Facebook Marketing Training

There are multiple ways companies can leverage Facebook, including: brand awareness, customer engagement, and driving traffic to their website to name a few. Make sure your company is effectively using Facebook to obtain its maximum impact.


The social networking site Facebook has over 1 Billion active users worldwide. But, aside from staying connected with your friends, loved ones and other people across the world, Facebook can also help your business be a success through Facebook Marketing.

This course will take you to a deeper level of understanding of how Facebook can contribute to the success of your website or web page.

Who is this course for?

SME Business Owners, Corporate CEOs, Business Development Managers, Marketing Managers ,Sales Managers , Communication Managers or anyone else ,whichever industry you are in, who are keen to utilise the use of Social Media for their Business to drive traffic and covert them to results so that they get the best return on investment (ROI) from their online marketing efforts.

Assumed Knowledge

Basic knowledge on the use of Facebook is also required.

What you will learn

Participants on this course will learn how to:

  • Make and maintain their own business page on Facebook
    • Make use of the latest advances that Facebook offers which are very useful for their business
    • Cross promote their page
    • Make use of plugins and plugging it in to other plugins

Adding Facebook to your marketing strategy

  • Marketing the Facebook way
    • Focusing on Facebook features
    • Develop a Facebook marketing plan

Building your Facebook presence

  • Creating a page for your business
    • Implementing a content strategy
    • Building your fan base
    • Setting up groups, promotions and events
    • Cross promoting your page
    • Measure your page activity

Engaging in Facebook advertising

  • Checking out advertising options and strategies
    • Measuring and optimising ad activity

Riding the Facebook viral wave

  • Dressing up your Facebook page with applications
    • Getting the scoop on Facebook places and deals
    • Liking FacebooksLIKEbutton
    • Plugging into other plug ins