If you purchased the right to use the music, you can add it to your movie. You may try to subscribe to download from music provider website. Producers tend not to always use compressed music previously cleaned due to their low quality. Since the use of traditional music and general music is dangerous, it is better to use modern music types in the movies.

Music mixing: The portion of the mixed or rerecorded film contains the sound configuration of the entire video. After completing all the previous steps, a series of music was prepared, including songs, background music, etc. Just manage these sounds effectively in the entire corporate video. Music and Effects (M & E): This is part of the video finishing production. You need to sell movie use it for a foreign country. An international user requires a voice recording that is not affected by the English conversation so that conversations can be expressed in the desired manner base on their region. Therefore, it is better to get a copy of the music and film effect separately.


8th step: A Final video for the multi-platform, online and offline purpose

video editing course understanding video formats

video editing course understanding video formats

If you edit the video and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo or creating an offline video, there is definitely a problem. What video format do you need to output? There are hundreds of video formats and choosing the right video for your project can be annoying. In out video editing course, we collected some information to help understand the following issues for video format you should export. It is a powerful and easy-to-use video editor that allows you to import and export all video file formats such as MKV, MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, MPEG, GIF. In addition, it allows you to copy video files to DVD or Send them directly to your phone. It is a powerful and easy-to-use video editor progrms that can import and export all video file formats such as MKV, MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, MPEG, GIF etc. You can also copy the video file to a DVD or directly to a mobile phone, or share on Facebook, Youtube or your own website.

If you are looking for something that can be quickly rendered and played on most machines, then there is nothing wrong with H.264. The H.264 codec is designed to maximize the low bit rate and quality of small files and is actually one of the most common encoding standards for Blu-ray.

The Quicktime MOV format is one of the best options for exporting alpha channels. Apple Quicktime is the pioneer in Video Editing World. Although it is harder to play than other formats, it offers high image fidelity and reasonable file size. Quicktime has many other formats like MP4 and H.264, but MOV is ideal for Alpha channels. Please note that if you use Quicktime, you need to install the format manually.


Video Works from our previous Students

Videography process, the trainer explained how lights work.


The final project works for Corporate Video from TLP Terminal Johor Corporation


Drone scene shoot and edited by Students


Video Editing Course

Complete Video Editing Training Course Workshop

Kursus SEO Malaysia

Kursus SEO Malaysia

Habiskan Video Percuma kita tentang Tips & Tricks dalam SEO Google Malaysia,  ia pasti dapat tolong anda masuk dalam Google dalam tempat yang tinggi. Kalau anda nak advance skills, tolong hubungi kita untuk Kursus SEO Malaysia full course.

Kesan hosting pada SEO laman web anda, dan bagaimana anda boleh memilih syarikat hosting yang betul.

Rank # 1 di Google: The 2017 Kursus SEO Complete

Apa yang Anda Akan Belajar?
1st Rank halaman dalam Google
Mencipta kandungan yang akan meningkatkan ranking SEO keseluruhan mereka
Menyesuaikan laman web mereka supaya lebih mesra SEO dengan reka bentuk yang responsif
Menarik pelanggan yang berpotensi dengan kandungan lebih mesra SEO

Kursus ini direka untuk memudahkan amalan terbaik Optimization Search Engine supaya anda boleh memahami bagaimana untuk mendapatkan laman web anda ke pangkat setinggi mungkin dalam enjin carian seperti Google dan Bing.

Senarai Semak SEO anda: 4 Langkah untuk Mengoptimakan Laman Web Anda

Langkah 1: Analisis Target Market Perniagaan

Analisis laman web. Menganalisa set meta / kata kunci, teks boleh dilihat dan kod untuk menentukan bagaimana anda diletakkan untuk enjin carian. Sebagai contoh, berapa banyak kod yang anda ada di halaman berbanding teks?

Analisis kompetitif. Pemeriksaan kata kunci kandungan dan kedudukan enjin semasa laman web kompetitif untuk menentukan yang berkesan strategi kedudukan enjin. Memilih lima keputusan atas dalam hasil penyenaraian Google untuk memulakan proses ini. Buka perlu. Penggunaan alat-alat seperti dan

Menguasai seni SEO menggunakan terbukti, teknik mudah dan berkesan.

Cari apa yang SEO dan bagaimana ia berfungsi untuk perniagaan
Belajar tentang kata kunci dan bagaimana untuk menggunakannya
Memahami bagaimana untuk mencipta kandungan yang menarik pautan dan saham dalam talian
Menikmati kajian kes kehidupan sebenar termasuk manusia yang menyelamatkan perniagaannya dengan SEO

Pencalonan kata kunci awal. Pembangunan senarai orang yang diutamakan istilah carian disasarkan yang berkaitan dengan pangkalan pelanggan anda dan segmen pasaran. Mulakan dengan ini: Apa yang anda akan menaip ke dalam enjin carian untuk mencari laman web perniagaan anda atau laman? Kemudian, minta pelanggan anda!

Langkah 2: Kata kunci Penyelidikan dan Pembangunan

Analisis kata kunci ( Keyword Research). Pencalonan, lagi mengenal pasti senarai yang disasarkan kata kunci dan frasa. Menyemak senarai kompetitif dan lain-lain sumber industri berkaitan. Gunakan senarai awal anda untuk menentukan jumlah yang menunjukkan pertanyaan enjin carian baru-baru ini dan berapa banyak laman web yang bersaing untuk setiap kata kunci. Utamakan kata kunci dan frasa, bentuk jamak, singulars dan salah ejaan. (Jika pengguna carian biasa tersalah eja kata kunci, anda perlu mengenal pasti dan menggunakannya). Sila ambil perhatian bahawa Google akan cuba untuk membetulkan istilah apabila mencari, jadi menggunakan ini dengan baik.

Kedudukan asas penilaian (Baseline ranking assessment.). Anda perlu memahami di mana anda berada sekarang untuk menilai dengan tepat kedudukan masa depan anda. Menyimpan lembaran Excel mudah untuk memulakan proses. Semak mingguan bermula. Apabila anda menjadi lebih selesa, periksa setiap 30 hingga 45 hari. Anda akan dapat melihat peningkatan dalam trafik laman web, petunjuk utama kemajuan untuk kata kunci anda. Beberapa pengoptimalan akan mengatakan bahawa kedudukan mati. Ya, trafik dan penukaran adalah lebih penting, tetapi kita menggunakan kedudukan sebagai petunjuk.

Matlamat dan Objektif SEO Anda. Jelas menentukan matlamat anda terlebih dahulu supaya anda benar-benar boleh mengukur ROI anda dari mana-mana program yang anda melaksanakan. Mula mudah, tetapi jangan skip langkah ini. Contoh: Anda boleh membuat keputusan untuk meningkatkan trafik laman web dari aras semasa 100 pelawat sehari untuk 200 pengunjung sepanjang 30 hari yang akan datang. Atau anda mungkin mahu untuk meningkatkan kadar penukaran semasa anda satu peratus kepada dua dalam tempoh yang ditetapkan. Anda mungkin bermula dengan peringkat tertinggi, nombor agregat, tetapi anda perlu menggerudi ke dalam halaman tertentu yang boleh menambah baik produk, perkhidmatan dan jualan perniagaan.

Letakkan frasa carian strategik di setiap muka surat. Mengintegrasikan kata kunci yang dipilih ke dalam kod sumber laman web anda dan kandungan sedia ada di muka surat yang ditetapkan. Pastikan untuk memohon garis panduan yang dicadangkan adalah 1-3 kata kunci / frasa setiap halaman kandungan dan menambah lebih banyak halaman untuk melengkapkan senarai. Pastikan perkataan yang berkaitan yang digunakan sebagai kemasukan semula jadi kata kunci anda. Ia membantu enjin carian dengan pantas menentukan halaman adalah tentang. Pendekatan semula jadi untuk ini kerja-kerja yang terbaik. Pada masa lalu, 100 hingga 300 patah perkataan pada halaman yang telah disyorkan. Banyak ujian menunjukkan bahawa halaman dengan 800 hingga 2,000 perkataan boleh mengatasi orang-orang yang lebih pendek. Akhirnya, pengguna, pasaran, kandungan dan pautan akan menentukan populariti dan kedudukan nombor.

Membangunkan Sitemap baru untuk Google. Membuat ia lebih mudah untuk enjin carian untuk indeks laman web anda. Buat kedua-dua versi HTML XML dan. Versi HTML adalah langkah pertama. Sitemap XML boleh dikemukakan melalui Google dan Bing alat webmaster.

Menghantar laman web ke direktori (penggunaan terhad). pemasar carian profesional tidak menghantar URL kepada enjin carian utama, tetapi ada kemungkinan untuk berbuat demikian. Cara yang lebih baik dan lebih cepat adalah untuk mendapatkan link kembali ke laman web anda secara semulajadi. Pautan mendapatkan laman web anda diindeks oleh enjin carian. Walau bagaimanapun, anda perlu mengemukakan URL anda ke direktori seperti Yahoo! (Dibayar), (dibayar) dan dmoz (percuma). Sesetengah boleh memilih untuk memasukkan AdSense ( skrip pada laman web baru untuk mendapatkan bot Google Media mereka untuk melawat. Ia mungkin akan mendapatkan halaman anda diindeks dengan cepat.

Langkah 3: Optimization Kandungan dan Penyerahan

Tajuk halaman anda untuk SEO. tajuk berasaskan kata kunci membantu mewujudkan tema halaman dan hala tuju bagi kata kunci anda.

Kepentingan tag meta. tag meta description boleh mempengaruhi klik-lewat tetapi tidak digunakan secara langsung untuk kedudukan. (Google tidak menggunakan tag kata kunci lagi.)

Langkah 4: Ujian Berterusan dan Pengukuran

Ujian dan mengukur. Menganalisis kedudukan enjin carian dan trafik web untuk menentukan keberkesanan program yang anda telah dilaksanakan, termasuk penilaian prestasi kata kunci. Menguji keputusan perubahan, dan perubahan dikesan dalam spreadsheet Excel, atau apa sahaja yang anda fikirkan sesuai.

Penyelenggaraan. Selain berterusan dan pengubahsuaian kata kunci dan kandungan laman web yang perlu untuk terus meningkatkan kedudukan enjin carian supaya pertumbuhan tidak gerai atau penurunan daripada pengabaian. Anda juga mahu untuk mengkaji semula strategi link anda dan memastikan bahawa pautan masuk dan keluar anda berkaitan dengan perniagaan anda. Blog boleh memberikan anda struktur yang diperlukan dan mengurangkan kandungan tambahan yang anda perlukan.

Panduan Lengkap untuk SEO
Baru 2017 Faktor Kedudukan

Page Speed
Bagaimana-2 Second Peningkatan dalam laman Speed ​​= 100% Peningkatan Penukaran
A Way Sangat Mudah untuk Buat Laman Anda Run Pantas
A Few Notes & Alternatives untuk Anda
Membuat beban laman web anda lebih cepat untuk sesiapa sahaja di dunia
Perkhidmatan percuma yang Melindungi Laman Anda dan Meningkatkan Kelajuan laman
Seperti Cookies untuk Laman Web Anda Tetapi lebih baik
Ini secara besar-besaran Akan Kurangkan Page Your Load Time
Berikut Berapa Banyak Pantas Laman ini Menjadi
A Cleaner, crisper, Tapak Pantas dalam 3 minit

Laman web mudah alih mesra
Telefon pintar Penggunaan Internet Tops Desktop: Cara Membuat laman anda mesra mudah alih
Bagaimana untuk Memerah A Little More Daripada Mobile Page Your Load Time
Cara paling mudah untuk membuat laman web anda kelihatan baik pada Smartphone: Demo A
Menyimpan Laman Anda Light
Tema Yang Membuat laman anda mesra mudah alih
Page Speed ​​Senarai Semak

Data & Analytics
Cara Setup Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) & Preferred Domain Anda
Jaminan Bahawa Google Mendapati Laman Anda Dengan ini
Menyediakan Analytics dan memautnya ke Konsol Carian untuk Malah Lebih Data
Bing Percuma SEO Tools: The Other 30% Search

Optimization Webpage

  • 12 Perkara Anda Perlu Termasuk dalam Setiap Post Hit Page 1 Google
  • Bagaimana untuk Tambah Kesemua ini Elements Jika Anda Coding Sendiri
  • A Rare, Terbukti Strategi Membuat Kadar Klik Melalui pergi melalui bumbung (Really)
  • Rahsia Judul New Google dan Cara Mudah Come Up dalam Carian Imej
  • Bagaimana Membuat Google & Pelawat Anda Happy: pakaian pastur & 301s (dalam Plain English)
  • Janagan buat kandungan Duplicate
  • Cara Elakkan kandungan Duplicate
  • 301 Peralihan & pakaian pastur untuk Semua Laman Web Lain-lain
  • 4 Jenis Post Tetapan dan Bagaimana Mereka Kesan SEO
  • Bagaimana untuk Peribadikan Posts Anda ke Google dan Pembaca Anda
  • Meningkatkan jumlah Time People Luangkan Pada Laman Anda & Cari Kedudukan Kedudukan
  • Easy Way untuk Meningkatkan Masa di Laman dan Memberi Lebih Sumber untuk Pembaca Anda
  • 2 Sites Anda Boleh Gunakan untuk diperiksa Your Link
  • Laman web Analisis Senarai Semak

Kandungan & Kata Kunci – contents and keywords
Pengenalan kepada Kata-kata Perancangan dan Penciptaan Kandungan
Cara Mudah untuk mula berfikir tentang Kata Kunci
3 laman web yang percuma yang Akan Buat 1,000 s Kata-kata Idea untuk Anda
Kata kunci, Perkataan Carian Perkataan dan Lain Yang Min Thing yang sama: Bagaimana Mereka Bantuan
4 Kaedah untuk Cari Segera Cadangan Kata-kata Great dan Idea Post
Perancang Kata Kunci Google
The Right Kata kunci untuk Cybi dan Posts Anda dengan Video
Cari Daripada Apa Terma dan Berkaitan Search Adakah Mendapatkan Pelawat ke Laman Anda
Bagaimana untuk Pergi Dari Page ke-2 atau ke-3 Search Keputusan untuk 1st yang

Keywords Long-Tail
Bagaimana Keywords Dengan Lower Cari Volume Sebenarnya Buat Anda More Money
Program yang Sangat Mencari Kata kunci Long-Tail
Cara paling mudah Berada untuk Keywords Perbualan & Long-Tail

Rank Semakan & Menganjurkan Ideas Post anda
Bagaimana Semak pesaing anda Kata-kata Rankings Anywhere Di Dunia
Dapatkan Volum Cari untuk 1,000 + Kata kunci dalam 2 minit
Mengambil Pelawat Anda dari Pembaca kasual kepada Pelanggan Loyal: The Art of SEO
Analisis Kata-kata Senarai Semak

Peluang Bangunan Link: Satu Pengenalan
Bangunan Link Baru: Page Rank No More

Tinggi SEO Backlinks Kebolehlihatan
Bagaimana untuk Dapatkan Pautan anda ke Page 1 untuk kata kunci yang sangat kompetitif …
Cara lain untuk Dapatkan Pautan Bernilai dari Berita Domain
Dapatkan Pautan Berkuasa Tinggi Dengan ini Carian Google Mudah

Bagaimana untuk Pergi Viral dalam 3 Langkah
Pasang Plugin & Double Ini Saham anda
Maka Adakah ini & Go Viral. Wash. Bilas. Mengulangi.

Yang Maha Penting Platform Media sosial untuk SEO
Letakkan Perniagaan Tempatan anda pada Peta & ke jalan yang betul Search Keputusan
Bagaimana untuk Hit Page 1 of Search Results Setiap Masa
Dapatkan 40% Lebih Tinggi Kadar klik dengan ini

Perjuangan anda untuk menjadi Google SEO tinggi dalam 1ast page, tidak bermula dengan analisis dan kata kunci, ia sebenarnya bermula apabila anda mencari sebuah syarikat hosting dan memilih nama Domain.

Walaupun hoting yang baik tidak akan meningkatkan kedudukan anda atau menjamin anda satu tempat di bahagian atas. Tapi ia akan merosakkan peluang anda membina kredit SEO dengan Google, Bing, dan enjin carian lain.



Kelajuan dalam enjin carian – Google Search Engine

Sejak amalan SEO biasa berkaitan dengan laman web pengekodan (mis meta description tag, tag tajuk, tag H1, H2 tag, dll), mungkin ada yang bertanya: “apakah hosting mempunyai kaitan dengan SEO?” Malah, Google baru-baru ini telah mengumumkan bahawa Page Speed ​​adalah satu faktor dalam algoritma kedudukan carian. Jadi lebih cepat beban laman web anda, lebih baik ia berada di Google. Dengan itu yang berkata, ia masuk akal untuk pemilik laman web untuk memilih pembekal perkhidmatan web hosting yang lebih dipercayai untuk tujuan SEO. Di samping itu, segelintir pembekal web hosting menawarkan fungsi yang dipanggil “laman web mengoptimumkan”. Pada asasnya, perkhidmatan ini secara automatik memampatkan semua fail sebelum fail dihantar kepada penonton. Jika perkhidmatan ini disediakan dalam pelan hosting web anda, akan ada butang yang dipanggil “laman web mengoptimumkan” di cPanel anda. pelan Hosting Ultra dan Unlimited Doteasy yang menawarkan perkhidmatan ini. Ia adalah idea yang baik untuk meminta sokongan teknikal daripada pembekal perkhidmatan web hosting sebelum melanggan perkhidmatan mereka.

Ciri-ciri asas Free Web Hosting

Mencari penyelesaian web hosting percuma adalah satu keputusan yang penting. Cuba mengenal pasti tuan rumah web yang boleh dipercayai boleh menjadi satu tugas yang mudah terutama dengan begitu banyak pembekal perkhidmatan dan pilihan yang ada pada masa kini. Baling dalam lembaran ciri dan janji-janji, tugas itu boleh menjadi yang jauh lebih menakutkan.

Menukar Perkhidmatan Pembekal  Web Hosting

Terdapat banyak sebab mengapa individu atau syarikat-syarikat mahu menukar kepada sebuah syarikat web hosting baru. Ia boleh menjadi semudah ruang simpanan tidak mencukupi atau jalur lebar, atau ia mungkin disebabkan oleh perkhidmatan pelanggan, atau kurang daripadanya. Lebih mudah berkata daripada dilakukan? Berubah untuk sebuah syarikat web hosting baru mungkin bunyi seperti satu tugas yang mudah, tetapi ia tidak perlu menjadi kompleks itu – terdapat hanya beberapa perkara yang perlu diingat.

laman web Percuma vs Facebook – yang pertama?

Jadi anda telah memutuskan sudah tiba masanya untuk mewujudkan kehadiran dalam talian untuk perniagaan anda. teman anda mencadangkan mendapatkan laman web anda sendiri; anak remaja anda berkata, Facebook Pages adalah percuma dan apatah lagi berjuta-juta pengguna yang anda boleh mencapai! Sekarang yang mana satu yang anda pilih, laman web anda sendiri atau Page Facebook?

Adalah web percuma hosting pembekal menjanjikan anda perkara yang ia tidak boleh menyampaikan?

Walaupun pembekal hosting web percuma yang paling dihormati boleh membuat janji-janji yang tidak boleh menyimpan. Walaupun beberapa janji-janji ini kelihatan tidak berbahaya atau tidak penting, sesetengah orang mungkin berpendapat bahawa ia tidak pernah hak untuk mengelirukan pelanggan anda.

Apa itu Web Hosting?

Web hosting adalah perkhidmatan yang membolehkan organisasi dan individu untuk menghantar halaman laman web atau web di Internet. Sebuah host web atau web hosting pembekal perkhidmatan, adalah perniagaan yang menyediakan teknologi dan perkhidmatan yang diperlukan untuk laman web atau halaman web untuk dilihat di Internet. Laman web yang menjadi tuan rumah, atau disimpan, pada komputer khas yang dipanggil pelayan.

Apa Jenis Hosting Adakah Anda Perlu?

Terdapat banyak web hosting pilihan yang ada pada masa kini: web hosting percuma, shared hosting, dedicated server, dan senarai seterusnya. Semua pilihan ini menjadi tujuan yang sama, yang menjadi tuan rumah kandungan anda supaya ia boleh diakses dan dilihat oleh orang di Internet. Perbezaan utama adalah bagaimana setiap distrukturkan serta faedah yang mereka tawarkan.

Youtube Video Production Service

Youtube Video Production Service

If you want to play your video on YouTube, the video sharing platform is the most popular in the world, you need a global leader in cloud-based video production company to produce a beautiful video for you to reach your new clients and to whole world clients.
Youtube Video Production Service Malaysia

Youtube Video Production Service

We create your Youtube Video ads, like what you see on TV or online, is (90 seconds or less) for brand promotion videos to promote your company, product or service. Business video is a high level and does not go into the details of what you do and how to do it, which will explain the video of the interpreter.

Advertising video is designed to attract the eye, earn interest, let people do what you excited. This is an effort to attract potential customers. Whether you need to do any kind of video, from the company to interview and all ad content, we have the right team for you. However, we not only make a great video, but for confirmation on a global scale, and smooth running.

All the time and the budget is done-based video platform 90 seconds for everyone in the loop. This means that you do not have any surprises with missing deadlines, places or any other problems. You only have video experts Malaysia’s affordable video services for your Youtube ads.

When should i use Youtube for my Commercial Video?
Video ads can be used at the top of the channel. They are the most useful, produced by the awareness of products or services and excitement. Before TV, we recommend the so-called, and in YouTube, Facebook and other social media channels sent to your ads. Just remember that to get traction, you may need to invest some marketing expenses to promote your site.

Video involves a lot of time, energy and skills. In order to achieve it, we have developed a step-by-step process. We have years of experience to improve our approach.

Our steps of Video Production to help you for Video Marketing using Youtube

First, come up with a concept. Before you can do anything, you will need to decide for your video concept. How do you want this video to finish? The audience What is the message you want to convey? If you do not have this important first step, you may make a movie you do not talk to your audience and promote your marketing goals.

Second, write the script. With dial-up concept, now is sit down and write the script immediately. Your script should be easy to understand for your target video, and includes any camera angle changes, wardrobe or background.

Third, carry out pre-production plan. At the very least, the pre-production plan is obtained by finding the location, obtaining the license, and if necessary, to get the equipment you need, learn your script, talk about the actors on their own roles, determine the budget, and choose the time and date of the shoot. As we said, the above list is very basic. There seems to be endless other details of the camera battery, make-up, wardrobe, etc., which need to be resolved before shooting.

Fourth, the video shoot. a great day! As pre-production planning, like, days of filming there are a million details. If you are from the first three steps to complete the work required, you should be running smoothly. If not, you will be arrested on the day of distress.

Fifth edit the video. Editing software has become easier to use. However, any more than the basic editor, it is wise to seek the help of professionals. A good editor has a picky eye that can help you make effective videos.

Sixth, the encoded video. To be successful, your video must be encoded correctly. This will allow maximum distribution and monitoring of multiple devices (including smart phones, tablet and desktop).

Seventh, distribution and optimization of video. For your web video to help your SEO work, it needs to be properly optimized and distributed through the appropriate channels. This means adding the title and describing the content right, selecting the correct classification of the video and using the title at the appropriate time.

Eight, the production of a promotional video last step is to promote the video. Depending on your video object, which could mean social media release for local news, get shares and likes or add videos to your e-mail newsletter on. We help you plan and implement online promotions for your videos using Youtube.

There are several brands of things we need to do, this will make sure that each video stand out. One of them is the use of brand recognition and outro.

YouTube Intro: start 3-5 seconds to show clips, showcase your brand.
YouTube outro: run off, you can display the video images as easily as channels or require users to like and subscribe to video.


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Video Editing Course Malaysia Asia

Video Editing Course Malaysia Asia

video editing montage training course malaysia 2017

video editing montage training course malaysia 2017

You will learn from this Shoot and Edit Video Like a Pro Training Course Workshop Malaysia:

Film and edit video on the smartphone
Make short films and documentaries
Plan and produce short form video
Turn your iPhone into a pro video camera
Substantially increase the quality of your videos

How can i get from this process?
Plan a video production from start to finish
Understand why some types of videos work better than others
Master the basics of storytelling videos
6-piece lens, you can easily shoot and edit mobile video
Edit your video on your phone
Making short films and documentaries
Production of corporate videos
Where can I find a paid freelance job?

Whether you are using a smartphone, a webcam or a digital SLR or a mirrored camera, lighting is one of the most important parts of video production. You will learn how to use free and cheap lighting technology and how to use the three-point lighting system Lighting kits such as professionals.

Once you know all about shooting video, you’ll learn how to use editing to make your video better and more appealing. You will learn how to find free music for your videos, how to design better titles, and how to use Call-to-action to increase interaction and conversion.

After all, you will learn how to better share your videos with the world. Learn how to choose the right platform for your video content. Get more comments, share and share our social media sharing tips and learn how to pass our Best practice to expand your YouTube channel.

Video course from the outset, beginning, this is about providing great video idea. You will learn what makes a good video, and how your target audience to provide video theme. You will be taken to ensure smooth video through the process of pre-production.

Before describing how to shoot video, we will introduce the recommended equipment. We share our favorite devices in accordance with their capabilities – including cameras, audio equipment, lighting kits and editing application.

You will learn the basics of photography, such as how to expose your video, how to write a great shot, how to shoot yourself, how to get more attention and how to stabilize the lens. We will introduce methods DSLR, no mirrors, smart phones and cameras camera.

You will learn how to record high quality audio. First, we will explain the various types of microphones and how to choose the right microphone for your video project. Then, you will learn how to use different types of microphones. In addition, you will learn how to record audio in any environment, including to eliminate echo.

You will learn the key issues from Our Video Course Malaysia:

Please refer to the theme of the video, people would like to watch and share
Owner manual mode for shooting video in a digital SLR camera, no mirrors or professional film camera
Exposing and combination shots better tell your story
smart phones, network cameras and play stunning video screenshot
Professional and technical illuminate your video on a small budget
Using different microphones for crisp and clean audio recording in any environment
Edit video, making it more attractive
To know what to buy equipment to make a great video
Exporting the best quality video for online viewing
For more perspective on social media, like and share
YouTube channel growth, and ultimately bring benefits


How to make your perfect Corporate Video for your company?

Not all corporate videos have the same purpose and should not be equal. Some videos are aimed at getting new customers, other new employees. Some videos want to sell or sell products, others may be more expensive for your company’s brand awareness as a whole. Think about what your company offers and how you provide video.

Customer testimonials can show people their products and customer service, as well as a good way to show the value of your company or product. The employee’s testimony can recruit an effective way for new employees. Product reviews can help potential customers understand products and make smarter buying decisions. Video and Astaro website “how” can show your expertise in your field and provide consumers with valuable experience. You can even try to make a short documentary about your product offering customers.

A planning for your corporate video

While the art of filmmaking can confuse you, logistics behind it will probably become second nature for most small business owners. If you’ve ever had to make sure something gets done, you have the basic skills to produce. As most business leaders well know, between getting things done is a good plan, you’re thinking, so do not rush to your video.

Once you create a goal, consider that people are companies that need video entry? What external resources are needed? What is the budget? Timeline? These are just some of the questions you should ask before, but basically have a mean plan considering what needs to get done for a video, how it will be done, who will do it, and when it will be done. Do not try to do it alone. Video is a medium with and requires a team, look for people in your company who are interested in this type of creative expression or hire a professional.

Connect to find, use, or record your story comments

When considering the purpose of the video to support the story, we realize that not all the stories are the same. Some have more emotional feeling others, some are funny, some action. Video spent time and money, there is no reason to spend money on video a valuable resource that is not good. When you plan your video, assuming that you have a story to tell, and what are the most powerful.

For example, the industry attractive or interesting, from customer suggestions will be better than the more traditional. Looking to hire? Employees who are confident speaker and advocate for big companies will do the cameras of those who choose to quietly work better. Watching your skills are not used to “how”? If you are a small business is to find a way to connect your skills to everyday problems or themes, the accountant can explain the terms of the tax base or to compile financial data. Talk about your team and think about how your video to the company’s experience and the experience of shopping fun. Remember to keep it simple and keep it short!

“In planning your video, you should consider telling stories, one of the most powerful method.”

Now that you have produced a video, and be willing to share with the world, you need an effective start. Many filmmakers say, the film would not be complete before the audience can not see. Your video is true. So do not catch up with production and post-production, you forgot to marketing and distribution.
YouTube is a good place to host the video. In addition to being the most popular video hosting outside, it is the second largest after Google’s popular search engine, Google’s search results is also very prominent.

More important than the promotion is hosted. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites and e-mail list of your company is a good way video transmission. Be careful not to abuse too many, but a few video clips occasionally update will be truly appreciated by many people.

In addition to social media on your own, you can also try posting your video to the publication, in particular, may need video content smaller trade publication. Depending on your video, it can also be used for larger publications, but regardless of size, when you play a video on the issue, which means you do not know the people understand your company.

TLP Terminal Langsat Port Drone Footage

TLP Terminal Langsat Port Drone Scene

TLP Terminal Langsat Port Drone Scene Malaysia

TLP Terminal Langsat Port Drone Scene Malaysia

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