In recent years, we have seen the market for Android™ apps grow exponentially. An understanding of the Android mobile environment is now essential for any mobile developer, and in this accelerated course you’ll learn all about what Android™ is, how it compares to other mobile environments, the setup of the Android™ Eclipse-based development tools, the Android™ SDK, as well as the advanced capabilities of Android™ apps. The course is practical and focuses on the building of increasingly complicated applications. Afterwards, each student will have built a complete and original Android™ application incorporating the key aspects of the platform, and will be able to use these skills to continue developing for Android™.


The course explains what Android™ is and how it compares to other mobile environments, the setup of the Android Eclipse-based development tools, the Android SDK, all essential features, as well as the advanced capabilities and APIs such as background services, accelerometers, graphics, and GPS.

This complete hands-on course encourages students to learn by building increasingly more sophisticated and meaningful mobile applications for Android phones.

By the end of the course, each participant will build their own complete Android application incorporating most of the key aspects of the platform.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for software developers interested in designing, creating, deploying, and testing applications for the Android mobile phone platform. It is valuable to both novices and gurus, who already have experience in developing mobile applications for other platforms.

Assumed Knowledge

Basic Java programming skills, or equivalent OOP language experience.

What you will learn

  • Day 1 – Introducing Android
  • Day 2 – Architecting an Application
  • Day 3 – Working with the Hardware
  • Day 4 – Building Data Driven Applications
  • Day 5 – Preparing, Testing, and Publishing


Lesson 1
Introducing Android
  • Installing and Configuring the SDK and tools
  • The SDK components and the Android Emulator
  • Creating our first Android project
  • The architecture of a project
  • Separation of our layout and code
  • Putting together a basic layout
  • Adding image resources
  • Text input and IME types
  • Testing the application in the emulator and on device
  • Modifying the icons to “brand” the application
  • Explicit and Implicit intents, and simple forward/back navigation
  • Adding a splash screen
  • Introducing lists and resource based XML
Lesson 2
Architecting an Application
  • Driving lists with more complex data
  • Customising list item display
  • Revisiting intents to produce a Master-Detail relationship
  • Building a tab-based application
  • Alert dialogs and Toast
  • Video and the media player
  • Web views and links
  • The mapping components and marking your destination
  • Revealing content with the ViewFlipper
  • Configuring custom menus
Lesson 3
Working with the Hardware
  • Finding out where you are – location
  • Working out where you’re going – compass
  • Which way is up – accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Proximity and light detection
  • Touch, Pressure and Gestures
  • Near Field Communication
  • Bluetooth and Networking
  • Utilising the network with HTTP Client
Lesson 4
Building Data Driven Applications
  • Introducing Content Providers
  • Downloading and parsing data
  • Getting to grips with SQLite
  • Building a data-driven application
  • Revisiting the branding of our application
  • Layout XML and changing orientation
  • Filtering the data and refreshing the view
  • Broadcast receivers and notifications
  • Custom list adapters and tags
  • Loading images dynamically
  • Interaction and toast
Lesson 5
Preparing, Testing, and Publishing
  • Getting our application ready for publishing
  • Signing the application
  • Deploying to the device via the command-line
  • Testing on the device
  • Android Market and the new Amazon Appstore for Android
  • Putting our application live
  • Downloading the application
  • Removing the application from the market