Social Media Training Course Bootcamp

This unique 3 day Social Media Blueprint for Business training course will teach you the ins and outs of the social media tools out there. Keeping pace with today’s savvy consumer means that you must have command of the latest social media marketing tools and know how to deploy them in your marketing strategy. In order to take advantage of the tremendous power of social media, you need to start with a hands-on approach to give you a plan, the tools and the know-how to make these state of the art marketing tools work for you and your organization.


A 3-day training course aimed at providing business owners with the tools and resources to command today’s latest digital strategies effectively and profitably. Perfect for Corporate marketing managers and directors, business-to-business or business-to-consumer marketers, advertising agency professionals, SME Owners and Management serious about using social media to attract new business.

  • How to determine which social media channels will best fit your audience and objectives
    • What metrics is important and how to measure social media in your organization
    • How to put together a social media strategy and tactical plan to put social media to work immediately
    • How organizations have successfully used social media and what you can apply from their successes
    • Where social media fits in the consumer purchase process and how you can leverage it for brand feedback
    • A thorough and practical understanding of all aspects of social media,
    • An integrated presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other relevant social media networks,
    • Published your blog to develop your social media presence,
    •  Integrated these social media networks within your existing website,
    • Tools in place to measure results of your social media efforts.

And the most important thing that you’ll come away with after attending this class is your very own Social Media Blueprint for your own business. You’ll have a full understanding of where you want to go and what you need to do to get there

Who is this course for?

  • Corporate marketing managers and directors responsible for charting the course for the next generation of marketing in their organization
  • Business-to-Business marketers seeking to develop a community with their clients and leverage Social Media to grow their vertical market share.
  • Business-to-Consumer marketers seeking a competitive edge by understanding and mobilizing their customer base on the Internet through Social Media vehicles.
  • Advertising agency professionals responsible for bringing the latest marketing solutions to bear on their clients’ marketing challenges
  • SME Owners and Management who are serious about using Social Media to attract new business as well as keeping in

Assumed Knowledge

Participants who want to enroll on this course should bring their laptops that are able to?connect to Wifi. You must have a keen interest in getting to know about the social media platforms and how to apply them

Module 1 – Social Media objectives and strategy

  • Social Media 101 – a quick overview of the leading social media networks
    • Develop a social media strategy for your business
    • Integrate social media into your current communication plans
    • Guidance on the codes of ethics and methods of online engagement
    • Understand the legal constrictions of engaging in social media activity
    • Resourcing your social media activity effectively

Module 2 – Social Media Listening

  • Obtain a picture of your current web presence, brand preference and online reputation
    • How to listen online to your competitors, your clients and other stakeholders
    • How to listen to online conversation within your industry to stay on top of the trends
    • Where to listen: forums, blogs, social media networks, mainstream media, comment sections, message boards and consumer review sites.
    • How to find your top 10 of most influential bloggers across your market and how to engage with them

Module 3 – Optimising your social media profile

  • Selecting the social networks that are relevant to your business
    • Maximising the effectiveness of your profile pages (personal and business) on your various social networks
    • Techniques for optimising your personal and business profile for best results
    • Guidance on how to grow your community networks of friends, followers, contacts

Module 4 – Blogging

  • Creating your business blog: your first step to social media success
    • Overview of blogging platforms and which one to use under which circumstances
    • Setting up your business blog, establish a network, develop your content calendar and manage and moderate comments
    • What to do before you launch your blog to maximise theSEOof your blog
    • Writing your first blog post – tips and tricks
    •  Launching your new business blog – when, where, how

Module 5 – Spreading your viral content

  • Promoting your blog posts to engage readership and to drive traffic to your website
    • Connecting your blog with other networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
    • How to use bookmarking sites (Delicious, Stumbleupon) to widen the reach of your blog
    • How to use micro-blogging sites like Tumblr to widen your blog distribution
    • Re-purposing your blog posts to increase virality of your blog content
    • How to use email as a notification tool for new blog updates

Module 6 – Video/Photo/Presentation sharing

  • Understanding the power of sharing video/photo and presentations in social media
    • Overview of the leading video/photo and presentation sharing sites
    • Video production: How to creatively produce your B2B online video content
    • Branded channels: Creating and customising a branded channel on YouTube
    • Photo Galleries: How to creatively produce your B2B photo galleries and share them on Flickr and Photobucket
    • How to use Slideshare to support your blogging strategy and share other content

Module 7 – Your first social media campaign

  • The key elements of a successful social media campaign
    • Compelling Multimedia: Integrating branded video, apps and other interactive content to supercharge your social media
    • Social Media Advertising: Detailed guidance on all paid-for advertising options available on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and other relevant social media networks
    • Events: Promotion of corporate events, industry seminars and briefings via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
    • How to run successful B2B blogger events and blog in tandem with traditional media events

Module 8 – Social Media Measurement

  • Traffic management: Using Google Analytics to track web traffic and page views
    • Search performance: How to measure impact in search engines
    •  How to compare relative levels of blog influence and measure the success of your corporate blogging
    • Tracking the effectiveness of Twitter campaigns – from measuring click-throughs and Twitter influence to the success of your Twitter page
    • Video metrics: What makes a great video campaign and how to track campaigns across numerous video sharing sites
    •  Facebook Insights: How to track the effectiveness of your branded Facebook page