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Tourism Digital Marketing Workshop

Tourism Digital Marketing Workshop for Matta members resources bank

This two-day Tour Digital Marketing workshop will teach experts in brand awareness that are now related to each other and how brand engagement can change how brands and customers communicate.


Know your specific customers and their future needs
Develop useful tools in e-Marketing
Identify the components of the digital marketing strategy
Build digital infrastructure
Develop your brand strategy

Planned content:

Pioneering tourism and digital transformation of the major issues
Improve your business/brand awareness
Create a person and unique proposition for your tour package and services
How to make fans / fans / customers
How to find your friends/clients online
How to determine your brand/company branding direction


Mr. Nang is a top creativity programs instructor specialized in digital marketing, artificial intelligence, graphic software, video, search engine optimization and web developer. He teaches these courses to over 1000 top entrepreneurs across countries. His courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands-on examples.

He is a TTC HRDF, Apple ASE, Adobe ACT, a Computer expert, a Blogger. His teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations. For his consistent and timely support to his students in creativity business, he was awarded “guide to success responder” badge.

He graduated in 2000 majored in Information Multimedia Design studied on Visual Communication and Computer Information Technology. Amongst his clients are Panasonic Malaysia, Warner Music and also IOI Group.

Welcome back members of Matta, glad to see you again here. Hope you enjoy the resources bank I create for you here. Please enjoy yourself here, if you need further assistant please drop me the message by fill up the form at the bottom page. Or, call me at +6010 220 6800. the private line for Matta members.

Workshop notes

Workshop slides


PC / Window Resources

PC Version – Software for Professional Video Editing – Adobe Premiere Pro

PC Version – Software for Professional Photo Editing – Adobe Photoshop

PC Version – Software for Professional Video Montage Effect –  Adobe After Effects

PC Version – Software for Professional Vector  Editing – Adobe Illustrator

Crack file for Adobe CS6 PC Version – Click Here

How to Crack Adobe CS6 PC Version – Click Here

Tutorials Video is coming soon

Market Research – Google keyword planner 2018

How to design a Facebook post using Adobe Photoshop

Full Basic Adobe Illustrator Training Videos

SEO Marketing Series Google search console


How to setup website domain hosting email account

Digital Market research similarweb – Research on your Competitors website and understand their weakness and strength

SEO Marketing Course Malaysia – WordPress Plugin Yoast SEO

 Accept Payment from Credit Card or Debit Card from Paypal Setup


Best trick to download a video from Facebook 2018

2 days Tourism Digital Marketing Workshop – Matta – Sabah Workstation

Tourism Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop Tourism Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop Tourism Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop Tourism Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop Tourism Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop Tourism Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop

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