Adobe Flash CC (Fundamentals to Intermediate)

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2 days

Course Description:

Now with new new life breathed into it, courtesy of the built-in ability to export Flash animations in browser and mobile device-friendly HTML, Javascript and CSS, Adobe Flash CC is once again a premier tool for innovative web content creation.  The tools within Flash helps one to create and manipulate a wide variety of objects ranging from a simple graphic design to a complex animation sequence, or to create fun interactive games.

Who Should Attend?

This course is meant for anyone who has no exposure to the features and functions of Flash. The topics covered provide the critical skills you need to create objects, web content animations and games in Flash.

What You Will Learn:

This course covers the techniques required to use Flash in web design, with a look at game design too.


This course is intended for students with little or no experience creating Flash animations, who want to create animations using Adobe Flash.


Certificate completion awarded once training complete.

Adobe Flash CC (Fundamentals to Intermediate) Course Outline

Lesson 1
Introduction to Adobe FlashCustomising the workspace, Zoom and scroll, Setting up document properties
Lesson 2
Creating ObjectsDrawing tools, Strokes and fills,Gradients and the Colour window,Alpha settings for drawn objects,The other tools,Working with text,Font rendering options, Tool modifiers, Importing from Illustrator
Lesson 3
TimelineWorking with layers, Key frames vs. Normal frames
Lesson 4
Working with ImagesAdding imported images, Converting images to vector, Adding a motion tween to an image, Alpha, brightness, tint and more
Lesson 5
Creating AnimationsShape tweens, Motion tweens, Object Guide Paths, Masks, Creating an animation with drawn objects, Creating a photo-montage animation, Publishing a movie, Preview options
Lesson 6
Building Flash web contentExporting to formats without the need for SWF
Lesson 7
Using the LibraryGraphic movie clip and button symbols, Creating a movie Preloader, Using the Align tools
Lesson 8
Movie ComponentsCreating a Template, Adding Scenes to a movie, Adding custom page elements, Adding action script to scenes, Creating button graphics, Adding interactivity to buttons, Email and URL links, Adding sounds to buttons and layers
Lesson 9
Getting it OnlinePlacing the movie into Dreamweaver, Adding Flash Video
Lesson 10
Creative Cloud and additional resourcesReview of additional resources