Youtube Video Production Service

Youtube Video Production Service

If you want to play your video on YouTube, the video sharing platform is the most popular in the world, you need a global leader in cloud-based video production company to produce a beautiful video for you to reach your new clients and to whole world clients.
Youtube Video Production Service Malaysia

Youtube Video Production Service

We create your Youtube Video ads, like what you see on TV or online, is (90 seconds or less) for brand promotion videos to promote your company, product or service. Business video is a high level and does not go into the details of what you do and how to do it, which will explain the video of the interpreter.

Advertising video is designed to attract the eye, earn interest, let people do what you excited. This is an effort to attract potential customers. Whether you need to do any kind of video, from the company to interview and all ad content, we have the right team for you. However, we not only make a great video, but for confirmation on a global scale, and smooth running.

All the time and the budget is done-based video platform 90 seconds for everyone in the loop. This means that you do not have any surprises with missing deadlines, places or any other problems. You only have video experts Malaysia’s affordable video services for your Youtube ads.

When should i use Youtube for my Commercial Video?
Video ads can be used at the top of the channel. They are the most useful, produced by the awareness of products or services and excitement. Before TV, we recommend the so-called, and in YouTube, Facebook and other social media channels sent to your ads. Just remember that to get traction, you may need to invest some marketing expenses to promote your site.

Video involves a lot of time, energy and skills. In order to achieve it, we have developed a step-by-step process. We have years of experience to improve our approach.

Our steps of Video Production to help you for Video Marketing using Youtube

First, come up with a concept. Before you can do anything, you will need to decide for your video concept. How do you want this video to finish? The audience What is the message you want to convey? If you do not have this important first step, you may make a movie you do not talk to your audience and promote your marketing goals.

Second, write the script. With dial-up concept, now is sit down and write the script immediately. Your script should be easy to understand for your target video, and includes any camera angle changes, wardrobe or background.

Third, carry out pre-production plan. At the very least, the pre-production plan is obtained by finding the location, obtaining the license, and if necessary, to get the equipment you need, learn your script, talk about the actors on their own roles, determine the budget, and choose the time and date of the shoot. As we said, the above list is very basic. There seems to be endless other details of the camera battery, make-up, wardrobe, etc., which need to be resolved before shooting.

Fourth, the video shoot. a great day! As pre-production planning, like, days of filming there are a million details. If you are from the first three steps to complete the work required, you should be running smoothly. If not, you will be arrested on the day of distress.

Fifth edit the video. Editing software has become easier to use. However, any more than the basic editor, it is wise to seek the help of professionals. A good editor has a picky eye that can help you make effective videos.

Sixth, the encoded video. To be successful, your video must be encoded correctly. This will allow maximum distribution and monitoring of multiple devices (including smart phones, tablet and desktop).

Seventh, distribution and optimization of video. For your web video to help your SEO work, it needs to be properly optimized and distributed through the appropriate channels. This means adding the title and describing the content right, selecting the correct classification of the video and using the title at the appropriate time.

Eight, the production of a promotional video last step is to promote the video. Depending on your video object, which could mean social media release for local news, get shares and likes or add videos to your e-mail newsletter on. We help you plan and implement online promotions for your videos using Youtube.

There are several brands of things we need to do, this will make sure that each video stand out. One of them is the use of brand recognition and outro.

YouTube Intro: start 3-5 seconds to show clips, showcase your brand.
YouTube outro: run off, you can display the video images as easily as channels or require users to like and subscribe to video.


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